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    Skin Tight

    Skin Tight © 2019 By Ed Kocol & Daryl Greenway Vocals - Danny Diaz Organ, Backing Vocals - Daryl Greenway Bass, Guitar Arrangement - Ed Kocol Lead Guitar - Randy "X-Ray" Root Drums - Hugo Ribeiro
  2. Spending money I have not earned yet.
  3. Bapu

    Magix Acid Pro 9

    Can I get a free downgrade?
  4. Bapu

    Magix Acid Pro 9

    I concur. Wasted $
  5. I bought them at Time+Space which was not at full price as well as being able to use loyalty points brought the price down some.
  6. "Brillyant" ~bapyoubill circa 2016
  7. I got the two new EZXs and the SDX. SDX needs to download overnight. Claims 4 hours to download. It's HUGE.
  8. Awl these posts and not Juan appall-***** to moi.
  9. You really don't want to hear me. It's an aural crapper.
  10. Life is good again.
  11. Actually its those goats that saved me two. I'm directly south of the Reagan Library.
  12. Winds are in our favor right now. Power goes in and out.
  13. Bapu

    Magix Acid Pro 9

    Then i "own" a ton.
  14. The Simi Valley fire near the Reagen Library is about 10 miles away from us. Staying home today in case we have to evacuate.
  15. Bapu

    Magix Acid Pro 9

    And here I just bought Cubase and ProTools. What to do? What to do?🤣
  16. I keep hearing on the news about Bag Daddy. The only Bag Daddy I know of is bayoubill.
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