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  1. Hi, my name is Reinhardt P Drumpf from Dusseldorf, Germany and it appears you have let my 3rd cousin twice removed run your country. That is on you.
  2. Keeping my "wig hat" on (so to speak). IOW my hair still pretty much looks like my avatar.
  3. I dunno why but I never really warmed to the Pro Channel presentation. I'm an old school straight up FX Bin guy.
  4. I used XTRAX on four songs recorded in 1974 (in a semi-pro studio) and it did a fair job. Mind you it was only for the purposes of extracting the vocals to be used as a guide track for a new singer (the original singer is now off the grid so to speak). But we three (bass guitar & drums) were going to re-record our parts for gits and shiggles.
  5. At a cost you can "somewhat" unmix a song using either Acid Pro or XTRAX STEMS. They both produce a bass, vocal and "others" separate tracks. Again depending on the source material it can either be good enough to use as a guide to record replacement parts or it can be utter $h^te.
  6. Bapu

    MODO Drum 50% off

    Nothing on my system gathers dust, else the hard drive won't work anymore. On the other hand, those things I don't use do take up space. My samples drive is 8TB and I've only about 1.5TB free today.
  7. So it's not a pain in the ar$e to yous?
  8. That was one hell of a collab
  9. The down side of my mobo is no USB 3 (I put a PCIe card in it) and 32GB max. I could only hold 2 UAD cards (both are quad core) . So I bought a UAD Octo USB Satellite.
  10. Assuming my employment sticks through the end of the year, a JR/Purrfect Audio machine will be my XMAS pressie to meownself. My 9 year old mobo is still working even after upgrade from 16GB to 32GB and 1TB SSD boot drive. Samples and project drives were replaced too.
  11. I had my becan today but...….. There's always room for Jello Becan.
  12. Guillermo Sanchez lieks hees nachos
  13. You probably tell mothers their babies are ugly too. 🤣
  14. Agreed on Reaper. Samplitude Pro X5 is not too bad. Samplitude X3 IIRC was so 1980's.
  15. So it only took 13 months to sink in.
  16. What a dork I am. I thought/read March 30, 2020.
  17. An oulder boy made me do it, sir.
  18. I'm perfectly happy with the likes of SO4P stock GUI. Never felt it got in the way of making music. Does that make me a bad person?
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