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  1. Hey! You! Kid! Get OFF MY LAWN!!!!!!
  2. That singer is a total *****. I have first hand knowledge of that.
  3. Becan is a wonderful gift. I'll be waiting for my fair share.
  4. Congrats on retiring Greggy. I waited until this year (turned 66) for my SS. Which means now I can still work full time and not lose a penny of the SS (except for the taxes on it as "partial income").
  5. Except its for a friend and hence "free" 😪
  6. Hmmm I just got a request for a project to re-record a song that only has a two track master. I wonder if that would help to separate the instruments to more easily rework the parts?
  7. @Straummy Do You Want To Know A Secret
  8. Bapu

    cubase 10.5 released

    I mean the Mac machine has 16gb vs 32gb on the Win machine.
  9. Bapu

    cubase 10.5 released

    However I will say that ProTools runs better on my 2014 MacBook Pro where it is 50% less in RAM & CPU than my Windows box that was tweaked by Jim Roseberry.
  10. Bapu

    cubase 10.5 released

    Hey I thought Macs were better than Window boxes. No?🤣
  11. Bapu

    Skin Tight

    You did a great job with your oran and backing vocal as well as co-writing this little ditty (or was it a P-Diddy?).
  12. Do I *need* this? With my $60 refund from Steinie this would only cost me $90.
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