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  1. Sure why not. It's only 29 bones.
  2. He's not outside without a mask is he?
  3. Bapu

    EZ Bass NOW Available!

    I've been pushed out of the banned.
  4. Bapu

    EZ Bass NOW Available!

    At about $79 a pop if the EZKeys model holds up
  5. Bapu

    EZ Bass NOW Available!

    Oh, I just read the "Modern" bass is an Alembic.
  6. Bapu

    EZ Bass NOW Available!

    Sooooooo, When will the bass guitar libs start to be released? That way *everyjuan* can have an Alembic, Rickenbacker, Hofner, Ken Smith et. al.
  7. Bapu

    30% off Gulfoss

    About to install it here.
  8. "Everything old is new again" ~Steven Paige, Barenaked Ladies
  9. Create a check list of all the things you should grab. Put a mark by the items as you pack them.😛
  10. Next time keep them on USB stick. It goes where you go. [SOLVED]
  11. What some people miss is that you *can* put your licenses for Waves on any USB stick. Voila! Take your laptop out and you have your Waves licenses with you. This *does not need* WUP to work. So for me WUP is *not* about a second license. In years past, my WUP was almost always paid for by new offerings in Mercury at their intro price. Of course once it sent on sale for $29 or $49, not so much. I own Mercury, Abbey Road Collection, SSL 4000 Collection and the Instrument Collection. I've yet to see anything added to the SSL 4000 collection since I bought it. Abbey Road *always* requires some cost for any new addition due to licensing as does maybe the instrument collection too. All that said, will I continue to WUP.? Probably. I don't expire until December of this year, except my instrument collection did expire in May.
  12. Bapu

    EZ Bass NOW Available!

    Juan day left (and it's not Susan)
  13. So, scarves may be in order as well as a girdle?
  14. I hope you doan get band S.L.I.P. How will be able to listen to his music then?
  15. But what if I want to look pretty sometimes?
  16. I'm pretty sure I don't have a limited plan. I'll have to check on that.
  17. Cool, I paid $1000 for my 1976 Alembic Series 1 (virtually new in 1976). So what year $ are we talking?
  18. I have one simple rule about non-SSD drives. I replace them (disc to disc copy) sometime between 3 and 4 years religiously. I'm not sure about SSDs yet, but I do daily backups of my C:/ drive. I use Carbonite for my projects drive. I'd like to use Carbonite for my Samples drive but it's 8TB (with just over 6TB used).
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