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  1. I hope Sphere works out better than this launch (not that I'm going into that ecosphere, no pun in 10 did).
  2. After a few minutes the dialog box just refreshed, no message, with my new product code still in the entry field.
  3. FWIW it took quite some time to open up my SO4Pro details you see above and the Processing of the new product code is also taking forever.
  4. IIRC (it's coming back to me), we don't register a new product (if you are upgrading) but you go to your products page and "Upgrade".
  5. My code won't register. I get an "unknown error". I really do need to just wait until tomorrow, but......
  6. Might as well wait until later tonight or tomorrow. 😞
  7. MyPresonus crashes. Can't register my code.
  8. Got the serial number immediately from jrrshop.com.
  9. It's up at jrrshop.com $149.95USD $127.46USD in cart.
  10. Junior hack is more like it.
  11. I believe the syntactically correct phrase is: Bapu Am Bassist
  12. I'll pass on the ATOM SQ. I've no more room on my desktop anyway.
  13. @James Foxall I think you can scribble on those pads if you like 🙂
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