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  1. Thanks, Yes, I do have the SWS extensions. And have for quite some time.
  2. Bapu

    chord track

    Not everyone needs to find a use for it. It doesn't make you a bad person. 😉
  3. Bapu

    chord track

    Which is exactly how I use it in Studio One 5. I scratch out a song using some guitar and keys loops (I'm too basic in those skills, sometimes I use EZKeys) and then later decide that verse two and three might be best served with some chord variations. Same with choruses of solos. Experiment with changing the chords. Then add my bass, send it off to collaborators to replace those parts with their twist, get the vocals and live drums down and then bring it all together for production.
  4. My 2nd fav Dylan song right after Desolation Row. Good job.
  5. @Mesh See Reid's comment. That seems the only way to do it but you lose the keyswitches/articulations which may well be the strongest point to EZBass.
  6. Since I have Backup, Opera, Soul, Symphonic Choirs and Voices of Passion, I'm looking at Hollywood Choirs Diamond full version for $268.46 with group code at jrrshop.
  7. Because I do some collaboration with non-DAW savvy friend (he owns a Mac so we went with Reaper for him) I try not to customize menus. I just go with themes for me and he uses Vanilla theme (and I think he's still on v5). That way I can always go back to Vanilla prepare a tutorial (PDF) on how to do what he needs to know. Sadly, after getting him up to speed on the basics to get me guitar tracks, we have not collaborated much since COVID-19 hit and we've only done one collab. He is Randy "X-Ray" Root (the lead guitar).
  8. Man do I love that Smooth 6 theme. I'm a big folder guy, I like the way the folders' channels in the mixer are represented (shifted up). Gives immediate visual of where you are in the mixer. Very handy. I have been using a ProTools like theme for quite sometime but this may be my goto now.
  9. Well, I had becan, but I ate some of it. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nom nom
  10. According to what I read, the theme supports 1080p. It did not look like its a separate version per se. Anyway, I got it to somewhat work. Pretty Cool.
  11. Well, my main DAW is not on a 4K monitor (Del 30" at 2560x1600) so it seems I cannot get it to look like your example. Further, I followed the instructions to a T and the adjuster screens do not look like the examples in the Reaper thread. Many things are missing, maybe because I'm not on a 4k monitor?
  12. On my Mac I only mix. I never record, so IMable is not necessary to me in any Mac DAW.
  13. Bapu

    WD 1 TB SSD

    Yes, you've made my point. a 10T SSD at that point would be about $300. I'd pay that.
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