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  1. You could've had an RME and been done with it (probably for the rest of your life 🙂 )
  2. For that pro triallel processing? 🙂
  3. I've heard, from Daryl1968, that hamster grooming can get quite expensive too.
  4. Well, the list was "wrote with (aka for) The Beatles". That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  5. If Rev #9 is discounted, it's still 71 to 70.
  6. If that we're the price I'd buy you a dozen.
  7. The Lovely Lady and I have separate finances. That way we can't really object to any purchases the other makes. The only thing The Lovely Lady (jokingly) objects to is my getting another bass or guitar (she seriously thinks 13 is more than enough even though she bought 4 of them for me).
  8. I feels for ya Bill. Been there done that.
  9. And no more quotes in quotes without manually doing it yourself. Tinker Toy forum, but after 2 years of really using it you get used to it. BTW, thanks for the like on The Cave. 😉
  10. Oh my, I am so glad you're still with us.
  11. Oh yeah, the biggest no no on this forum is pictures of women in bikinis. Weird, huh?
  12. I'll be the in the top 10 for sure.
  13. Shane, What's nice about the rise of CbB and this new forum is it seems we can now actually use the names of other DAWs without moderation retribution. I suspect that is because if I promote <insert DAW name here> and anyone goes and buys it, not one penny/pence of revenue is taken away from BandLab. 🙂
  14. Shane, I'm still here for the frivolity just not the DAW much anymore. In my signature click on BJZ link (Bapu, James1213 & Zargg). We've done 11 songs so far. The first 50% were recorded/mixed in CbB. The rest in Studio One Pro 4/5 although James still records Splat or CbB.
  15. Edit your original post and then insert the text [SOLVED] in the thread title. Either at the beginning or the end of the title so that it looks like this: [SOLVED] ProChannel Presets
  16. Is it February, yet? Aw, putz it. I cannae resist a new bass amp.
  17. It's all about the optical readerer. It's a tech thing.
  18. I'm glad your wellish Bill. I hope you feel even betterer soon.
  19. 😞 I already broke my gnu ears resolution. Spent $39 more than my pledged $50 max per month picking this one up.
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