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  1. The update process was painless for me on both PC and Mac. Will try out the resizing later to see if I get better or same results as simon.
  2. That looks like the swedish pic of that day S.L.I.P.
  3. Karjalanpaisti (Finnish Karelian Stew). Feel free to finnish it for me.
  4. It's character counts weak in the USA I vow to continue to be a character (in Kenny's photo chop) this weak.
  5. Thanks Bill. We're in love with you too. 🙂
  6. Not gonna share/post since they are S h ! t e
  7. Smoothest voice ever (R.O.) ^^^^^, IMO
  8. Is that The Wall you put up there paulo?
  9. If you can't tell, I did not like Rick Dees. The other guy..... again, nevermind.
  10. Proof a radio DJ/talk show host may not have real talent. But a reality show host..... nevermind.
  11. Thanks Wookiee (hint: melodyne and the like *was* deployed)
  12. Bapu

    Slate VSX Announced

    In a way this seems a little like Sonarworks where they can tune the EQ curve to your specific set of cans to get a "flat" response. Only Slate is calling it a "studio" for a flat response. Am I missing something?
  13. Bapu

    Slate VSX Announced

    Gonna wait until I can hear if any of our members get this one and what they say.
  14. I have a PC I7-2600K based with 32GB of RAM (soon to be replaced with I9-10900K based components and 128GB of RAM with Thunderbolt 3). I also have a 2013 MacBook Pro with a I7 Quad core and 16GB of RAM. I have installed all my cross platform DAWs on both (Studio One 5, Reaper 6, Mixbus 32C v6, ProTools Pro 2020, Digital Performer 10, Cubase 10.5, Reason 11. I have additionally installed Logic X on my Mac. I use core audio on the Mac but I have a spare Presonus AudioBox USB 96, just in case. I have additionally installed on my PC CbB, Samplitude X5 Suite, Mixcraft Pro 9 and Acid Pro 9. I use an RME UFX on the PC. I also have all my libraries and all VST/VSTi programs installed on both machines. I don't record on my Mac. I only record on the PC. Both machines are on opposite sides of the room. So far I'd say that if a project runs on the PC (of the cross platforms DAWs) it also runs perfectly on the Mac. I recently tried a test of an exceptionally large project (100 tracks and a boatload of plugs) from a tutorial on both the Mac and the PC. Read about it and the results HERE. Bottom line with a few minor tweaks Reaper on the Mac was the "winner" in that limited test case scenario. Probably the PC could have been tied if I made the same/similar tweaks there. My Mac is not as bad as some make them out to be. Catalina caused some temporary grief, but for now that is in the past. My conclusion: Neither is better or worse than the other. If money were no object I'm not entirely sure what I would do since both Top End systems would probably handle my fairly modest needs. I'm usually at the 40-50 tracks range with a fair dose of VSTs and maybe some Soft Synths too.
  15. Bapu

    Reaper Updated to 6.14

    Followed by...... every few days They might just be the most frequently updated DAW in the whirled.
  16. It's commitment, one not taken lightly.
  17. Nope. It is what it is (sadly).
  18. 5 years... hmmmm let me see 15 (co-written) original Forum Monkeys songs 2 (co-written) original BBZ songs 10 (co-written) original BJZ songs (11th on the way) 5 new bases 2 new guitars A whole drum set fully mic'd for live recording 8 new DAW software packages to muddle around with A MacBook Pro to again, muddle around with More plugins than I can (still) count Yeah, craigb has the right of it, time does fly
  19. Ok, Studio One reports 7 south of 2000 plugins in their scan. CbB over reports (because it reports mono and stereo versions) just over 3300.
  20. waaaaaaay more than a body should have or ever need (hint: click on MyStudio in my signature. It's not been updated this year)
  21. That is exactly the consensus around here. I can't even make bayoubill laugh.
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