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  1. Worst case, I can sell it to some juan.
  2. Done. Should be here tomorrow.
  3. Hmmmm. Not that I *need* it but I do have $55 in jam points bringing it down to $244.99. I just wish it could be used simultaneously with my RME in ASIO mode. IIRC it uses its own proprietary drivers (Mesh knows better than I on this).
  4. Well, just woke up and saw this. The guys beat me to the punch. Yes, I do have it. It's nice piece of software as Jim says. Pity about not having a standalone version though.
  5. [Heard over loudspeakah as it goes crash] "Bapu, please report to Studio One for your transportation to the future."
  6. I don't have GAS anymore. The problem is disposable income. I had income. I disposed of it.
  7. Is everybody excited that this is my Friday? Ya, I'm a rebel. 4 day weekend ahead.
  8. Cool beans Daryk. And the song is top drawer too, as usual.
  9. Stay in with The Lovely Lady. Tomorrow I record live drums on a rockin' choon.
  10. But...… I will only make that offer good to (known) longtime Cakewalk users.
  11. Not my DAW per se but the musicians.
  12. I have all the EZKeys MIDI and Keys offerings. They have their place too. No tool is the silver-bullet-one-size-fits-all. 😋
  13. Yes, craig does over at darts-r-us.
  14. How about a phone app that controls your ipad DAW controller? That would make life easier too.
  15. Whenever you need 16 more inputs I have two ADA 8200s Ultragain units I'll sell you. One Benjamin for the pair + shipping. I'm the original owner, used in smoke free home studio only.
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