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  1. Picked up the symphonic lib for Presence XT. $59.39.
  2. Leaveher 'n Stroller were a 2nd rate song writing team.
  3. So version 11.00 is coming soon? 🤣
  4. You typically have to Drive South to get to one.
  5. Seeing John Hiatt live that is. His voice is beginning to give out. Saw him Friday night. Took about four songs to get over the very rough spots but the rest of the night was marginal IMO.
  6. Before using Cakewalk products I was using Voyetra Sequence Plus Gold synced to a Tascam 80-8 1/2" tape machine. I purchased Pro Audio 4 but my computer was not up to the task. After moving to Alesis ADAT Blackfaces (3 of them) I was less enthused about ITB even though I kept upgrading through the first version of SONAR, I skipped version 2 but kept upgrading from 3 on. At SONAR 6 I started to get serious about ITB recording by having an adequate computer and interface and have stuck with it ever since. I was a Lifetime Platinum member and I'm not one to complain or be bitter about the change of events that led to CbB. It is what it is. TBH I'm more of a Studio One Pro V4.5 user now but still use CbB to exchange a "tracking" project along with .wav files with my collaborators where I'm the song initiator (eve though I tracked in Studio One) and with collaborators who send me projects in CbB. I also use Reaper for one collaborator (he's a Mac user). I have Harrison Mixbus 32-C that I use a mixing desk, not a DAW.
  7. I still have it. Why? Ent got a freaking clue.
  8. Ditto on the Ted for me too. My family all call me Eddie. My sister (15 months older than me) dubbed me Eddie Boy and that also has stuck over the years.
  9. I have a friend who says the problem with our/my name is that it's so short that just about the time you start to say it, it's over.
  10. Bapu


    I picked up the last two items to finish off the "complete bundle". It was $140 in retail value, first discounted because of all I own, then knocked down to $43 with the coupon code. Score!
  11. I herd he's a W.A.N.K.E.R. Would Anyone Not Know Ed, Really?
  12. Bapu

    Jam Points Expire?

    And what Am I, chopped liver?
  13. I just spent all I could on Gear Credits, and now I'm left with a new batch of $43 Jampoints. It's a vicious cycle I tell ya. On the plus side with the 67 Jampoints I got 300 Gear credits for $158 in cash. Not too shabby if they can be use down the road for something worthwhile. The only stuff I don't own in the Custom shop is the Sample Tank Extras; none of which I am interested in because of the genre or wha I already have covered elsewhere..
  14. Guess I'll just buy some credits. 🤔
  15. I had $52 in Jampoints (before I purchased MIDI Drum). I got an email today that said they will expire on July 1. Now I have $82 and nothing left to buy (since I own every VST and VSTi they make). I'm mildly interested n AXE IO but not desperate for it. $349.99 - $82 = $267.99. Hardly worth the effort. And... not sure what I really get with that since I rarely play guitar with the "virtual bands" I'm in.
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