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  1. Care to share one serial for those (i.e. me) that can't get in?
  2. The $139 I quoted was my "exclusive" crossgrade to Studio 2 Max.
  3. Yup, bought that on Day one.
  4. I updated my post. I have those too as well as MODO Drums. So technically I own Studio 2 MAX but not in name?
  5. So, I own every Amplitube and T-Racks product offering in the CS. I also own SampleTank 4 MAX as well as Syntronic, MODO Drums and Bass and Miroslav 2. What does Studio MAX have that I don't already have? I'm confused as to what the $139 (and I can use $33 in Jampoints) gets me.
  6. Is Hairy Bush Dubya's black sheep brother?
  7. Bapu

    Mixbus 6 is HERE!

    There was a technique that was touted a couple of years ago about using Reaper and routing it to Mixbus and back into Reaper IIRC. I've not used it nor have I ever heard if it could be done with CbB or Studio One for that matter. Bigger brains than mine would need to weigh in on the technique.
  8. Bapu

    Mixbus 6 is HERE!

    You are correct Lars.
  9. Bapu

    Mixbus32C V6 for $79

    For (possible) future compatibility with collaborators I own both Mixbus 6 and Mixbus 32C 6.
  10. Bapu

    SampleTank 4 CS

    Must download now then.....
  11. Bapu

    SampleTank 4 CS

    So, WTF is this thing? I have SampleTank 4 MAXX installed and fully up to date. Do I need this free version for anything?
  12. I use my Alembic F-2B dual channel preamp to get that tone. Coupled with either my Rick 4003 or my Alembic Series I, I can get some pretty good 'DI' tones. Of course any of my mono basses can get great tones from it too.
  13. I upgraded from Pro3 Suite to Pro 4 (non-suite) in Jan of this year. No love for me I'm sure. Might be time to archive the Magix software.
  14. Bapu

    Mixbus 6 is HERE!

    That is the only thing I do. I use Mixbus32C as a "console". Except I now mostly record in Studio One. Same principal though.
  15. Since I own both, it's a welcome addition to my hard drives* for me for me. *On both Mac and Win10
  16. Jyemz says my best vocal was on Bouree 😋
  17. Bapu

    Mixbus 6 is HERE!

    I dun got it yesterday (Mixed In Member here).
  18. Gawd I hate my vocal on Look Into The Sun (some day I might have a doo over). I think my best effort (vocally) was New Day Yesterday and Nothing is Easy.
  19. Bapu

    SampleTank 4 CS

    @paulo don't bring your computer outside in normal daylight. Keep it indoors like most of us do.
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