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  1. Ya, I can wrap a present quite well.
  2. Even though I play bass (best kept internet secret: I have an Alembic Series I bass 🤣) I'm looking forward to this tool to help sketch pad songs quickly even though I will ultimately record the bass myself.
  3. Tuesday is officially the first day of the 4th Quarter and is typically their Rocktober specials.
  4. All my DAWs are belong to us me. I'm still waiting on Cubase 11 so I can register my Cubase 10 (but won't install until I get 11).
  5. This is my first Saturday of the weekend. By the way if Sat/Sun is the weekend why is Sunday the first day of the week on the calendar?
  6. I use a generic brand of Acrobat for all my PDF needs.
  7. Defacer was the last thing I did not own of theirs. Not anymore.
  8. To my first grandson who gave me that name it does.
  9. got it for free (since I just recently bought version 10 in anticipation)
  10. I just did something I thought I would never do. I bought a refurbished MacBookPro (2014 model). Although not for use as a DAW. I fin myself in the situation to learn about app programming for Apple phones. I've been doing some Android app programming lately where I recreated the functionality of an Apple app. Now I want to be able to dig into the build of the Apple app to see how it's done there as I may be required to add functionality to it down the road. The computer is an i7 15" 16GB with 1TB SSD loaded with Maojave. For fun I might load my DAWs that have the Mac OSX version available (Studio One, Pro Tools, Reaper, Mixbus32C and Cuebase).
  11. So If I convert CbB to Reaper my AATranslator Enhanced version will allow me to convert from Reaper to (Studio One, Pro Tools & Mixbus) on Windows?
  12. I did the deed too from T&S with loyalty points.
  13. I have *all* of their software. I have Axe. I don't really need group buys anymore. It seems I did buy one plug twice but I have no need to sell it. It's not worth the hassle.
  14. And a place to announce a three day weekend for me. Starting now.
  15. About the never ending saga of banality.
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