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  1. Had to do it at such a price too.
  2. We think we're really something. We call ourselves........ ...... Gee, Bees Knees
  3. Well, you're no Straummy, but you get honurable mention Bill.
  4. They do look like nice cans Reid. I do have Sonarworks. It covers my ATH-M50 and my Sennheiser HD-600. I also bought a pair of HD-598 with a specific calibrated profile directly from Sonarworks. I'll keep these in mind for the future though.
  5. I'm in the UAD ecosystem and I'm not interested in any guitar related hardware they might produce. 🙂 I'm perfectly happy with my 4 OCTO Satellites (2 USB3 on Win & 2 Thunderbolt on Mac).
  6. Gwenyth sells mutant candles.
  7. ... the 12 days of Bapu. "Ooooo I need your Bapu, 12 days a week"
  8. Bapu

    I have q

    'He' has four of them (ceiling fans) in Chez Bapu.
  9. I'm a negative achiever. 😞
  10. You can Tuna Fish but you can't Tuna Canyon.
  11. Shall I take a stab and say it's blursday?
  12. So you've heard my stuff then?
  13. I do all my mixing and mastering ITB.
  14. If one considers that you might occasionally catch a sale on a Waves plugin for $29 and if you extend that price to the 12 plugins in this bundle, then $197 is a pretty good deal.
  15. Straummy, everything that is not connected to an amp is sans amp. Simples.
  16. JUst hooked it up today. It's a monster.
  17. We'll see. The problem *might be* that I redeemed the code to my iLok account, and that is where I discovered it would not activate because I did not have the vocALign Pro to deactivate. 😞 Stoooooopid ne.
  18. oooooph. I made a big mistake. I thought I had vocALign pro 4 and I bought the upgrade. Seems I only had vocALigb Project 4. So I went and bought the Revoice Pro upgrade. Now I have an upgrade from vocALign Pro 4 to Ultra license for sale in 90 days (since that is the Pace rules).
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