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  1. Noel: Several folks here point out that having up-to-date CODECs is essential, and I concur that CODEC management is something of a black art in Windows - more so because you may have something work due to some random application installing a CODEC you don't even realize is there. I also get that Bandlab has finite resources. I have two thoughts: 1. Would it be possible to assemble as some kind of tech note or help entry somewhere a list of suggested CODECs that people at Bandlab know to work and where they can be obtained? 2. MOV, as you say, is a container format. Does it have the ability to stream successive video segments from a single file? If so, would it be feasible to insert a leader segment into the MOV file directly and then let Media Foundation just play it? I have no idea if that would work; just spitballing here. It would certainly be a disgusting hack....
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