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  1. I found a link on Cakewalk.com that says: Control Surface Installers Last updated on 3/18/2016 Since the latest SONAR installers do not install control surface plugins, we have created a separate installer for these. Follow the steps below if you are missing any control surface plugins. https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013438/Control-Surface-Installers When I run the file as Administrator an installer starts, a gui, allows me to select English, then I get an error saying, "Cannot locate the required version of the program on this system. Please install the correct version of the program to use this pack. (see graphic below). I realize that this installer may not be compatible with CbB, but I wondered if it might help someone make sense of my problem - as described below? ay
  2. Jon, Consistent with your findings, I am able to configure both the ACT MIDI and Cakewalk Generic Surfaces to work with the device. And this does give some functionality. My hope is that I will be able to obtain the same level of functionality with CbB that I am able to obtain with both Sonar 8.5 and Sonar VS - which I think is likely only to be available by using the VS-100 setting instead of the ACT MIDI or Cakewalk Generic Surface - which is where I'm having trouble. Per your suggestion, I will attempt to reach CbB for their input, and as you also suggested - if a CW staff can chime in - that would be great. Thank you again so much for taking the time to help. It is very much appreciated. Frank
  3. Jon, Thank you again for your help. Under "Preferences" > "Controller/Surface" I can, as you have suggested, select either ACT MIDI or Cakewalk Generic Surface, and I can use the "Learn" feature to configure the device. But on both my 8.5 version and Sonar VS I can select "VS-100" instead of ACT MIDI or Cakewalk Generic, and by using this native VS-100 setting the device automatically utilizes all the features without any additional configuration. On CbB I am able to see a "VS-100" Controller/Surface, but when it is selected neither the ACT or WAI checkboxes are available, and the device isn't available via the ACT menu. So the goal I am seeking is to have the VS100 operate the same in CbB as it does in Sonar 8.5 and Sonar VS. I hope I'm making this clear? Frank
  4. Thank you very much for your suggestion Bruno de Souza Lino. I'll give that a shot. Frank
  5. JonD, Wow. Thank you so much. I also won't have access to the device until later today, but I am able to confirm: WINDOWS: Windows is up to date (Windows 10, Version 20H2). DRIVER: The driver installed automatically when I connected the device. When I unzipped the Roland file at "V-STUDIO 100 (VS-100) Driver Ver.2.0.2 for Windows 10" there is a readme that states: "Driver for Windows 10 Your computer downloads the Windows® 10 driver for VS-100 automatically from the Internet when VS-100 is connected to the computer." USB: I'm not sure if the port is USB2 or USB3, but it seems notable that everything works with version 8.5 of Sonar and the Sonar VS. ADMINISTRATOR: I can try running the program as administrator when I get home tonight. Thank you again for your help! Frank
  6. I'm having an issue with my V-Studio 100 audio interface. I still have an old version of Sonar 8.5 Producer installed along with the latest version of Cakewalk by Bandlab. My V-Studio 100 works as an audio interface with both applications, but as a native control surface only on the 8.5 version. In the Bandlab version I can install a (VS-100-1) controller/surface, with an in and out of CONTROL (VS-100), but neither the WAI nor ACT checkboxes are available. And although I can see, via the Preferences menu, that the control surface is set, no controller is visible via the ACT menu, and the surface doesn't appear to work. In the Bandlab version I am able to use the ACT MIDI and Cakewalk Generic Surface settings, but unfortunately these settings do not provide the complete functionality that I am able to obtain in the 8.5 version. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  7. Isaac, Were you able to resolve your issue with using your VS 100 as a control surface without having to use mackey or generic? I'm having the same problem.
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