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  1. Hey there. I recently purchased a VS-100, a legacy product. Hardware driver is up to date for my OS (1.5) and driver 2.0.1 for windows 7. I can record through the VS-100 when I select the track to take an input from 1/2. However. The control surface component seems to not be functioning.. the midi and control preferences are set to all of the in/out drivers with the ACT midi controller, or Mackie Control set to VS-100 (Control) on both the ins and outs. after pretty vast online digging, I have come to an impasse. My settings should be correct for use of the VS-100 as an ACT controller for the Legacy sonar and current bandlab software which I am using. So, my VS-100 is not appearing as a control surface, and though I can choose to use mackieC or ACT midi it still just seems not to be mapped to anything, mappable, or functioning as a control surface. I fear that I require the control surface driver specifically? All of the downloads on the legacy site are unavailable because of the ancient required SSO accounts. Roland has a 404 on their side for the page. Id really love to use this piece of hardware to navigate using the intended onboard controls. heres what ive been digging through: https://www.roland.com/us/support/knowledge_base/201979189/ https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base-Search VS-100
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