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  1. Is Big Bang Orchestra available now with onboard iLok rather than USB key? - I didn't get it previously as I would have needed a dongle. This flute looks interesting!
  2. I thought I had that on my main PC but I don't so that's good. I'll check the old laptop. Thanks for the heads up
  3. Ah I see - thanks - I don't have Komplete Now so that would explain it! I'll stick with V1
  4. V1 - when the update wasn't offered in Native Access I went to the website but the download there was V1 too
  5. Still nothing happening for me on the update so I'll check again in a few days.
  6. Ah thanks - I'll try again!
  7. There I was being all excited and the update wasn't there for me - must be being rolled out gradually
  8. You can specify as many VST paths as you wish in Preferences and rescan if required to pick them up
  9. I'm sort of glad it isn't just me but it's a shame there seems to be a serious glitch. I may try it in Reason to see if I get the same problems. Decent Sampler has-been doing the same in Cakewalk but I'm hoping that updating to the latest version of that will help.
  10. I load a few different sounds then it crashes Cakewalk - I'll try restarting the PC to see if that cures it. Edit - Nope that didn't help - I think I'll give it a pass - some nice sounds but probably nothing I don't have elsewhere in other freebies and cheapies!
  11. There are lots of sounds preinstalled in the preset browser when you open the instrument. When I put the serial number in initially there was a free set of White Noise samples there as well as lots of other sounds you had to pay for but then I realised the other free sounds were already in the instrument's browser!
  12. Ignore my last comment - free stuff is coming up in the preset browser - I thought I had to dl it separately 🙂
  13. All I'm getting for free is the White Noise Samples - am I missing something?
  14. Just downloading this now - seems a very slow download especially as I've just upgraded my broadband - must be at their end I assume.
  15. Happy birthday and thanks to everyone who is keeping Cakewalk alive and making it better all the time - as well as the Bandlab Cakewalk team that includes the people on this forum who contribute to its development by testing the Early Access Versions - your work is appreciated!
  16. I was amazed it had been that long!
  17. Thanks for posting the link to the banks again. I'd forgotten where they were. I must bookmark it!
  18. JoeGBradford


    Now then from Yorkshire! It's a great forum, full of excellent advice and we mostly get along 🙂
  19. IIRC the free Vital is fully featured you just get more presets with the paid for versions. There are monthly community presets released so you can soon up your preset count!
  20. Hope all goes well - keep us posted.
  21. Full Kontakt - I was tempted there for a moment 😉
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