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  1. Full Kontakt Only 🙂
  2. As if the world hasn't suffered enough already 😉
  3. @bitflipper - Just caught up with the thread again - so pleased you've found a new bass player - hope all goes well!
  4. You need to get out more 😉
  5. Aw have you not given one to Mike @Creative Sauce to give away too 😉 Seriously this sounds awesome - as do all your instruments Jason - just waiting for that Duduk 🙂
  6. Welcome back - hope all is ok - looking forward to a blizzard of deals and updates 🙂
  7. And your Midi Devices should look something like this - I have found it tricky to get everything working properly but this seems to work for me
  8. Under Preferences / Control Surfaces ensure your screen looks like this
  9. I did wonder whether alcohol was involved in the rant. 😉 Glad you are making progress! Download the APro control programme and IIRC it should be an exe file that install just like any other
  10. That's the programme I was thinking of but couldn't remember its name as I wasn't at PC 🙂
  11. Have you read the APro manual? It's a bit complex but with help from that and from here you should be able to find a way through. The drivers should install automatically now I think unless they have been discontinued - you will also need the APro programme. Control Plan 1 and 19 are mapped to CbB on my APro but it's not the most intuitive of controllers
  12. I wondered why - didn't see the comment but if it was deleted anyway surely the thread can stay open?
  13. Or wait for a Total Max Bundle to come up cheap - I got Syntronik, ST3 & a bit of ST4 + loads of expansions, Miroslav full, & much much more for around £125!
  14. For those here who are on Facebook, Mike has set up a new group for CbB users which is attracting a lot of interest. https://m.facebook.com/groups/4529701167094391
  15. JoeGBradford

    I need ASIO4ALL

    Fair enough - I know your answers have been very helpful often but I don't think you have quite got the fact that we are all working within different constraints and at different investment justifications. eg I am a hobbyist - I like writing orchestral music and folk stuff using VI's and don't see any need to spend £100 on an external device - ASIO4 All has worked for me for many years - I don't really need someone saying it is 'garbage' - nothing wrong with pointing out its imitations (of which there are many if you are recording live) but it has done it's job and let me get almost latency free performance out of my on board audio for years. WASAPI seems to work ok now so maybe it is redundant but over the years ASIO4 All has worked for those of us doing stuff 'in the box' . People come here for help - I've had great advice from this forum many times. Lets go easy on them - even if they haven't RTFM. And maybe stop using the rather aggressive capitals (except in acronyms) 🙂
  16. You're going to have to remake that tutorial 😉
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