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  1. Thanks for the essential clarification 🙂 I forgot to suggest setting up a template so glad you advised on that too
  2. Yes you need to put an instance of BBC Discover on each track - it is not multi timbral. There are key switches for the articulations in each instrument group though. I understand that the (paid for) Unify VST will allow you to combine instances of Discover but as I have not got this others would be better placed to advise
  3. I had similar problems recently - I updated to most recent Decent Sampler and that seems to have helped I did, however, have a crash a few days ago when scrolling through my library of DS sounds when after loading a few sounds there was no audio coming from DS and the coloured keymapped area on the GUI turned white. When I closed the project CbB crashed but did produce a dump report which Dave Hilowitz is looking into
  4. Hi all - processor advice & drive advice please! It looks like I may have to replace my PC a year before I was going to (it is not compatible with Windows 11 and is getting long in the tooth anyway). Every time it boots up it gives me a warning message about a power surge - I'm going to check the cables between my PSU and mobo but if that doesn't fix it there is probably little point in forking out for a new PSU when the machine is going to be redundant before too long I'm in the UK and probably going to go with a custom built system from Chillblast (my current PC was from them and it has been very good - they also offer a 5 year warranty) or Scan (A friend's suggestion) - though suggestions of other suppliers would be welcome Two possible options are here: https://www.scan.co.uk/3xs/configurator/3xs-student-composer-system https://www.chillblast.com/chillblast-fusion-tempo-music-production-pc-1.html?category_id=709 I have an Intel i5 processor in the current machine and am probably going to upgrade to i7. i9 or equivalent. Does anyone have any thoughts whether Ryzen processors are as good. Years back I had an Athlon an that seemed pretty sound. Are the RYzen 7 and 9 equivalent to i7 and i9. Some of the machines under consideration have Ryzen processors. I'll be using the PC for Cakewalk - midi (particularly using orchestras, Sampletank, Syntronik etc & loops only - no live audio recording) and for light gaming My friend has strongly suggested that I get M.2 PCIe (NVMe) drives due to their speed over SSD drives - Scan do a few ready built audio workstations with these but Chillblast only has one with the system drive as a NVMe but do not allow you to customise and add any additional NMVe drives (though they do allow other customisation which Scan do not). My friend is however a computer geek and always wants the best where I am satisfied if stuff works reasonably quickly! Be grateful for any thoughts on the above.
  5. A great starting place is the Creative Sauce series here - there are many other excellent tutorials around by Xel Ohh and John Vere to name but two!
  6. ......oh and welcome! This is a great community and I've had loads of help from the kind people here!
  7. +1 for Creative Sauce - Mike is a superb tutor and a top man all round. There is also a Creative Sauce - CbB Facebook group where you will find help to complement the excellent advice offered here.
  8. Thanks PC - as Zok said if you are in touch give him our best wishes and let him know he is missed!
  9. Ah I didn't know that! Mind you apart from BBC SO Discovery and LABS I don't think I own any Spitfire libraries
  10. Sounds awesome! Being a tight git I might wait and see if they do a half price Originals sale again!
  11. Yep it's a great film - I've watched it once and recorded it again when it was repeated on TV
  12. I did this using my PC sound card as I don't have an audio interface - it must have been easy for if I did it but can't remember how and I'm not at the PC at the moment so can't check!
  13. Yep having just installed the Syntronik group buy this would be just too much!
  14. Have you seen the size of it!!
  15. Sounds pretty awesome but that's a heavy toll on disc space!
  16. I initially read that first line as 'undeserved' rather than 'underserved'. Thought that was a bit harsh about metal 😉
  17. I got those in Total Studio 2 Max so that must have been after ST3 MAX
  18. Get thee behind me Satan!
  19. Thanks for the heads up GS - V guys. Hadn't come across that issue yet. Wonder if there are any more?! I think the cost of the group buy was probably less than the electricity I used leaving the PC on to download and extract all the files. All done now though! I haven't checked this in detail yet but all the multis I have tried so far seem to be using Syn 1 patches as they can't be edited. I installed the multis we were given with the group buy. When I look in the multi folder most of them seem to have been created a while ago. Wondering if there's an installation glitch here as well. Anyone else had same issue. Just like to say thanks to everyone who has been so supportive to me and other forum members over the course of this group buy with their advice and solutions to issues. What a great place we have here!
  20. Glad I vaguely remembered and found Dave's post from 11 days ago as this is still an issue - thought I'd bump it up in case anyone has the same problems with Syner V. Thanks Dave!
  21. I seem to have installed the Syn 2 libraries & presets to the same folder as my Syntronik 1 data was - when I reinstalled this is where it appears to have directed to - I think it is overwriting the existing libraries but will need to check when I have finished. Were there any sounds or presets in Syn 1 that are not in Syn 2 as I will probably lose them if so? Not a huge issue as I'm sure there will be enough in the new one to go at and I haven't used Syn 1 in anything. From the above I assume Syntronik 1 is redundant once Syn 2 is installed?
  22. Further to the speed issues I mentioned above I've managed to change wifi channels on my hub and the PC now seems to be connecting with the 5Ghz and I'm getting 96mps 🙂 The Product Manager has gone up from 1Mps to a comparatively blistering 5Mps! I assume it is slow because many people using it? At least this is bearable - got some biggies coming up!
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