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  1. A similar "effect" can be achieved by freezing the track, right clicking on the frozen track and selecting "bounce to clips". This is not the same as what you want, though.
  2. Only issue I can see with three method is that you need quite a large amount of zoom if you want to do a small change in a small bit of the clip. Or you want a large spike for a transient or peak. Not to say the method shown is not useful.
  3. They're gonna change from dongle to cloud based and be as unreliable as before. They only felt compelled to change because they got a bunch of negative press because of the fail their servers experienced when people tried to upgrade to version 11... And 10, 9, 8... This is done and dusted. Steinberg doesn't listen to their users.
  4. These "flash sales" serve to force you into buying a product you don't need out of urgency, believing that discount will never happen again.
  5. Judging by the now closed post on Total Studio MAX 3, you don't.
  6. Hm...Is Eddie Kramer parting ways with Waves maybe?
  7. It's almost like you're paying 10 bucks per expansion! Wait...
  8. No. That's a Step Sequencer. It even says so up there.
  9. Grab it while you still can. This might be the last version of Reason Suite that doesn't require you to sign into their subscription deal.
  10. Maybe they ran out of licenses....Oh wait...You can't run out of software licenses.
  11. Keep in mind that the same company you're defending also runs a forum where people vent into deaf years, as none of the developers look at it. You are encouraged to get in contact with their support instead, figure which of the 8 departments your email should go and...Judging by the posts of bugs that are still there...and present in the software which hasn't received an update in months because they have to focus and hype the shiny new product that was just released. Companies are not your friends. You have all the rights to complain about being short-changed by a product you paid money for, both in public and privately.
  12. The Beatles. Five guys split and three die, while one of the dead ones was replaced by a clone. That trend is very old still.
  13. I'm currently using a pair of Sony MDR-ZX110 that I had to put new TRS plugs in twice and the cushions are worn to the point the phones don't fit snug in my head. I'm used to "less expectant" phones. Not buying that bundle because I don't have money.
  14. In other words: You are not the knowledge you have, but what you do with it.
  15. Well, the phones bundled look to be Premium Hi-Fi DJ models, which do have a Sonarworks profile. It's a bit hard to tell because there's zero information about the phones on JRR. All of the product page is Sonarworks marketing stuff.
  16. I'll check, but I remember the bundle with headphones you can buy direct from Sonarworks comes with Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headphones instead of some Sony MDR-7500 lookalike models from a budget brand.
  17. I'd go for SoftAMP's PSA-1. You have to pair it with a good cab sim and you'll have to read the Sansamp PSA-1 manual to understand what the controls do, but you can get quite a number of sounds out of it.
  18. The million dollar question here is: Do the phones JRR are offering with the license even have a Sonarworks profile?
  19. Yeah. Because badge flashing is a very "responding in kind" tactic, isn't it? But alas, the prices are not for you people that already own Total Studio. It's for people that don't have it so they can fall for that trap (one you can't even take pleasure with even), then be in the same state Total Studio owners of old are. You too can complain about IK's upgrade pricing in the future! Think of the possibilities!
  20. Well, at least they're not emulating one of the most BS pedals in the market: The Klon Centaur.
  21. A tape saturation that does the sound of tape with none of the downsides...Like Variety of Sound's FerricTDS?
  22. My copy of Wavelab LE 9.5 is sitting fine here and does everything I need.
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