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  1. Only issue that could happen with them is that they will be scanned every time you open CbB.
  2. Check your temperatures. The new 10th gen Intel SKUs get toasty and into frequency throttling quite often.
  3. As I said before. If a manufacturer doesn't care for letting me buy their products legally, why should I care about whether they support legal activations ot not?
  4. Michael Manring has only been doing that for 20 years at least:
  5. If these people sing while being conducted, one alternative is to record a video of the conductor doing the moves and such and have people practice to that. It's not a real replacement for fixing the time, but it could help. There are other strategies with that. When I was part of a woodwind orchestra, our conductor had all of us look at him and inhale with him as the upbeat for the first downbeat of his conducting.
  6. Last time I remember, a sufficiently powerful PC coupled with a decent PCIe interface can do under 1 ms of latency without breaking a sweat, something almost no hardware synth can do, especially those vintage ones. There's also the issue that many of these pieces of gear use proprietary components that you can no longer find available for purchase anywhere. Once it goes, you either are lucky to find another broken unit with that part still working or have to sell yours for scraps. There's also the MIDI issue. Many machines are pre MIDI standard and have implementations that simply do not play well with post MIDI standard hardware. Another thing to consider is the following: - Virtual synths occupy no physical space. - Virtual synths use a negligible amount of power compared to some hardware units. - Once you buy one virtual synth, you can have as many of that synth as you want.
  7. I always thought a man was a miserable pile of secrets as per rules, but sure.
  8. Another thing that makes the category stuff unintuitive to use is the fact that you can add a plugin to multiple categories, but not to a sub category. This becomes messy fast, as the Plugin Manager starts creating multiple categories which you can't delete by the way.
  9. Set "UseHardwareSamplePosition" to "False" in the Configuration File settings under Advanced Preferences.
  10. DrumGizmo is somewhat of an unknown drum VSTi with only a few user contributed kits and barely maintained. Why mentioning it is relevant? It has a feature I haven't seen on any other plugin or it only has part of that functionality. DrumGizmo's Humanizer feature is extremely powerful and you can get a lot of range, despite how simple it is. It would be even more useful if the parameters from it could be automated. It allows you to set things like how accurate your virtual drummer's timing is, how laid back it plays and how long it takes from the drummer to return back to playing in time after noticing it's not in time. There a few drawback with the plugin, however. For starters, it doesn't have any of the mixing and flexibility you find on modern stuff and you have to mix the drums yourself, as there are no presets and such features.
  11. For Sonic Anomaly, all their plugins are worth having. TriLeveler2 and VOLA work beautifully as free alternatives to Waves' Vocal Rider and MV2. Graillon is a great pitch tuning plugin, a more modern alternative to the likes of GSnap, KeroVee, etc. dearVR MICRO allows you to have more precise binaural panning options which could be useful to making things like fake room reverbs and things like that and other effects as well. Probably mentioned already, but ValhallaDSP has three free plugins: FreqEcho, Space Modulator and Super Massive . These are simply gorgeous and can do some effects you won't find anywhere else. Super Massive is effectively what the name implies and can do things like this, which was accomplish using two instances of it:
  12. That depends if you mix using your eyes or your ears. Many of the vintage emulation plugins are hard to get around for some people because it's just a bunch of knobs with labels and you "don't know" what's happening, since there's no visual cue like you have in some of the modern digital plugin EQs such ProChannel's, Pro Q3 and so on.
  13. You can think of those internal effects and routing as a way for you to submix things. Many old recordings (like the Beatles ones) had things like drums recorded multichannel, then mixed and bounced to a single stereo or mono track that would be added to the rest of the mix. If you can route external signals into those plugins (You can in Reaktor and Kontakt), that gives you more sound options.
  14. Keep in mind that, without a converter that can handle those, your end result will just be truncated or converted anyways. This is similar to how some people record on 64 bit but don't have 64 bit converters. Sure, you end with a 64 bit wave file, but the extra 32 bits are filled with zeroes. It would be same thing as taking a 32 bit file and upsampling it to 64 bits. As per dynamic range...Humans become permanently deaf when exposed to signals louder than 150 dB.
  15. It would be nice to have more flexibility on how you route outputs to other places, rather than having everything follow a "Two mono tracks, then a stereo track that is the last two mono tracks combined." The reason I'm asking this is because some plugins I use (mainly DrumGizmo) have non-standard output settings. For example, one of the kits has overheads left and right on tracks 6-7. With the current routing scheme, I am forced to make two mono tracks just for that output, as CbB has 5-6 and 7-8 as hardcoded stereo outputs.
  16. Only downside would be finding full versions of Rapture, Dimension Pro and Z3TA+ 2, as well as things like the L-Phase EQ, L-Phase Multiband, Perfect Space, V-Vocal, R-Mix, Vintage Channel and other synths that used to come in earlier versions, like Pentagon. It's a bit sad that whoever owns the rest of the Cakewalk IP has no interest in making those instruments and features available to new users. While it may sound too extreme, I wouldn't shed any tears for the company when I found those elsewhere and have to activate them using "alternative" means. You can't buy them anywhere and they're no longer supported. That makes them abandonware. I currently have X2, X3e and Platinum installed alongside CbB. Only the stuff that you can't get officially anymore is installed of course: - X2 is there for V-Vocal and R-Mix. - X3 is there for the Vintage Channel, Perfect Space, Rapture, Dimension Pro and the other synths. - Platinum is there for the L-Phase stuff, CA-2A and such. Also Z3TA+ 2. Only thing missing is Rapture Pro, which I couldn't find anywhere, so I have to content with just the demo.
  17. If I'm not mistaken, the Now Time movement is directly related to your snap settings, just like automation curves. Disabling snapping or setting it to a finer setting should give you what you're looking for.
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