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  1. Oh wow! That’d even better! Thanks
  2. Just curious, Is this the cheapest it’s ever been?
  3. The have a nice price for SOS as well.
  4. Great deal! Anyone have a referral code I could use? I'm a first time buyer
  5. great deal. love melda plugins
  6. top shelf samples on loopcloud. not to mention they have really useful plugins.
  7. Glad they reversed course, but things are not fine and dandy… I don’t plan on buying their products either. Plenty of other “trust-worthy” options out there
  8. I used to jump on these sales. But they keep on including a lot of these products in Komplete. So, I just wait for Komplete updates/upgrades.
  9. Exactly. Introduce subscriptions and take away perpetuals/WUP... Then, bring back perpetuals/WUP and cash in on all those people wanting to upgrade their plugins to the latest version. *cha-ching* 🤑 I still don't like WUP
  10. My exact sentiments. I can’t and won’t trust them again.
  11. I tried using both coupons. Didn’t work for me… could only use one or the other.
  12. Lionel

    WUP is back

    Most likely their plan all along... getting rid of the middle man.
  13. The one benefit for Waves and this whole debacle… They forced us to register our unregistered plugins(else we’d lose those plugins). Meaning they cleaned-house on all the unregistered serials and they’ll most likely make money sooner than later with those potential future WUP’d plugins. I bought a Waves bundle during the last BF/CM sale… I really despise them for making me have to register sooner than I had wanted. Stay classy, Waves.
  14. Tbh, Waves needs to do more than just backtrack their decision. Things are definitely NOT back to normal. They really betrayed our loyalty and trust. Give us free WUP for a year and I think I’d be able to forgive their horrible mistake.
  15. Great to have perpetual licenses and WUP back. But in all honestly, I’ll be looking at UA native and other devs as my first option. Waves will have to earn my trust again. To the Waves Execs: There are things called surveys, polls and questionnaires. Use those next time.
  16. Guess 3rd party vendors are back in business?
  17. It really shouldn't have to come to this. But so glad someone made this. A "good" company that cares about its customers(esp the loyal ones) would definitely know if they made a mistake. *smh*
  18. Holy crap! Checked it out... Now that's what I call an uproar! Would love to be a fly on the wall at those Waves Execs meetings, lol They'd have to be complete idiots not to bring back perpetual licenses and WUP Also, check out: https://www.facebook.com/waves Lots of angry folks there as well
  19. I’m not holding my breath for Waves to reverse course. Even if they do, I’m not sure I can trust them to give them any more of my money. Fool me once. I’m moving forward with UA, PA, IK and especially the smaller devs. Speaking of smaller devs, who are your faves? And which plugins in particular are your go-to’s? Very much would like to know. For me; Melda: Love their pitch shifter and MCompare Valhalla: All of their plugs are amazing. But I keep reaching for their delays Audio Damage: Awesome developer. Love Filterstation, EOS 2 and Kombinat Tri D16: It’s like Pokémon... “Gotta catch ‘em all!” They’re that good!
  20. How to ruin an audio plugin business Waves Execs see all the profits companies like Adobe are making with subscriptions. They want a piece of that pie. Without any consumer surveys or feedback, they decide to do away with perpetual licenses(and WUP) and go all in on a subscription-only business Inform 3rd party vendors know they won't be needed anymore Send an email to current customers stating they need to register their plugins by a short deadline. No need to give them a good amount of time to adjust. Keep the email vague as possible without much detail, but make sure it sounds really important. Just say some BS like, "Due to an upcoming change in our authorization & registration systems. Sunday, March 26, 2023 will be the last day to register dealer-purchased product serial codes that have not yet been registered." If they have any questions, just put our contact info Inform the support staff that something BIG is going to happen soon, but keep them in the dark. If customers inquire about what's going on... just have the support team reply with vague replies Make sure the main website has "ZERO" information about the deadline to register and the new authorization system. Actually, make sure they can't find info anywhere on the website including: search, store and FAQ It's business as usual... Keep selling plugins on Waves.com (Try get as many people(aka "suckers") to purchase plugins before the deadline) The day has come. Announce new Waves Creative Access on main website and all social media. No more WUP, no more perpetual licenses. Basically, Waves gives customers the middle finger Uproar ensues. Consumer outrage falls on deaf ears. Waves lose majority of customer base. All the while, Waves competitors like Universal Audio, Plugin Alliance, Melda and IK Multimedia are enjoying the show with popcorn 🍿
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