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  1. https://www.yum-audio.com/Slap-by-MrBill From 129 for 59. Pretty good discount and the plugin is interesting as well. Sort of like an Ableton drumbus on steroids.
  2. https://www.mathewlane.com/ Up to 50% off. Not for Dr MS though, that is still a bit steep (99 instead of 129).
  3. Don't judge me, but I have Sensual Sax on my wishlist. Just for fun and 80s stuff. Wasn't expensive to begin with, but this is surely welcome.
  4. As usual, UJAM has some flash sales during the BF periode. Today (and only today) Virtual Drummer Heavy 2 is 80% off. From $99.00, now $19.80. https://www.ujam.com/drummer/heavy/
  5. Alright f#$^% this. Another one who doesn't mention tax in their prices AND doesn't mention their prices are excl. tax. I'm getting tired of this sh*t. REAL price about €100.
  6. Nick Blanc

    Ableton sale

    Save 20% on Live 11, Push and Packs. https://www.ableton.com/en/shop/ Personally, I'm going for the Slink devices. I'm very impressed with the possibilities.
  7. Nick Blanc

    Waldorf BF Sale!

    Haha bummer. Well, 33 still isn't that much.
  8. I have a feeling everyone knows about the Soothe2 qualifications. But Spiff doesn't leave my master.
  9. The same as always, 40% off. Sale runs until 4 december. https://www.leapwingaudio.com/
  10. So, tonight is gonna be my night. Tomorrow is the World Cup (Netherlands) so I will be drunk and away for the afternoon and evening. Saturday is still an option for most deals, but oh boy those hangovers. Got my salary today, so I'm dangerously armed with money, time, a wishlist and perhaps a little wodka. @cclarry: you have about 8 hours to sharpen those deals! 😝
  11. If I add up all the originals I want and other €29-49 products that are on my wishlist (and Mercury for €98 on sale), I do get to the minimum. Hmmm. Thing is, I will get them at some point and they won't be discounted (at least, most of them). And this time I get the freebie. Or I could just wait another year if the freebie is more to my liking. It's not like with the Aperture freebies that they won't be sold ever. But indeed, not very impressive. Mercury from €149 for €98 and something like Albion Solstice from €449 to €336.
  12. Amp room seems to be included from now on. Yah!
  13. Now also available for new customers, they added it to the Plugin Boutique product.
  14. I listened to some demo's, sounds and presets. I'm completely sold. I don't need 20 ultra realistic keyboards. I love these creative presets but also the option to get the raw thing. Keyscape and Pianoteq are gone, this fits my needs (well, more wants) so much more!
  15. Haha indeed. Hold on...I think I have one of those. That front looks familiar. Alright I checked. I think I have one from the same family. No open top or glass side though, but it looks pretty similar otherwise.
  16. One from my wishlist. But only the electric bundle. But I really like the sound of the rest. Now the question is, how does it stack up against the likes of Keyscape and Pianoteq? Opinions?
  17. They are not the same type of product. Smart EQ3 does some very smart EQ stuff (what's in a name) and is in my opinion a great mixing tool. It's also a great starting point for EQing individual tracks. Gulfoss is more of a 'make that specific thing sound better' tool. And that thing can be an individual track, bus or a master. Long story short, Smart EQ3 for mixing, Gulfoss for 'make it sound better magic'.
  18. Hmmm, I'm not yet convinced. I skipped last year because The Stack wasn't really to my liking. Now I have some items on my wishlist I would like to have, but the freebie gives me a 'we put BBCSO through RC20' vibe.
  19. And I would like to add Morphit to this list. My go to solution for headphone correction.
  20. Kilohearts doesn't have presets, but the interface is very minimal (it's their style) and very easy to operate.
  21. If you are considering free, may I suggest the Kilohearts gate. It works perfectly fine. https://kilohearts.com/products/gate De-esser: The Techivation T-De-esser Plus: https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/8164-T-De-Esser The gate and de-esser from Fabfilter are about the only ones I don't want from them and I feel don't justify the price. I got my eye on that Volcano 2 though...
  22. Non taken. But I took the trouble of checking that. Which you could have done because it would have saved me the time. The Fabfilter and Goodhertz sales were indeed posted, so my apologies. On the other hand, it's Black Friday, so duplicate topics are going to happen. I can't seem to find the Devious Machines or Minimal Audio posts, but maybe I'm overlooking something? So, 50% is not "most if not all". A 50% discount is not "most of all of the price has been dropped" 😉 I'm competing against Larry here.
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