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  1. Hi Steve, Go to keybindings in preferences and set the search for "do nothing." Then you can assign your E key to that event. cheers andy
  2. @msmcleod Okay, I just watched this:- He suggests one of those things that you have so, like you say, might be worth a try...
  3. But how can I use balanced cables with this thing? Are you saying to use this instead of balanced cables? In the product description it says, "Prevents unwanted hum on an audio system" but I don't have hum. So I am not even convinced that this will work. Plus, I have now tried using ferrite chokes, which I am assuming is what this thing is, and they do not eliminate that computer noise. I know what you are saying, it is only six quid so it may well be worth a try... I'll keep you posted on this one...
  4. Hi Michael I hasten to add that wherever I mention "ground lifted" or "un-grounded" in the following post I only do this in limited and controlled situations in order to test something out. I will never instruct anyone to try this in a permanent situation in order to eliminate noise problems as it is far too dangerous. Electrical equipment is grounded/earthed for safety reasons and failure to use the correct power cabling can result in serious injury or death due to electrocution and loss of life and property due to fire. I tried a number of things. I went right back to basics and only had a single O-C set up with nothing attached but the power lead and the USB cable. No computer noise. I then brought O-C #2 online and still no noise. I then decided to bring in my outboard effects and the MPX 500 introduced that noise. If I used a power lead with the ground lifted the noise went away. I therefore assumed that I had found the culprit. But after leaving my studio for a bit, to have some tea, and then went back to continue my testing, the MPX 500 no longer created noise, event though I had reinstated a grounded power lead. The speakers are a different problem, I think. Right now, with grounded power leads all round, if I use my active monitors, the computer noise is present in the monitors, but NOT in my DAW, where as before the noise was already present in my DAW. If I use un-grounded power leads with the active monitors the computer noise goes away. I am assuming that the computer noise is entering the system via its grounded power lead. And sensitive pieces of equipment that are grounded are then being affected by that. I am now looking at buying a small power extension lead that has a RFI and power conditioner built in, as well as some balanced audio cables to run between my O-C and the active monitors and the MPX 500, as they are the only units that have balanced connections. cheers, and thanks, andy
  5. Been looking at them... quite expensive... Would one of these be a waste of time:- https://www.studiospares.com/Cables-Leads/Mains-Distribution/Mains-Conditioner-and-RF-Interference-Filter-6-Way_517330.htm
  6. Indeed I always try to make sure that I have some separation between data, power and audio cables. Of course, with equipment all over the place it is difficult not to have stuff crossing but I have tried to keep this situation to a minimum.
  7. Possibly, as you may have some soldering fails. The main problem with buying made up leads is you have to compromise on length and end up with cables that are a little bit too long. Fortunately, after looking at @JohnG's link above, Studio Spares offer a range of sizes for the same product and although I could make them cheaper it removes any uncertainty, and lots of burning flesh and melting surface tops. I appreciate the usefulness of patch bays but my setup is small and I therefore do not foresee the need of one. The OCTA-CAPTURE interfaces have four inputs on the front so if I need to I can temporarily connect other instruments there, if need be.
  8. Thanks for that, @JohnG I assume that XLR is considered to be more robust than TRS phone jack but I'm not taking stuff on the road anymore so I reckon that TRS phone jack will be fine, and it will save me a bit of cash. cheers andy
  9. Must be a common enough thing then... Once you hit record you have to remember not to move haha
  10. I am thinking the same, @abacab I've found a power conditioner that I fancy trying. Will order tomorrow...
  11. Thanks @JohnG I am currently looking at this place in London:- https://www.studiospares.com/ They appear to have a load of stuff on their website, including a selection of Neutrik connectors. Having a look at their cables, though, and I can't find one that is 600 ohm impedance. And is that a per metre figure? And I can't find any reference to +4dBu or -10dBu either. So I'm still doing a lot of head scratching here. Okay, I shal get more specific. I want to connect my OCTA-CAPTURE audio interface audio L+R outputs to my Tannoy Reveal Active nearfield monitors with balanced cables. Spec of the OCTA-CAPTURE output, from the manual, is as follows:- Nominal Output Level +0 dBu (balanced) Output Impedance 1.8 k ohms (balanced) And the Tannoy monitor specs are:- Input 32 kΩ balanced on combined XLR/jack Sensitivity 0 dBu I'll be honest, the above doesn't make much sense to me and isn't really helping me to decide on which cable to get. Perhaps I should e-mail Studio Spares and hope that they offer me the correct cable for the job. cheers, andy
  12. Hi Peeps, Now that I am finally admitting to myself that I have a bit of a cable issue, I need to start looking into replacing some of my current cables for "critical services." I have googled the phrase "balanced cables" as this is what I am interested in and, to be honest, like most things, it is a bit of a mine field. Who is telling me the truth about their gear? For instance, I already have cables that have "high quality" or some such statement printed on the cable but is that just a load of rubbish? How do I know for sure what the real quality of an audio cable is? Is there some sort of standard I should be looking for? Again, I have searched for that and all I find are reviews by third parties or claims by manufacturers that their cables are best. Can anyone recommend a particular brand of cable? And, of course, there is more to cables than just the actual wires. The means of connecting those cables to your equipment are probably just as important as the actual cable. The two that I am looking at are XLR male plugs and 1/4" TRS jacks. I seem to recall, going back twenty years or so, that Neutrik were a good brand, and they are still available today. Are they that good? Are there better? And, finally, is it best to make up your own? DIY cables, to me, seem to be the only way of ensuring any kind of quality, providing that you are handy enough with a soldering iron. I've spent an hour this morning searching the interwebs and I struggle to find just the right cable, in terms of length and end connector configuration. So I am definitely considering buying the bits in and making my own. That way I can make the cables exactly the right length and configuration to suit my exact requirements. Okay Peeps, hit me! cheers andy
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Men's_Day
  14. Hi again Mark, There isn't actually any real noise in the signal. I've checked each input by opening an instance of Pro-Q 3, which monitors all the way down to -100dB and all there is is a bit of hiss, which is what I expect to be honest. This computer noise is definitely something "internal" if you know what I mean. It is worth noting that if I stream anything off the internet or listen to a WAV or MP3 using media player or even using Sound Forge then there is no computer noise, just when using a DAW.
  15. Okay, here is the absolute latest on this situation. And I am at a loss... Around tea time here I gave up, turned everything off and went to have my tea and watched some Six Nations rugby. Then I went back upstairs to my studio and put everything back together with the intention of perhaps just leaving some items unplugged. I had noticed in an earlier test that my MPX 500 effects unit was the main culprit. It wasn't causing the noise in the active monitors, that was a separate issue. Instead, it was causing the noise within my DAW and on to the master bus. I found that if I unplugged it from the mains, or unplugged the audio cables then the noise went away. But I powered up my DAW, prior to unplugging the MPX 500 and, for some strange reason, there was no computer noise on the return track or the master bus. I scratched my head... Waggled a few cables, moved some stuff around behind my little rack and the noise woudn't return. So, like I say, I am at a loss, but obviously happy that there is now no computer noise within my DAW. However, there is still some noise, but although it is the same type of noise as before it is very quiet. When I turned on my active monitors there is still an issue here, although, as has been mentioned above, the noise is separate to the noise within the DAW, and even with my OCTA-CAPTURE turned right down the noise is still there. My active monitors do not have a volume control and so they are always at full volume so I guess that helps to make things sound worse. So until I can get some balanced cables I am going to monitor entirely with my headphones. I have also noticed that I can get a quieter guitar signal into my DAW by using my MMP-2 mic preamp instead of going directly into the OCTA-CAPTURE. The MMP-2 is connected to the OCTA-CAPTURE via coax SPDIF. I was using it for something else but it makes sense to swap things round a bit.
  16. I have experimented with this, and, yes, it certainly does solve the problem, but while I have equipment that is supposed to be grounded I am quite nervous about disconnecting any grounding connections. In this country our residual current breakers rely on that ground to trigger and make the situation safe.
  17. Yes, both keyboard and mouse are wired and both have ferrite blocks fitted. thanks
  18. I thought that, too, at first but I have an NVMe OS drive and an SSD so I don't think it is those two. And the drive activity light is quite bright on my workstation and you can see it flashing on the ceiling so you can see that the noise does not coincide with disk activity. But it does sound like that sort of thing. Pretty much the same here. But more of that in a bit...
  19. Yeah, Chuck, that is one of the things that I have noticed... I also noticed that if I position the guitar at right angles to the video monitor any interference pretty much goes away, and being further away from the video monitor also helps.
  20. Thanks, @msmcleod But as @Cactus Music says, those RCA connections are not balanced. I think that while it is possible to connect my active monitors to my audio interface I should try that first. And in addition to that I knew I had some ferrite blocks somewhere and I managed to find them. When I stuck it on the audio cable between my audio interface and the speaker it didn't make the slightest bit if difference unfortunately, so I am not even sure about bothering going down that route now. Hi John, Yes, I appreciate that. I built my first studio based mainly on hardware some twenty years ago now. When I dismantled it during a "sabbatical" I boxed everything up, including the cables. Gradually, over the last couple of years, I have been building a new studio. It has gone through many iterations and at the start of 2019 I decided to increase my inputs by adding a second OCTA-CAPTURE unit. Of course, more inputs, more cables, and I have been using stuff I have in stock rather that buying better quality new cables. Back twenty years ago I hardly went onto the internet to discuss or research this sort of stuff and I would go down to my local music store and ask for some good quality audio cables, not even knowing if they were, and not knowing that much at all about balanced cables. False economy, I know, but I do have a budget and most of my money has been put into other things. So the cables have become my "weakest link." And I suppose I am not a "serious studio" either. I have earned a tad over £100 since I started making music all that long ago so, yeah, just a hobbyist me, with money to burn at times, it seems. Yes, I understand that too. I will be endeavouring to use balanced cables where appropriate. A good point, and I have cables that are far too long for the distance they have to cover. Again, this is down to me using what I have and then being too lazy to get the snips and a soldering iron. I will definitely be doing this at some point in the near future. Okay, I have heard this mentioned a few times now so I need to look more into that. Very similar, which is why I say "computer noise" and not mains (a/c) hum. I found one before in one of my many boxes of gear and I have now used it to connect my workstation to the mains. Doesn't help, as it happens, but it is there now so might as well stay there. Yes, I only have a wired keyboard and mouse and they are both fitted with ferrite chokes. There is more, but I want to post this first and answer some of the other posts above... cheers andy
  21. Thanks, @vuzz14, I have been doing some more tests and I think what I really need is to invest in some balanced cables. I was thinking along those lines anyway and this issue has brought things to a head. I thought I'd be able to save some money using what cables I have from my previous studio endeavours. cheers andy
  22. I wish I could. I've got microphones but I rarely use them and certainly don't know enough to bring anything to the party here. I'll get me coat
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