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  1. I have invested and used SC but as a DAW controller, for me a keyboard and trackball is much more intuitive, all muscle memory. I use a Trackball mouse so movement is super precise and fast. My biggest issue with using a SC I have to jump to a block of 8 channels at-a-time and most of the time I don't know which block or channel I'm at; fader movement on a wrong track; I only use the SC for tweaking vst synth, the (sliders/knobs/pads) is essential in this application.
  2. I've always manually enter the nodes using the mouse
  3. when I open an envelop, sometimes I see that there are bunch of nodes all over the place. They are not what I put in, I suspect that they are from other envelopes that somehow got drawn. Not sure if anyone has seen this or understand what I'm trying to describe, but if you do, is there a way to default the nodes to be drawn only on the envelope that you are placing your pointer to and no where else?
  4. A quick Youtubed Blue Cat Audio Patchwork looks promising, just need to see if automation is still possible.
  5. To clarify, my understanding is the FX in the FX bin is sequential, the one at the top feeding into the next, and so on. So the question is is there a way to route FX in parallel? What I do currently is duplicate the track and insert the FX at 100% wet into the duplicated track. for example with 4 FX that would be 5 tracks (one original or direct and 4 wet) and sum them into a bus. Using aux-track is a little better that you don't duplicate the audio clips but you would still have 5 tracks, in this example. Just wondering if there is better way.
  6. I want to apply fx to a track in parallel, meaning one fx will not affect the other, and then sum into a bus. Since FX bin is always feeding into the send, I'd have to create two send to two separate aux-tracks; then each aux-track have its set of FX, then route the two aux-tracks to a bus. Is there another way to do this? Would be great if the track's FX bin can be configured to be "post send" so the raw track can have its FX also.
  7. thanks for the explanation. For me for the longest of time I don't understand why some plugins get re-scan and most don't. Now I know.
  8. I'd like to have a tool that list all the peaks in my mix so I can go to that time/point and fix the 'loud' note or part. The peak is defined by a threshold setting, for example, -1db, so any section that exceeds -1db would be marked. Currently I do this in real time by watching the bus meter and stop the playback and try to zero in the the area, and play again until I get close the the point.
  9. fun topic but what is the definition or assumption of old/new school?
  10. update - the Record option works out well. However for clips already recorded without group, I can't find any easy way, I had to select the each clip and group them manually.
  11. looks like the Preferences > Project - Record setting may do the trick and using folder, as I don't want all clips start at the same time, just the tracks of an instrument so folder makes sense. Also if quick group mean what I do in one track will be done on the other, (select one clip will select the other clips that has the same clip name) then it could work too. will give these a try. thx
  12. the scenario is I record an instrument with multiple microphones, each mic is recorded onto an audio track. Is there a way to select all the related clips to, say, mute them to do another take during tracking, or during edit to cut, split, shorten, etc?
  13. micv

    Song Copyright

    thanks, I'll look into it. Do folks that load songs here copyrighted their works?
  14. micv

    Song Copyright

    Not sure if this is the right forum but what is the process to get your song copyrighted?
  15. ThreadSchedulingModel already at 2, change to other values doesn't have any affect. I know how a samples buffer or cpu spike 'noises' sound like in my environment, been there more than a few times. This noise is more like an overdrive or over loading the vst, but the meter and sound level are normal. It occurs at any volume/gain level thus reducing the gain was the 1st thing I tried. In the analog world it's like setting (mis-matched) the headroom level when you connecting two devices. I need to test more instruments from other vendors
  16. Lynx Hilo. but I'm certain it isn't the hw or lynx asio. I've used it for years. I noticed issues with midi and vst with releases late late year, suppose to be fixed, may be not entirely.
  17. I've just first noticed this issue, that vst instrument when play at a high level will introduce crackings noises. Thinking of overloading, I checked and played with the gain. Interestingly, doesn't matter if the gain is lowered when the signal output signal is around -11dbfs it will crackles. ASIO setting is in the 1048 samples or higher so it's not the buffer. The vst I used is Arturia Collection V but I also tested with Kontakt. Noticeable with thick strings or synth pad, not so much with percussive instruments. Does not have any crackles issue when in standalone. In standalone I can crank the volume all the way to the redline but in Sonar, it will crackles way lower. Audio tracks are fine. Strange, I have never seen this. Also during my troubleshooting, when I move a midi note (nudge) while the instrument is being played, it will pop and crackle
  18. but wait, why wouldn't it work on a mono interleave track? You can pan a mono track why not a mono clip of a mono track?
  19. Good point on a mono FX. I'll check next time I'm in the studio.
  20. although I can use Track's pan fine, I noticed that clip pan simply doesn't pan at all. Does the track pan has anything to do with it? I would think that clip pan would override the track pan.
  21. that works for average tempo. thx Interesting how it also gives other tempo in the drop down list, not sure what they are, and as you warned, double tempo.
  22. would be great if it shows where the tempo change as well
  23. I can't seem to find where the 'Set the Edit Filter to Transients" is.
  24. In CbB is there a way to get the tempo of an imported audio file? or is there a tool out there for this?
  25. thanks. I'll play around with this a bit more.
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