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  1. John That worked. I had never click on the i icon. You are an official Kontakt guru.
  2. Good points. The 4-track machine would solve the mismatch of tape speed. I gave this a try yesterday and it worked good enough for what I'm doing. I set Audio Snap for the track and then I dragged the end of the shorter track to match the longer track. That came out pretty close but there was some variation of the tracks in the middle. I didn't try to adjust transient markers at each bar. I'm not sure what Audio Snap does in terms of stretching, but it seemed to work. I think the other variations were due to the natural tape differences. It's probably not worth me buying an old machine for this project.
  3. This question may amuse some old timers like me. About 35 years ago I had a microphone, a guitar, a Sequential Circuits keyboard, an old version of Cakewalk I bought on discs in a big box, and a Fostex 4-Track tape recorder. For those who aren't familiar with that clever piece of technology, as shown in the photo below, you could put a cassette tape into the machine and you could record the 4 tracks all in the same direction. Normally a cassette tape recorded and played in 2 tracks, but you could flip it and use the 2 tracks on the other side going in the other direction. So I recorded my demos back in the 80s and 90s this way. I am modernizing some of the demos in my new Cakewalk by Bandlab using some old Cakewalk files I've kept for 30+ years. I want to have my old demos to compare as I work. But I can't find a few in their 2 track form when I mixed them down. However, I still have them in their 4 track form. When I copied my tapes into my computer the machine was only a 2 track machine so I have 2 files for each demo, one forward, one reverse. I opened them in Cakewalk and it did a great job of flipping the reverse track. But when I line up the 2 tracks as shown below (they are tracks 3 and 4) then ends of the song are off by about 1 second. This is because the old tape player mechanism is not perfect and the tape runs at a slightly different speed depending on how much of the tape was wound on the spool. So I know there is a way to stretch the shorter track a little and line it up. I think it's probably a little tricky to do that. Can anyone suggest any tips for getting the tapes aligned as closely as possible? This doesn't have to be perfect because they are only for me to compare to the new demos, but I plan to keep them and maybe even make a collection of my original demos, so I'd like to do as good as I can with limited time and expense.
  4. John Thanks for that reply. I don't see the Input/Output selection in my interface below. Do you know how I display those options?
  5. scook Thanks. That's what I was looking for.
  6. I found a solution to the problem, although I don't understand why it works. In the Cakewalk interface shown below I set MIDI channel for the track to channel 1 and now the notes sound even though they are assigned to channel 2. Maybe that overrides the channel setting on the individual notes which still shows 2.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Those are good tips, but that's not the problem. I just went back to one of the notes that don't sound in Kontakt Evolution. I double clicked the note and it was assigned to channel 3. I changed it to channel 1 and I went back to the piano roll view and now that one note sounds in Evolution. It is definitely within the range of the notes it will play. So again, I hope someone can tell me how to change all of the notes to channel 1 in one quick move. I tried doing a Google search and I didn't find it, but I may search deeper.
  8. I don't understand how I should use MIDI channels in Cakewalk and normally that has not caused me any problems. I'd rather not spend a lot of time learning the details if I can get the work done. But now I have imported an old Cakewalk file (from back in the 80s or 90s) and when I try to assign a track to my Kontakt Evolution guitar plug in I get no sound. If I assign that track to Cakewalk TTS-1 synth the notes make a sound. On my other songs before this I just created the notes in piano roll and they always produced a sound. I never had to worry about what channel was what. That's how I like it. So I clicked on a few notes and instead of being assigned to channel 1 they are assigned to channel 2 or some other channel. I don't know why. That was 30 years ago. If I change the channel to 1 then the notes will sound in Evolution. But I haven't found a way to quickly change all of the notes to channel 1. Can you tell me how to do that or can you tell me how to adjust Kontakt Evolution so that it will make a sound for other channels? As a last resort you can try to teach me MIDI channel basics, but if it gets very deep I will go some other direction. Spending a lot of time in MIDI theory is not something for me, and I've already produced 25 songs without it.
  9. Some people may not be aware that there are multiple hidden copies saved in your project folder, if you are using Auto Save with a setting greater than 0 for "Number of Versions to Keep" and you check the "Enable Versioning" checkbox. In the image below you see Cakewalk saved 4 copies at various times as well as the most recent copy titled "Auto-save Copy". You won't see those extra version from within Cakewalk because they have a different file extension. But this is actually how I recovered the copy I wanted yesterday. I went into the folder in Windows Explorer and re-named the version copy I wanted to open and gave it a .cwp extension. Voila! I got back my lost work.
  10. I thought about that, too. But I also saw a post from msmcleod (who is Cakewalk staff) about this a couple of years ago and he said it's one or the other. And in the dialog box it says minutes "or" changes. And what counts as a change? Every time I add or copy a note might be a change. Maybe I will try a ridiculously high number of changes like a million along with the 30 minutes and that might give me what I want.
  11. I almost lost some critical work on a song, but was able to recover it from auto save yesterday. The problem is, auto save seems to be working too fast for my taste. I want it to auto save every 30 minutes as set below, but it seems to be saving every minute or so. I checked the project folder and there were 4 backups in 5 minutes. That could quickly overwrite all copies of lost work if I didn't discover it quickly. Fortunately this time I did discover the loss quickly. Why is my auto save creating copies about every minute?
  12. Musekamp I just did a test with the project that first gave me the problem. I had saved a copy earlier of the project before I tried to commit the arrangement. This time I checked the Option "Select Events with Sections" as indicated in the post by msmcleod and that worked. It revised the arrangement and I checked and the events were all the same time as before. It did not slide the note events forward by one tick. Problem solved. I will PM msmccleod to make sure he is aware of this solution and I will try to remember to click that option whenever I am working in the Arranger. Thanks, Steve
  13. Musekamp I'm glad I checked back. I think I saw that post from msmcleod and forgot about it. I will try to use his technique on the files that were a problem and see if it works. I will post an update here after I do my test. Steve
  14. I am writing to update this thread. The copyright claim against this video has disappeared. It was there a few days ago, but I checked a few minutes ago and it's gone. I posted the video on March 30 and the copyright claim appeared about the same day. I originally objected to the copyright claim about March 31 and they had 30 days to respond. Maybe they never responded and the claim expired. I would like to find out if they reviewed the claim and realized it was not valid or if they just don't attempt to answer objections in a case like this. I may write the publishers and ask, or I may "let sleeping dogs lie". On a related note, I posted a link to this video on Jeff Lynne's Facebook page and I noted the copyright claim by his publisher and I added that the lyrics and melodies are all different. I never got a response there, either, but one day Jeff Lynne, or somebody posting for him liked my post. I like to think he listened to my song, but who knows. I will add that he produced a new album in 2019 named "From Out Of Nowhere" and it is great. Top notch songs with his typical flawless production. I enjoy listening to it almost as much as my albums.
  15. msmcleod I'll send you a link in a PM
  16. Will Yes, Ovox is a vocoder, but it also has pitch correction using MIDI notes, which works well for me. I attached a screenshot. First you have to Enable MIDI Input in the VST3 drop down. Then you have to set Note Source to MIDI and finally Correction to Notes. You also need to raise the Voice dial to hear the original voice. It works great for me. I have done pitch correction with both Melodyne and Ovox and for me the difference is huge. I am delighted with the result in Ovox. I feel like I wasted $100 on Melodyne, but sadly that's not the biggest waste of money I've ever made. 🙂 I think there are other ways to do pitch correction in Ovox, but this is how I like to work. Fine tuning the MIDI notes to the sung notes is an art and time consuming. I'm available to do that (but not for free). Steve
  17. msmcleod Thanks for the reply. I'm doing an unusual process where I am adding a new section to all 12 of the songs on my album and what that means is I ran the Arranger on all 12 songs. As I did that I checked the events list each time right before I committed the arrangement and then again right after. Because I add almost all of my notes manually in snap grid that means the notes almost all have times that end in 000 or 480 or 720 or maybe 320 or 640 if I'm doing triplet time. That makes it easy to see if the note events have moved one tick forward after the commit action. I just finished doing all 12 songs and 3 of them had the tick nudge problem. The other 9 worked correctly. I can send you a CWP file or if you think it is necessary I can zip the entire folder with audio files and anything else. Do you want me to do that and PM it to you here? I guess I will have to add the new sections in the other 3 songs manually like we did in the old days before Arranger existed. Regards, Steve
  18. I had posted a question a few weeks or months ago about a problem in Cakewalk. It is sliding all of my note events one tick earlier and that wrecks the work that I am doing in selecting ranges. I think that I have picked notes that start on a beat and I do a copy and paste and they get left behind because they are one tick before the beat. Today I was working on updating some projects with the Arranger tool. In this case I added some additional copies of the Chorus to the end of the song in the Arranger tool and then I click Commit Arrangement. It gives me a warning box, I think it says "We are about to wreck your project. Are you sure you want to continue?" No, that's a joke. It says something else. I did that on 2 different songs today. Both times I first looked at the events list immediately before and immediately after I click Commit Arrangement because I suspected this was the cause of my earlier problem. In the first song it worked OK. When I checked the notes again they were still on 000 tick or a similar fraction tick. But in the second song (screenshot below) it slid every note 1 tick earlier. I don't know why one song worked OK and the other did not. I will go back and undo this mess and try again. On a related note, Cakewalk's Help Desk (if you can call it that) sent me a belated email a couple of weeks ago asking for more information about this problem. They wanted a copy of a project that had this problem. I found one and I sent it to them. They did whatever they did and sent me another email saying they couldn't re-create the problem but they said they would "be on the look out" for problems like this in the future. I will send them this update, though somehow I doubt they will find the source of the problem.
  19. John Vere What you describe is probably the source of the original problem. I am no longer working with Melodyne because I think Waves Ovox does a much better job of pitch correcting my vocals. But on that note, I am putting Waves Ovox in the audio effects bin. I'm not doing the Region FX with it. Is that wrong? It seems to be working for me. Thanks, Steve
  20. It looks like I solved the problem. I inserted a new Audio track, I copied the clip from the original track to the new track, and now I can work on it because that new track was not frozen.
  21. I have an audio track that I had frozen and I want to Unfreeze it to do some more work on it. When I hit unfreeze the track unfreezes, but the audio clip disappears. Before I froze the track I added Melodyne to the Audio FX and I processed the vocals with it. I froze the track and then I removed Melodyne from the FX bin. I can't hit Undo because that was months ago and I have closed and re-opened the file. I tried re-adding Melodyne to the FX bin and I transferred the audio back to Melodyne but when I click Unfreeze the clip still disappears. So it looks like the clip is "hosed" but I wonder is there a workaround. Can I bounce the sound to a new audio track that is not frozen and work on it there?
  22. I did some more testing and found that if I moved the silent note up or down it sounded, but at that position no sound. Then I played some more and found that the note before it overlapped the 1/8 note boundary by a few ticks. If I moved the previous note back a few ticks or shortened its duration then the silent note sounded. So the note overlapped it and caused it to be silent. Is that the correct behavior for Cakewalk? I did one more test. Its output was assigned to the SI-Bass synth. So I switched to the Cakewalk TTS synth and it sounded when overlapped. It appears the glitch may be in the SI-Bass synth. Very quirky.
  23. I have a line I'm working on in Piano Roll View (shown below). Of the 8 white notes below the 2 that I highlighted in red are silent. I checked the event list and I don't see anything special about them. I double clicked on of them and it shows a velocity of 117 like the others. What else could I check to solve this mystery?
  24. It looks like YouTube has blocked all of my videos in their search results. Yesterday when I entered 'Kill the fly' in YouTube search my music video 'Kill the fly' was number 3 in the search. Today it's not in the search even if I scroll down page after page. I think it's because of this copyright claim, but that is on a different video and it's a false claim. I've heard of people getting stuck in this YouTube death trap and it looks like it's happened to me. They also make it almost impossible to contact someone on their team. That would cut into their profits. Edit: Hold the phone. I searched for some more of my music videos and some of them are still in the results, including the song that raised the copyright objection. Maybe PETA filed a complaint about cruelty to animals. It gives new meaning to the phrase "wouldn't hurt a fly". And if you search with Kill The Fly plus my band name it appears. I guess I'm just paranoid. Maybe it was only number 3 in my search yesterday for some reason.
  25. Do you know how the category 'Ad Revenue' works (in the Help page I posted)? It looks like it is a separate category in that list.
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