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  1. Great songs. I like them better than most of what I hear on the radio today. And they are very professional sounding productions from the guitars to the vocals. I was thinking about posting one of mine here, but not now. Mine are amateur hour by comparison. If you guys aren't rich what chance do the rest of us have?
  2. I checked out the VocalSync tool. It's a neat idea, but what I need is something that would sync my Audio track to a Midi track as the guide to keep my vocals better in time with the music. Is there an effect for that? That would require a lot of magic.
  3. Lord Tim Thanks for all that work. I just tried doing it with a Region FX and it's not too complicated, but there is one thing it makes more difficult in the way I work. I have a Midi vocal guide track that I create while I'm writing the song. That's how I roll. I compare that to the Melodyne blobs and I fix my bad singing. Even after doing the Correct Pitch macro, I'm sometimes off by 1 or more semitones. Doing it the Region FX way I don't see how to display the piano roll side by side with the Melodyne editor. Maybe if I undock them? On the plus sound, it looks like the Region FX method may actually produce a better pitch correction than what I was getting the other way, so it's worth the extra effort. Bonus question: Under Region FX there is a choice for Vocal Sync. Can you tell me if I have that and what it's for? If not, I can look it up.
  4. Lord Tim I have been doing Melodyne in the Effects rack and it seems to work. I'd rather not add a whole 'nother layer of complexity to this. A - What will be the problem using it in the Effects rack? B - If I go the Regional Effects route I'm still unsure of the sequence of steps: 1 - Apply other effects to the audio track (or does Freeze track do that) 2 - Freeze the track 3 - Make a duplicate of the track (with events) 4 - Freeze that backup track (necessary?) 5 - Archive that backup track 6 - Unfreeze the original track 7 - Create a Melodyne region 8 - Do the Melodyne steps 9 - Freeze that track
  5. John Vere I had seen that Regional Effect before, but I don't know how to work that way. I understand the Effect rack and I found it easier to go with that. Will it be easier if I treat Melodyne as a Regional Effect? Melodyne seems to work correctly in the Effect rack.
  6. Lord Tim That may be my problem I recorded the new vocals while the track was frozen. I still don't understand the mono/stereo situation. When I add an audio track it doesn't ask me if I want stereo or mono. When I look at the new audio track it looks like mono because it has only one squiggly line in the track icon. But in my screenshot the track has two squiggly lines like stereo. I just tested Freeze and that seems to be when it happens. If I have a Pan dial I don't see how that would work unless it is stereo. Can you explain the stereo/mono on an audio track? I can try to find it in the documentation, if necessary.
  7. In the screenshot below I have a section (Pre-Chorus) recorded in stereo and another (Chorus) recorded in mono (I think). I recorded the Pre-Chorus last week and I went in today to redo the Chorus. I did not intend to change from stereo to mono. Actually, I thought it was a mono track. I may know the cause and the solution, but I'll post this anyway to see what the experts say. I added 3 Audio FX to the track last week (Melodyne, Modulator, and Reverb). Then I froze the tracks. Does one of those effects cause the mono track to become stereo when you freeze it? The stereo sounds much better. My voice almost sounds decent. I want to get that effect again in the Chorus. I'm going to proceed with applying the effects and freezing the track again after I finish cleaning up the vocals.
  8. I found the answer. Do you see it? The Vocoder effect is shaded in my screenshot. I had the Effect Rack in Bypass mode. I didn't even know that was a "thing" or that I had that turned on. I turned off the Bypass and now the vocoder works. Mystery solved.
  9. I'm trying to do this today, and I'm not getting a sound when I press Play. I added the Tal Vocoder VST in the Audio track (image below). I clicked Enable Midi Input. I put notes into a Midi track and selected the Tal Vocoder as the Midi output. I press play and I hear nothing. I can hear the Audio track, but not the Midi track. Do you know what I am missing to get this to work?
  10. I just thought of one other solution, for those like me who have Melodyne. Melodyne has Note Leveling which allows you to adjust the volume of notes up or down. I will try that, too, the next time I have soft vocals.
  11. I've been creating MP3s from my finished songs in Cakewalk using File > Export > Audio. That seems to be the intended method. That seems odd to me. I have to go in and select audio tracks to export or it says I haven't selected any audio to export. It seems to me that the whole point of using the Console to set up the output (Master) bus is to use that mix for the final product. Isn't there some way to save/export from the Master bus to an MP3? What if I don't pick the correct audio to export? What should I select to export, if that is the only option?
  12. I found the answer to this question. I processed those clips with Melodyne and I forgot to turn it off. So it was still playing the Melodyne version that did not get transposed.
  13. I was working on some vocals today and some of the notes were too high for me to sing. So I transposed the tracks down 5 half steps. I went ahead and transposed the audio tracks to see what they would sound like, although I expected I would need to re-record them. I was blown away. My rather thin vocals sounded beefy when I transposed them down. It reminded me a bit of an Ovox commercial I saw. I was trying to get a ZZ Top feel to this song so the gravelly vocals are perfect. I'm going to do this some more when the song is right. The problem is the two clips highlighted in the screenshot below did not transpose. I tried a second time to transpose just those tracks and the same thing happened. Do you know why some audio clips might not transpose?
  14. Thanks for those tips. I'll give them a try next time I'm faced with soft vocals.
  15. I did some reading in the on volume envelopes in the Cakewalk manual. It appears that volume envelopes are something you can create in an Automation Lane. I tried to do this for the clip in question (see screenshot below). I tried to do this so that that Volume is increased to its maximum during this clip. It looks like 6 db is the maximum that you can increase the volume. That doesn't seem like much of an increase, but it is noticeable when I replay the clip now. Am I on the right track? Is that the most that I can increase the volume for this clip? I guess an alternative would be to decrease the volume on all tracks and then pump up the quiet sections to 6 db, if necessary.
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