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  1. The way you lay it out is correct. I was able to make that happen correctly by adding the hyphen in the Lyrics view, but it doesn't work for me in the Staff view.
  2. Promidi If you're still around, I'm having this problem and I think I tried to do what you said, which is what I read in the Cakewalk documentation. I double click the word "excite" and put a hyphen in it as "ex-cite" but the words/syllables don't shift over one note. Can you or anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Never mind. I just went to the Lyrics view, and made the edit there. The the correct placement appeared in the Staff view. I can work that way.
  3. User 905133 Thanks. That worked. I was trying to print from the main menu. It works from the Staff View menu. I just printed my first sheet music of original composition. Now I've got a lot of work to edit it and make it sound better.
  4. Interesting. Thanks for quick reply. I know Cakewalk wants me to update and sometimes that causes a problem. I'm going to update and see if that fixes it. Done. No joy. I updated and it still doesn't let me Print Preview. Can you detail a little more how you tested and it worked?
  5. I have a song displaying notes in Staff view. I want to print it to a PDF file. I found these instructions in the Cakewalk documentation. To print a score 1. Make sure the Staff view is the current window. 2. Choose File > Print Preview. 3. If you want, click Zoom, or click in the music, to zoom the view in and out. 4. Click the Configure button to select a rastral size. 5. When zoomed out, you can press PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN to navigate between pages. 6. Click Print. I think I have the Staff view as the current window because I just selected View -> Staff and it appears, but when I go to step 2 Print Preview is disabled. Does anyone know why I can't Print Prveiw?
  6. My new album is up on YouTube. You can listen for free. I'm very pleased with it, but it will probably be my last. I've made 3 in the last years and a half. They are too much work for no money, but I do enjoy listening to them. I remember Stevie Nicks was asked why she doesn't want to make a new album with Fleetwood Mac a few years ago. She basically said "I don't want to spend 6 months in the studio having arguments with other band members to make an album that no one will buy." If Fleetwood Mac can't sell an album with their fan base, what chance to new musicians have? The One After Abbey Road
  7. Those are both good answers. The 2 bus solution from Hidden Symmetry was what I needed because I decided to fade out the Bongos track after the others had faded. It worked like a charm. Thanks.
  8. In the example below I want to keep one track labeled Bongos audible while everything else fades away. I tried doing the volume track in the Master to bring down all the tracks but kept the volume for the Bongos up. As you might expect the Master overrides the Bongos volume and everything fades out. I know I could go into all the all tracks and fade them while the Bongos stay up, but that's a lot more work. Is there an easier way to do that?
  9. I was playing back a song I created in Cakewalk and I heard an electronic click sporadically in the playback. I experimented with soloing the tracks until I found the track causing the click noise. It was the bass track which is assigned to the free SI-Electric Bass virtual instrument that comes with Cakewalk. I experimented and found that the click is being caused because I created the notes to fill each eighth note division and there was no "breath" or space in between the notes. I found that if I reduce the length of the notes by a small amount the click goes away. I can live with that solution but I wonder if anyone knows of another way to eliminate this problem. Maybe there is some setting in the virtual instrument that I can change.
  10. DallasSteve

    Pump Up The Volume

    Is there a way to increase the volume of a MIDI track beyond 1 - raise the Volume slider to 127 and 2 - add a volume envelope (which I think does the same thing)? Many times I want one track to be much louder and the only solution I know is to raise the Volume slider to 127 and then reduce volume in all the other tracks. It seems like 127 is a rather timid volume level. Maybe I'll change my standard project template to start with all tracks at about 70 and my vocal guide track at 100, which is the track I usually want to raise a lot, but not always.
  11. Thanks. I'll work with wired headphones when I need them.
  12. scook Thanks for the reply. I think I just found the problem. I realized one thing I am doing different is I am using bluetooth headphones this morning. So I turned them off. It sounds like that solved the problem. Now when I press a key on the MIDI keyboard I get the normal prompt sound response. But that leaves me puzzled why the playback in Cakewalk sounds normal in the bluetooth headphones, but the keyboard notes have a delay. If anyone has a thought on that, I'd be interested. If anyone knows how to get the delay out of the bluetooth headphones that would be helpful, too. It's nice to work with them, but I can work with speakers or wired headphones to continue with my project.
  13. I have a MIDI keyboard I have been using successfully to enter notes in Cakewalk for over a year. This morning when I press a key there is a delay of about 1/4 second from when I press a key to when I hear a sound. I didn't change any settings in Cakewalk or my computer. Cakewalk playback of previous work sounds normal. Steps I have taken so far. I closed and re-started Cakewalk. I re-started my PC and almost nothing else is running to slow down the processor. I ran the Wave Profiler button shown below. I don't seem to be able to change the Mixing Latency settings in the screenshot below. I also did a Google search and a search of posts here. What I found said to try adjusting latency, but I can't adjust it on this screen below. Is there another way to adjust it? Can you suggest any other steps I could take to fix this problem?
  14. If anyone is following this, I was able to create the automation process that I wanted, but it was a 10 hour project mixing together a C# program and a couple of CAL scripts. I was able to load the Markers shown in the timeline below from a simple text file and then update the notes to match the chord changes in the piano roll below. Now this is not a complete music production process. As I write a song I will modify the chord and bass rhythms and then re-run the chord change portion to quickly apply the changes. This is what I wanted to remove a lot of the tedium and modification errors that I always faced when doing it manually.
  15. Thanks for that link. That's an interesting possibility. I also opened a CAL file in Notepad and I can almost understand what they are doing just by browsing it. It is an uncompiled text file that is human friendly. I found the CAL programming guide at this website: https://www.academia.edu/ I will look into what I can do with that and I may try to open a MIDI file with MIDICSV and see what that looks like.
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