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  1. Promidi Thanks. That helped. However, when I clicked on the track number it was still just selecting the notes in the green range. But if I Select All first, which selects all notes, all tracks, and then click the track number, that seems to give me what I need.
  2. There is a green/gray selection bar that appears in the track timeline from time to time when I do something. I don't know what it is and I don't want it, at least not right now. I wish it would only appear if I take some explicit action to set it. It's interfering with my attempts to transpose an entire track. It will only transpose that part of the track. Plus, it looks like a second sub-section of track 5 is being selected, and I don't know what that means. Can somebody explain what's going on with the selections and how I can make it go away or at least tell me a way to select all notes in the track to transpose them?
  3. I hit some key combination and it collapsed my control bar at the top of my screen. I've searched high and low and can't find the command to restore the view in the second screen shot. Can you tell me the secret?
  4. Strange. I went back and viewed the Event list again. I didn't see or do anything. I closed the Event List and when I pressed play the Bass track is playing now. But it's playing with a piano sound, not the selected bass patch 34 that I picked. Any ideas why it was silent and why it came back?
  5. Another day, another Cakewalk mystery. I am working on a song and I was editing my bass track in the piano roll view. Then when I went back to play my changes that track is silent. (screenshots below) It's not muted. The volume is up for the track. I looked at the events list and all I saw besides notes in that track was a Shape event. I'm not sure what that is, but I deleted it and still no sound. The other tracks play with sound when I press Play. Can you help me solve this mystery?
  6. I found the below link that describes the driver modes. It says, in part, "Exclusive mode provides low latency audio and direct access to the audio driver, bypassing the Windows audio engine. The disadvantage is that only one application can access the driver in Exclusive mode." So I guess exclusive mode would be better for performance reasons. I think this closes my issues on this thread. https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR&language=3&help=AudioPerformance.29.html
  7. One more note on this. I switched the setting back to WASAPI Shared and I did a new recording test. It sounds normal as well. So I don't know what solved the problem, but now it appears that I can make microphone recordings on the audio track.
  8. I decided to experiment with other settings in the Preferences -> Audio screen. I set the driver to WASAPI Exclusive and tested the microphone again. This time the recording sounds normal. Can anyone explain WASAPI Exclusive vs. WASAPI Exclusive and the other Driver modes? I will use that setting for now unless someone has a better solution.
  9. I was able to find the level control in Windows Sound Settings, Input devices. Now the recording in Cakewalk is quieter, but its very distorted. It sounds like an alien voice talking. Any ideas what is happening and how to fix it?
  10. I solved the initial problem. I found the page below that said if I'm using a USB microphone I need to set the driver to WASAPI Shared. After doing this I was able to hear my voice in the microphone. The input level is way too loud. I will study how to adjust that next. If anyone knows the answer, that would be helpful. https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034700933-Connect-a-USB-Microphone
  11. I have a USB microphone connected to my computer and when I open a project in Cakewalk and create an audio track it does not pick up sound from the microphone. I checked in Windows 10 and I can see the volume meter moves when I talk into the microphone. But when I arm my audio track to record and press record it records nothing. I don't see any green flashes in the volume meter for the audio track. I selected Stereo Realtek ASIO HD Audio Input as the input for the audio track. What else do I need to do?
  12. scook That worked. I searched the documentation for 'clip names', found the instructions, and the clip names disappeared. Thanks, Steve
  13. Can someone tell me what they call the labels I circled in red? I tried looking in the Cakewalk reference but I haven't found them. I want to know how to remove them and to not have any more appear. You may ask, 'Why did you add them in the first place?' but I didn't. I imported a Midi file and that's the way the tracks appeared. It doesn't matter much because I'm not going to use those tracks in the final song. I may just delete the tracks in the near future to clean up the project. Also, I circled another label in yellow. When I record a new clip in a song it usually labels it something like Record 5. The one in yellow says "34 11". What does that mean? Is there a way to suppress those labels (but for now they don't bother me".
  14. Well, it's working again. I deleted the TTS-1 and I then re-added it to the project and when I set the instruments to the new instance of TTS-1 it plays when I touch the keys on my controller. I don't know why it's not working sometimes, but I guess the solution still is to remove it and re-add it.
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