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  1. I listened to it a few days ago but I have obviously been tardy in responding to a number of the songs to which I have listened. Since I posted a song tonight, I also caught up in my responses.
  2. I hope this posting finds everyone healthy adjusting to our current circumstances. Here is a silly little song that hopefully might bring a little smile. It is a follow up to the a song down on my SoundClick song list somewhere simply called "Mangrove Sally". It is indeed a silly little love song in an unusual way. It is a bit raw, rough, and raunchy intentionally (I like it like that). However, for problems that stand out annoyingly so and others that cry out to be fixed (there will probably be more that a few), I would very much appreciate your input. Thanks!! Please be smart and stay safe. MANGROVE SALLY IN THE CITY https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandid=963481
  3. Wow, you really have done a stellar job on this song Lynn. You have honed you skills on orchestration and in mixing - for sure. I agree with the comments above that your vocals and harmony sound great. What captured me about this song are the lyrics and sentiments expressed in them. The melody and instrumentation certainly complement the lyrics and add to the sentiment. Excellent work my friend!!!
  4. freddy j

    Make me Smile

    Absoflippinlutely brilliant. Video and audio are excellent. My preference in music is more rough and ready - kind of raunchy old style rock 'n roll-ish. However, the act of listening to and watching what you have been posting has certainly won me over to a more pop and professional style. If fact, I might even say (no I will say), that I really do like what you have been posting. This might be a period of enlightenment and growth for me (a hard thing for an old man)! On a more serious note --- you really have been putting out some excellent material. I do hope that you album does well. I don't see how it could not.
  5. freddy j


    I haven't found myself disagreeing with you before but on this song I will. It certainly is not crap -nor did it turn into crap overnight. I don't know diddly about synths and the associated equipment but I do know that I enjoyed listening to this number. I am not one who suitably appreciates over produced songs but this one sounded just right. Well done pal!
  6. You express a great sentiment in this song. Actually your vocals sound great to me because in a quiet way (perfect for the lyrics and melody) you express some good emotion. On my headphones the instrumentation panned R sounded a wee bit strong --- but --- then again, it could be my equipment. Excellent work!!!
  7. Another stellar number Bats!! Low end -- High end -- you make it all sound great!!!
  8. This is a fun song. The mix sounds great to me and you given a stellar performance. I too went and got Studio One but I am back using CbB and loving it. Well done on the song.
  9. One of my favourite Beatles song. Excellent job. Good vocals and I love the sound of that guitar panned hard right.
  10. Absoflippinlutely brilliant. The lyrics are creative, clever, and humourous. The music is well done and sets up an emotional stage for the lyrics. The video is perfect! Comedic satire is a great way to introduce thought in a clever way. My grandma (in her tactful way) used to say that tact is the art of giving others your way. Sometimes tact must be abandoned to make a point. The point is well made in this piece. The pandemic is a threat to human life and the economic situation will not improve until this threat is removed. We most definitely are all in this together. "Ignorance is unfortunate --- Willful ignorance is unforgivable"
  11. What an absolute treat to watch!!! The video was the coolest, the music absolutely complemented the video and the humour was appreciated. How in the world did you manage to obtain such a diversity of images? Your piano playing was excellent and the other associated sounds were perfect. Even my abject fear of dentist would not stop me from watching this. I love that chord pattern by the guitar near the end --- so, please don't turn down the guitar. Excellent stuff pal!!
  12. Well, If they played music like this at a bus stop then I wouldn't mind waiting! For a simple song it has some complexity and variety to it. It is an interesting piece and has your signature on it. I agree with Lynn (above). I'm a sucker for reverb and I liked your use of it in this number. Oh ya, very cool bass sounds on this. Nice one!!!
  13. freddy j

    Watching the Black

    Wookiee speaks (!) ---- or ----- sings and doggone good it is. Let's have some more of that. This also strikes me as a Pink Floyd sounding song. Psychedelic, a bit dark, and yes , experimental. I think that this song really demonstrates your ability to reach into new areas and come up with some great music. Nice one!!!!
  14. A wee touch of the Stax Studio on steroids. Great sounding stuff and incredible playing, arranging, etc.!!!
  15. Absoflippinlutely fantastic. Great work y'all!
  16. freddy j

    Corona Corona

    Thank you Douglas! I must admit that I have a great deal of respect for these everyday heroes. I have a few friends that are doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, paramedics, etc., etc. I don't know how they manage their work and their lives during a calamity such as the current pandemic. Hi tom. Thanks for the kind words pal! Some of my YouTube stuff is --- shall we say --- primitive but I have fun doing it. Hey Makke. Thank you very much for the kind words. I really appreciate the determination and bravery of these folks and I just had to do something to express that appreciation. God bless the essential workers indeed! Thanks very much for listening and thanks for the encouragement Paul! Thanks very much Tom. I certainly agree with you concerning a pay boost. Maybe a hazardous duty pay increase?
  17. freddy j

    The Visitor

    Very good piece indeed! It has a very big, rich sound to it. It is probably the equipment on my side but I noticed a bit of stuttering through out the piece. Well done!
  18. Love that Bass. Excellent creation indeed.
  19. Beautiful song and well performed. Your vocals are excellent!
  20. I love parodies. Politicians and presidents certainly have been subjects of parodies for as long as I can remember. The first one I can remember as a wee bit of a kid was the teasing about Camelot and President Kennedy. I guess, if you are going to be a public personality, a thick skin should be a requirement. However, I must add that hateful rhetoric and intentional misdirection must be avoided. BTW (for what it's worth) I have 3 primary standards for judging those for whom I vote: 1) Character, 2) Policies, and 3) previous actions.
  21. Hi Bats. I tried the link a couple of times but got the error message that the track was not found. What a disappointment. I always enjoy and am impressed by your work. Guess I will just have to try again later.
  22. freddy j

    Corona Corona

    Hi Lynn. Thank you very much! It really was my intent in this song to put out my own thank you to all those (e.g., doctors, PA's, nurses, other healthcare workers, essential store workers, various volunteer effort, police, firefighters, public servants etc., etc.) that are on the front line. Oh ya --- and those that are staying at home trying not to spread this disease. I'm not on Facebook but my wife put it on her Facebook site and she has gotten some very nice comments in support of the front line workers. When this is all over, I hope that we don't forget these people who worked so hard to keep us safe and as comfortable as possible. Hi Bjorn. Thanks very much. My wife (see above) has received some very nice comments in support of the front line workers from people that have seen the video. Hi Max. Thank you for listening and commenting. Yes indeed --- "God bless the heroes...".
  23. freddy j

    Tuesday Morning

    This is a beautiful song Bjorn. For me - it took me into a very introspective place. You indeed have a talent for composing in a variety of styles.
  24. freddy j

    Falls of Thunder

    Beautiful song, great lyrics and performance. Well done!
  25. freddy j

    Stai Giù

    Indeed, welcome to the Forum. Great start to this song. I look forward to hearing your completed song.
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