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  1. I can’t get past the headstock. What was Leo thinking? I was looking for one with a CBS Strat headstock and have come to the conclusion that I may have to build one.... I’ve been pretty much a Les Paul or Jackson player. Until three years ago when I broke down and got me a Strat. Now I’ve got three of the things. Even my wife has been questioning my Metalness.
  2. I have had Furman power conditioners in my guitar rig since the 80’s not even realizing they were a SF Bay Area Company back then, nor what the history was.
  3. Having been a young musician in the SF Bay Area, I got to see the likes of Sequential Circuits, Mesa Boogie, Dean Markley, and other companies go from small operations to large foot prints in the Bay. I stumbled across this while looking for some info on some old Furman Audio gear (PEQs and the sort). Made for an interesting read. http://www.furmanhistory.com
  4. There are some song that should stay in the garage.....
  5. Then there were whole albums that should have never seen the light of day or the dark if night.
  6. My mask for going out in public. No this isn’t a political statement. It’s a gastronomic statement!
  7. Craig, man you make it a hard to follow up since I already did the Mama’s & Papa’s Monday Monday....
  8. You sure it wasn’t the other way around?
  9. More like Cinderella. Cleaning up after them, feeding them, walking them..... you know the drill. But they make great studio dog.... and I do expect that my woman will take care of me and buy me a new guitar every year......
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