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  1. It is quite audible. This note is an accent on the upbeat. When not timed properly, you can hear a rush or a drag on that note. I have moved it 20+ times, trying to guess where it would end up. It is a standard audio track. The latency is set to 2048. The project is running 45% computer usage on the cakewalk meter. The before is zoomed in so you can see that the now time is exactly on the mark. The bounced is zoomed out, so you can see it is behind the original placement.
  2. I decided to go for it. I already had patchwork, so I got a nice discount. I did download the ASIO driver. It looks like it will be a challenge to get it working with another computer. Remote connecting would be my goal. rsinger, glad you actually got it running. Did you use it internally or LAN?
  3. It seems like this note is being pushed back a bit on bounce. How is this even possible?? I moved this thing 2dz times trying to get the timing correct. I finally figured out it is moved back on freezing the track
  4. Hey John, are you having good luck setting up and running connect?
  5. I have Definitely spent weeks and months on some mixes in cakewalk. I can promise you it had nothing to do with cakewalk lol!😀
  6. You think waves did some stupid stuff. Let’s sit back and see what happens with STG and avid lol. For now, I feel I have a safer more solid application than ProTools! Thank you bakers and sous-chefs.
  7. If waves didn’t have the : 64 bit vst2 mono version mono to stereo version stereo version 5.1 version 7.1 versions repeat with 64 bit vst3 I would probably could not qualify as a hoarder.
  8. I need a new computer, but just don't have the cash right now. I looked at my motherboard asustEK p8z68-v pro gen3. I have almost the fastest CPU it will take (i7 2600K) . I can't tell if a 3770 is faster?? ?Any helpful tips to overclock the i7 2600 CPU? I read they could be overclocked to 4.4? (This is an older Jim Roseberry computer) Should the graphics card be upgraded? Would I get any cakewalk performance improvements going from a GTX 650 to a GTX-1070 or even a lower priced card? This website says 495% better https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-650-Ti-vs-Nvidia-GTX-1070/2189vs3609 Is there a dual output version with HDMI? Current Motherboard options - https://www.userbenchmark.com/System/Asus-P8Z68-V-PRO-GEN3/2498 What do you think, am I wasting my time?
  9. I don’t like some of the stupid things they have done, but I’d have to say this is a killer price. There is no way you can come close to this set of plugins for anywhere close to twice this price.
  10. That bottom processor looked like an old FM receiver I used to have lol.
  11. “I get that all-too-common "underwater" effect” Do multiple passes with 2-3 db reduction each pass. This will lower the under water sound some. It makes for clearer tracks
  12. Yes, just google Elvis impersonators!! I have a friend William Styles that is a talented musician, and he does Elvis for a living. He didn’t need AI to do it either lol!
  13. I don’t know which 414 you have, but I have the AKG C414 XLII. It has 9 switchable patterns. Choose a pattern like cardioid. It will have some back rejection. If you are recording people talking the sure SM7b would be better. Either way, you could do some great cleanup with waves VX Clarity. It is super easy to use and will do an excellent job for you. Izotope RX is another choice. It works differently. It needs to sample the noise, then it can remove those sounds. If you sampled ac noise and the phone rang,you would need to then sample the phone ring. It does have an auto/generic setting, but waves will work better with speech than RX in auto mode. Since VX Clarity is semi AI based it would remove the phone, ac and background crowd noises in one pass. It “listens” as it works. You don’t even need the high end version. The $29 version works just fine.
  14. Looks like it is fixed! It is in the standard 3 bar menu on the top right.
  15. Ok, did anyone try the thing out?
  16. I guess I need to update and try it. I am certainly a plugin over user lol!
  17. I had a project that was just too big for my older computer to export. So I started to export buses, and I was going to do the final mix from the stems. I selected my groups - strings, woodwinds, brass, etc. I don't know why, but I selected my final bus as one of the stems. When I started listening to the stems, I saw the final bus stem. I clicked on it to listen and it was perfect. So what a bonus accidental find. Now I have a way to export larger projects without getting partial bounces and crashes. Export to sound card - I could only ever could get partial exports or crashes. I was never able to export the whole song this way. Export to Final Bus - worked like a charm. Ok, so now I am scratching my head wondering why and what is the difference. Both go to the sound card. Why would it be a difference between exporting to a bus that goes to the sound card or straight to the sound card?? I hope this can help others that have really large projects or older computers or both. (I just ran project scope to get some stats - 95 tracks 240 plugins, 24 soft synths [mostly frozen], 40 buses)
  18. X-EQ 2 does some nice stuff, but I don't think it can separate transient and tonal material and EQ them separately.
  19. Tried again. On phone Loaded chrome, logged in, rotated phone, requested desktop, refresh - Nothing different. It might be resetting itself to phone when you hit refresh??? I guess they will fix it. I do like the Unread Content.
  20. I switched to desktop mode in chrome, Firefox, and Safari. I still have the square box and no bell.
  21. Bobby is great. I went to a NAMN session with him. He knows his stuff. You can also learn from Neutron and other “Smart” tools by studying what they did.
  22. Thanks Jerry! I have always enjoyed your work. Max
  23. I wonder if the programmers have a list of non compatible plugins, or even questionable plugin list. That would be nice!
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