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  1. Great start to Christmas, mums broken leg in 2 places and im now a 24/7 carer. So probably last song for a fair few months
  2. Yes i just posted one 'Plugged in' i wrote one on piano and guitar, bit of both..
  3. Thanx and for the help with the LaunchKey 25 setup advice
  4. Amazing acoustic recording, so reminds me when i was young for some reason, very empathic. I love the recording its super good
  5. Nothing like a rock instrumental or guitar solo, awesome
  6. First time i used my LaunchKey 25 and i am impressed with its synth control function. Was a tad difficult to setup but great for subtle FX with automation on keys etc.
  7. Doesn't stop them creating a vocal strip. Iv'e heard the scheps omni channel is a good vocal strip, tempting at £29 from £150 but i shall make do with what i have
  8. One of my thought provoking sound tracks, i do like my solo at the end... only took me 2hrs to get it right haha
  9. Ive looked at that T-De_Esser a million times and even think i downloaded it, then noticed its in my plugin boutique downloads so i must have missed it and never actually downloaded it haha Does the Kilohearts gate have any close defaults presets to fine tune ?
  10. I don't own one of FF plugins, ive never been a plugin fan and tried to stick to craft with stock and free But then i consider some plugins are essential like good keys/synth plugin, i bought melodyne, Ozone 9 elements which i should upgrade to 10 advance but £265 English notes is steep when i could maybe spoend that type of money more wise with a few good plugins. I.E. Scheps Omni Channel is $29 from $150 which is tempting and great for vocals apparently. Everyone raves on about Decapitator which is £44 from £159. i always need maybe a good comp with side chain lol The thing i could maybe justify buying at the moment is some type of noise gate filter that gets rid of the odd acoustic buzz, its my playing fingers getting old and with a de-esser etc type plugin FabFilter pro bundle is £465 and the mix version not much cheaper too much for me to justify lol
  11. Even the digital ones have a mind of their own
  12. Most headphones have the low end frequency which go much lower than what we can hear, you are one in a million if you can hear 20hz. However speakers help us "feel" the low end and therefore why you should also test on a sub which can high light rumble but monitor's don't. Especially some jungle or drum n bass, EDM etc or big impact films scores. The big issues is, People often train themselves to have bad mixing and mastering habits, majority of the time has nothing to do the speakers or cans. The hardest thing to train is binaural, there’s no crosstalk between the left and the right, and as such you get a different perception of frequency, phase, and stereo position with headphones and speakers. Speakers are in front of you, and they’re directional, but they’re not laser-like, so sound waves from the left interact with the right and vice versa. So some frequencies can cancel out, others can get boosted, and so forth. This is why when people say you should only mix on monitors is because of the wives tails and myths in the industry. You must use both, there's no way round it for the best mix. Here's the bog problem if you choose one or the other “headphone mix” won’t translate onto speakers without testing. On the other hand, “speaker mixes” usually translate better to headphones but you still need to test headphones because you then start hearing sibilance and sonic. Tools that can simulate speakers on headphones all do some form of “binarual correction” still best to check on speakers and check on headphones given the goal of natural and accurate sounding music is really only attainable if the room you are mixing in has proper acoustics but some music sounds great mixed on headphone from a stage in front of a crowd haha all about training those ears so when you’ve got something that sounds good on BOTH headphones AND speakers your vibing
  13. All aboard the Spotify hYpe Train add to your list if you go running or MTB its gets you going https://open.spotify.com/track/43yxMWKmS8t1pOEkS8pKhz?si=ecec5a99cf24497a
  14. And why speakers are not good at exposing sonic details because of reflections when your never in the same place and then all of a sudden your mix falls to bits.
  15. Im glad your confident the monitors because it was not the traditional way to go about mixing on headphones until sometime like the MD7506s came along but hey are now the go-to tool for exposing sonic details which you can't do on monitors. The big problem is unnaturally wide stereo image of crossfeed between your left and right ears panning and why many now use high-quality open-back flat frequency response or train your ears for isolation. Conclusion you must use both
  16. Absolute steal on black friday $29 from 150 https://www.waves.com/plugins/scheps-omni-channel#presenting-scheps-omni-channel
  17. There's no substitute for good playing and recording, especially a good hook
  18. Probably don't need more than 10 and cakewalk stock is pretty good but i think they should update the stock
  19. It's funny you say MD7506s which is my trusted go to and they are the cheaper cans i have in that irony. I worked for ITV as i tech sound engineer and we all used the MD7506s and the old V6. I find they are easy to train your ears with Bass, Mid and Highs. However it is good to test bass on monitors like you would with any isolation cans but they do give good "neutral” bass response to get near as dammit. Its a fact, people generally really do have a different earing responses and range, some people are tone death, can't tune a instrument, can't separate sound, so you can't expect them to mix is the reality. Iv'e been to many of studios (i.e Abby rd) spoken to many a engineer and you will find many mix and master on cans, but test on monitors. The ones that mix and master on monitors still check everything on cans and end up making changes. Every engineers i worked with would say "does that sound right" haha
  20. If you could only have "ONE PLUGIN" which one? a extra plugin given cakewalk stock you already have. However i would be interested in a football stadium (Old Trafford) full of manu fans all farting at the same time and someone light a lighter to see what happens.
  21. Softtube do some cracking gear, but expensive
  22. Ozone 10 Advanced Crossgrade from any paid iZotope product (including Elements) from £471 to £265 but black friday could be cheaper. Stick on wish list and see if they tempt me lol
  23. The headphones these days have become a secret weapon of many mixing and mastering engineers. I find headphones are far better for the quality control and finding issues but test on monitors. Its fining that balance and the right monitors that your ears prefer. If someone can't get amazing results with AKG Pro Audio K371 5 Hz To 40 Khz they need to give up, well they need to give up if they can't even do it on a pair of Sony MDR-7506 haha
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