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  1. SAme here, the reason i posted it because i always mix on a old pair of Sony MDR 7506 with some studio beats and normal Bluetooth headset when i walk the dogs to test on, Bluetooth headset are the perfect test. My monitors and bass bin, i do a quick test depending on what music im doing... I know you can't here the cross over with headphones but you can tell if its a problem with headphones on to take them off and check
  2. I am sure he's talking about mixing drinks with airpods on 🤣 Zakk Cervini is probably one of the current top heavy rock and mental American record producer, vocal producer, songwriter, and go to mixing engineer for people like Limp Bizkit and Blink-182 with his roots in hardcore punk. I was listening to his interview that he mixers on cans and 70% time on AIRPODS becvu8ase of the clarify in the mid range. Appears more and more top producers and mixing engineers are using cans all the time and test on monitors, maybe because majority of people listen with headphones on phones
  3. Personal preference with Compressors, i don't use the SSL and i limit myself with cost every year but keep meaning to try it, i was tempted but there is so much name dropping with gear these days and i needed some hardware this year. I do like the CW Stock 76, 2A and the 4K which i use on certain tracks and buses but i use the Drawer 1973 on the mix bus with no gain reduction, like you say just touching with my vintage tube depending on style of track, i even used the CW boost11 with no reduction, it as a nice vibe like the Initial clipper with positive and negative saturation, that's a great free clipper what you don't clip to get texture out of it. I am old school, using the mvMeter2 even though i have levels, You lean and ozone 9 I run a mastering bus what i flick between from the mix bus output to check, its the way ive always done it, helps me produce and mix, not just master. Ive been using the RareSE which is free version of the Pultec EQP1A with the Sonitus Multiband haha which i find surprising good, i normally get better results with it, i think I'm just use to the stock or prefer the sound, i got so much i don't use. i like the Drawer 1973 to push or pump, i sometimes dabble with other comp, i ahev a few depending on low, mid or high end, sometimes i even put the Nova on for top end and always ozone 9 at the end to find tune eq and Multimaximizer. Still learning, depending on how complicated the mix is and sidechaining with patching etc
  4. Spot on Gary, professional mix and master, nice feeling to it, i don't ear any real problem with it. Personally, i feel people can be to ***** with mastering and when someone listens to it depending on what system they have for playback, they can also get it wrong. What are their EQ settings, are they on flat or their preference and on a monitor or cans etc Obviously, if you have a paying customers you want it to be pretty much on it. i running flat EQ and both cans and monitor De-Esser maybe a tiny bit more on the mix not master on the end of odd sentence i hear but i would automate some of those or cut them out, you can loose to much if you De-S everything or on master and its a fine line between having air and no life, your cymbals are not over sibilance on my system, just the odd vocal touch up but not bad, better than most. Iv' e been going to a studio quite a bit for some mix and mastering tips, freind is the same engineer for both. I did work for ITV yrs ago on pre and post production, so got to go to many a studio and live broadcasts, so i know how ***** some can be but how wrong they can get it. I sent my friend a "demo" he said the top end was tad to bright, yeh his EQ was was adding 3db for 7 to 20 KHZ. So it was only a demo and he was adding 3db haha probably because they mess with setting all the time and forget... He was on demo mix and was on about the 20the mix , i just thought that was crazy for a demo. He said, he's even done a mix what took nearly 100 mixes. I guess he enjoys mixing or gets paid by the hour, but that blow my mind. If i am not in the ball park after a few mixers, then i will never be. I never go over 10 is my rule and i normally do a master half way through as a demo for a marker because our ears can deceive us mixing to long or listening to same song to long. It's like the old analogue can sound different one day to the next but DSP is always the same so, look out from low end, mid and high which is normally caused in the mix, why i run off a master half way through. The God Particle sounds interesting, i got put off all the plugins, many seem to be quite a gimmick since i been testing demos against stock/. A compressors is a compressor as Scheps would say, you just want consistency which DPS is. i only use stock, the 76 is decent with good low end and PC-4K is great on the bus with good sidechain but can take some low end out but the Sonitus you keep the low. Iv'e match these against expensive plugin compressors and there really isn't any difference but i guess its personal preference and easy of use etc
  5. Sold His Neve and mixes totally in the box so was probably on his crossover to DSP
  6. Saying that, Andrew Scheps his quite heavy on the mix buss processing, he users about 10 plugins, then you have some engineers use compression etcon every single track to preserve dynamics and not do to much on the master mix bus. I guess system power as something to say. Iv'e always been reluctant to put too much on the mix-bus but Scheps got me thinking lol
  7. Cheers Tom, its been sent of to a lady that's doing the vocals, its something i wrote and produced. If she blows it out of the park we may do something but she is now wanting to do a EDM type track. I wanted her to do the verses with her personality and i join in the chorus, plans change
  8. thanx, its been sent of to a lady that's doing the vocals, its something i wrote and produced and didn't want to waste time on unless she blows it out of the park but she is also wanting to do a EDM type track
  9. Shxt is shxt, you polish and master shxt but its still shxt, gold can have shxt on it but its still gold they say..... Every time you add some processes (plugins) in mastering, the reality is each stage will add level, your stage gaining it louder at the end of the day, db here and a db there and you will squeeze out db by squashing the dynamics on the roof which can be over done if you don't get the mix right from experience. You don't want to be messing about reducing input gain or reducing output gain. Compare to the pre master, the master will always be lounder and our ears like lounder but it doesn't always mean the master is better. There is a metric AB plugin that you can compare pre master to master to match levels and quality, ive never used it but apparently all the pros use it, it is something i must try
  10. It's funny you say knock on heavens door, the chords are broken but the same type of progression in places. I never play covers and it wasn't until my friend said, after i wrote the second verse i noticed that's where the melody was starting to go. I am waiting for the Female vocalist to send over her vocal's to she what she does, iv'e been testing gear and updating templates etc, so didn't spend enough time on it.
  11. Its a demo for a lady singer, depending on her vocal will depend on what i do with it. I tend to no waste too much time unless i think its worth it. You can polish shxt but its still shxt, but gold is gold even with a bit of shxt on it...
  12. Just a quick one guys, i guess it's open to personal preference. I always mix down to a pre master ready or mastering with approx 6db head room. Iv' heard a few people leave the master mix bus clean and add their compression etc at the mastering stage. Personal i would say you want your mix pretty much sounding how it should be and mastering is the finishing touch with equalization, compression, limiting and stereo enhancement to get the overall sound. My personal preference is to use a Drawer 1973 neutral or soft (Air setting on or off) on the mix bus or maybe the 76 with couple db reduction. I may then stick a initial clipper on the end for a bit of glue with positive or negative saturation or the soft tube but that's about it on my mix bus until mastering. Whats people take on the mix bus?
  13. She works with a small studio that a woman (Sax Player) which runs it. She as access to a large studio with drums, and a selection of musicians, some coudl session for anyone but they constantly lack ideas. She lives out in the sticks in Cornwall about 1hr from me in Devon (Plymouth) The young vocalist only works with my friend thats shes trying to influence and my friend got a totally different vibe to me with music. So when i sent her the track she didn't know what to do and i was their to say anything, its not really my style but she wanted a vampire vibe and that's what i did for a quick demo whilst testing some gear out. The problem is i don't know her vibe, spoken to her today for first time and she wants to go more EDM with a twist so that will be my next track. I only have a small home studio (Few Guitars, bass and keys) with a vocal booth i built but not really had chance to test stuff because mum is in hospital, so been run off my feet, so bang those vocals out in 30mins and probably better than 70% i do in that irony. i mainly just write, produce, just get creative and have fun. You know what its like, a good tune is a gold, no matter if the mix and mastering only 5 out of 10 gold is gold even with shxt on it. However, you can polish shxt 10 out of 10 mix and mastering but its still shxt if you know what i mean, so i try not to waste too much time these days. Yes we learn from doing complicated scales or key changes, clever progressions or think your being clever with run downs etc but unless necessary they don't make a good song, its normally simple. Play the first few bars of Billy Jean and you just vibe, that's gold on a pot and pan .
  14. whoisp

    Indelible Stain

    As always very well written and i like the bit of nasty edge with that vibe. i feeling a bit of inxs and Duran Duran, don't take it the wrong way, i love their stuff. You voice is so good, when you let it belt out its got so much controlled character.
  15. whoisp


    Loving it Tim, we can only keep plugging away has we are always learning. In each song, try to learn something new is what i always do. Test something, like don't be scared to get that drum midi score open, and on that bass run down on each bass note hit a crash and a kick bang banb bang ... bbbang.. or on those big notes a big smash or little roll build up to that big note. Don't be scare to deleted 4 bars of drum or just take the kick and snare out but double up on cymbals or hihat, give it a try because it will then trigger you with more ideas, you will start to be more dynamic with the drums is what people are highlighting. Quantize is not always the best solution...
  16. Rebel XD – “Record Breaker (World's Fastest Rap)” doing 683 syllables in 54.5 seconds To be honest i can't tell what the words are
  17. Give it some C_verb haha the Chorus i went big on compression and verb about 30db and sunk back 24db in the verse so it open up in chorus. Just was testing a things. There is a female vocalist which with do the vocals and probably change the lyrics... However they like the chorus and might do a vocal collaboration, i just put the idea down for the vocalist to work with.... Funny thing is they had a copy without my vocal and did not listen to my vocal, so i didn't influence her writing. She actually had a different melody, very soft, sort of spoken with a bit more singing in chorus. She then listen to what i had in mind and now had a rethink. So i will see what happens. We are working at distance and i really need to get in the studio with her, she trying to hard to impress i think and over thinking. Sometimes it is so much better to be there and help
  18. Can't beat a nice riff or hook 👍🏼
  19. Make that a line for a song, it will work, chilli peppers make that work
  20. Black Eyed Peas 🤣 I'ma get get get get you drunk Get you love drunk off my hump My hump my hump my hump my hump my hump My hump my hump my hump my lovely little lumps."
  21. Yes, the drums was pure intent to be that way.
  22. I really had a scream in my vocal booth to really test it, this song was about testing, only spent a week on it, few hrs a day. I also had a play with XLN Audio addictive keys which i got free and its very good tone with lots of flexibility. First time i play my Jazz box for a couple of years, not really the right song for it, but it has a lovely tone.
  23. ‘We got this king size to ourselves Don’t have to share with no one else Don’t keep your secrets to yourself It’s karma sutra show and tell Woah, there’s loving in your eyes That pulls me closer It’s so subtle, I’m in trouble But I’d love to be in trouble with you’ Marvin Gaye’ the dirty dog lol
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