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  1. Info here: https://8dio.com/instrument/studio-piano-bundle/ Also, $48/$58 per piano: https://8dio.com/instrument-category/8dio-instruments-on-sale-vst-au-aax-kontakt-instrument-samples/?page-2
  2. Info is here: https://www.bestservice.com/ethera_gold_2_0.html
  3. Amicus717

    High Road

    Really enjoyed listening to this, Dan. It sounds really polished - nice writing, tightly recorded, mix sounds good to my ears. Holds interest all the way through, with lots of nice little details -- in particular, I really liked the ending, with the gradual emergence of the hand drums to close out the piece. Great. Rob
  4. I really need to pick up Omnisphere, one of these days. Those libraries sound good, Tapsa...
  5. I have both Vocalise libraries, and they are pretty nice. I use them both a moderate amount (I don't do as much hybrid cinematic music as I used to, otherwise I'd use the Vocalise libs all the time, as they are great for that sort of thing). I think they are pretty solid, and having both is nice. They cover the same ground, but with enough differences that they compliment each other well.
  6. I have had the same experience so far -- don't use the brass in any of the Albions that I own, and instead have a varied patchwork from other libraries in my orchestral template. In my case, a mixture of VSL brass, Hollywood Gold Brass, NI Symphony Series, Da Capo brass, and Adventure Brass (by Musical Sampling). I like having legatos on hand, so if Forzo has none, I'm not sure how useful I'd find it. I've heard nothing but good things about Cinematic Studio Brass, and that may be where I'll look next. And I think a few folks have praised Spitfire Studio Brass, as well. That's on my current Wishlist....I'll probably give Forzo a pass.
  7. That was my thought, as well. I love AlbionONE's strings (I use them in everything), but don't like the brass patches very much. Forzo might be a nice companion library...
  8. Forzo would interest me, also. I'm always looking for good brass libraries. I've got lots of strings libraries (and Novo sounds cold and clinical to my ears). But Forzo looks and sounds interesting...
  9. I experience this kind of slump on a regular basis. The one habit I developed that has helped somewhat -- I try and work really fast when creating the initial sketch or draft for one of my orchestral pieces. I try to unhook my self-critical faculties as much as I can, start with a simple idea, and just get to the end without second guessing or redoing anything, leaving all sorts of mistakes and crappy bits in my wake. But at least I get something tangible and finished. I find just getting something down and basically complete is often the biggest hurdle, even if it's mainly just a big mess. There are often enough good ideas that it can be salvaged, or at least some of its nice bits can be used to create other projects.
  10. Full price $298 (starting Feb 1st). Info here: https://8dio.com/instrument/century-ostinato-strings-2-for-kontakt-vst-au-aax-samples/
  11. Info here: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/?id=tr5sunsetsoundreverb
  12. At least this one is still in Kontakt. I genuinely like the Albion stuff (I own ONE and Loegria and use them both a lot), and this one certainly interests me. Based on the things I've read, I have no interest in buying a library that uses their own sample engine.
  13. Info here: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/albion-neo/ Also, some discounts available for owners of other Albion libraries: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/info/faq/albion-neo/
  14. Link above works, but clicking the "Get It Free" button leads to an error message...I bet their site is getting slammed...
  15. Hi folks, I use a Gigabyte X99 SLI motherboard with 8 RAM slots, and which is designed for quad channel memory operation. Right now, I have 4 of those slots filled, with 4 sticks of Corsair Dominator Platinum 4gb RAM (16 gb in total). A buddy of mine has passed along to me four Corsair Dominator 8gb memory sticks that he is no longer using, and I was going to swap them into my motherboard, bumping me to 32gb (a long awaited upgrade, as I could really use the extra RAM). So far, so good. I am wondering if it would be possible or wise to put the original 16gb of memory into the four remaining slots, and bring my total to 48gb of RAM. That would mean 4 sticks equaling 32gb memory in one set of slots, and 4 sticks equaling 16gb of memory in the other set, all operating in quad channel mode. Would this kind of asymmetrical installation work? Would it likely be prone to crashing or otherwise be unstable? I don't want to just give it a try, as this is my main audio PC and I don't like taking chances with it. I've heard that this kind of setup may be problematic, depending on motherboard, and I was curious if anyone has insight into the matter. Thanks, Rob Added note: both sets of RAM sticks have identical stats, aside from the memory size. Both are 2666mhz RAM with the same memory timings, etc.
  16. Amicus717

    Spitfire Albion

    Maybe Albion TWO?...
  17. I have both and use them regularly. For me, Epic World has more usable stuff than Desert Winds, but DW has some nice patches. The libraries are definitely meant to fill a pretty specific niche, and don't offer much outside of that niche. Basically, they are the kind of library that either you'll use a lot, or not at all.
  18. My dad had the pleasure of working with Ms. McMaster for a TV show about 15 years ago. Got to meet her. She's a lovely person, and an awesome performer.
  19. I’ll wait for the tube version of the rack spacer. This one sounds too cold and clinical.
  20. The walk-thrus and DAW casts are pretty good for this one, and worth watching. Sounds like a very nice library. I couldn't pass it up at $100 Cdn.
  21. Gotta admit, this one tempts me. I get the impression folks really like this library?...
  22. It has to be better than it's predecessor UVI World Traditions, which was so comically bad it was completely unuseable. I mean, 100% useless. I bought it on sale from one of the online discounters, and couldn't believe what I was hearing when I tried the samples: 2 second loop points that went full machine gun almost as soon as you pressed the key; odd patch names; and weird instrument classifications -- according to World Traditions, the alto sax was apparently an ethnic Balkan instrument. Bet you didn't know that. The library was so bad, it put me off UVI completely, and I've never spent a dime with them since. Admittedly, I have heard pretty good things about World Suite, but I'm not sure I really want to take a chance on it.
  23. That is very kind of you to say, Tom. Thanks a lot.
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