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  1. Phish was doing a concert in St Louis the other night, at the same time that the Blues were playing for the Stanley Cup in Boston. When the Blues won, Phish broke out into a rendition of the Blues official theme song "Gloria", to the delight of the St Louis fans in attendance.

    The power of hockey in a nutshell: you go to a Phish show, and a Laura Brannigan concert breaks out...That is not a sentence I ever imagined I would type...


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  2. 9 hours ago, Christian Jones said:

    How did that Onyx work for you? I never owned one but I followed for a while the nightmare w/ the drivers that a lot of people were having on Mackie's forum back then. I don't know the percentage of people who had issues vs those that didn't, but there seemed to be a quite a few. I did almost buy one of those Mackie Onyx mixers that had the interface built in. 

    It always worked really well for me. I liked using it, and the Firewire card functioned without any undue problems. I made a point of using a Firewire add-in card in my PC that featured a Texas Instruments chipset -- I recall that a lot of the issues surrounding the Mackie Firewire drivers related to chipsets from other manufacturers, which caused problems. A chipset from TI was the suggested solution, and it always worked for me.  I still have the mixer, as the preamps are perfectly useable, and it's a nice piece of gear, overall. 

  3. If we are listing our entire soundcard history, I better expand mine:

    Audigy 2

    M-Audio 2496 PCI

    Emu 1212M PCI - (was a huge step up from the M-Audio, especially in terms of converters -- first time I fired it up, the sounds coming from my monitors was a whole class of sound better, cleaner, more detailed, etc. Loved this card, although the drivers were twitchy)

    Mackie Onyx 1220 w/Firewire Card

    Roland V-Studio 700 (great control surface, great interface, if only it had been maintained with proper drivers and the integration with Sonar hadn't slowly died away)

    ESI Juli@ PCIe

    and now an RME Babyface - which I love, and has convinced me to stick with RME going forwards. Best interface I've ever used, with the best drivers...

  4. I picked it up today, couldn't resist (I picked up their string libraries during the last sale, and quite like them).

    This one is nice, but it's got a very specific sound for very specific uses. The demo tracks showcase all it's tricks, basically - no legato patches, and geared towards fanfares and action tracks.

    Sound is good, though, and the library is easy to use. Definitely worth $100 if you need that kind of energetic brass sound.

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  5. When I first realized I could do music on my computer, I was using an Creative Audigy2 (which I had added for gaming purposes), and stuck with it for a year or so as it could load Soundfonts, and I had a whole bunch of them.

    My first actual audio-specific soundcard was the M-Audio Audiophile 2496 PCI.  Great little card, sounded clean and was stable. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Matthew Sorrels said:

    Awesome!  Though now I'm confused as why I'm not seeing it.  That and getting an update for anything from 8Dio is slightly painful, wish they would change that.  Let us know when they publish the update and what we need to do to get it.

    Will do. And yeah, getting updates from 8Dio is surprisingly awkward. I didn't even realize they'd updated Anthology to 1.2 until you posted about it the other day. 

  7. "8Dio Anthology Ensemble - Empty" patch, with the Sustains or Legato articulation loaded up.

    When I got to the Section Mixer, I can't change which section is highlighted, and only the Violin's can have their pan setting changed. The pan slider works, and I can turn sections on or off. But I can't highlight the Cello section and change their pan setting, for example.

    This does work for me in Kontakt 5, but doesn't work in Kontakt 6. I'm using Anthology 1.2.2 also, although the same problem occurred for me in Anthology 1.0 



  8. Hi folks,

    Curious if anyone else can reproduce this problem: I noticed that in Kontakt 6, the Section Mixer for Anthology Strings no longer responds properly. It is not possible to select a section and adjust the pan. Only the Violins section is highlighted, and the other sections are not selectable. This is NOT a problem in Kontakt 5. I am using the latest update to Anthology Strings (1.2), but I suspect this is a problem with the previous version, too.

    Anyone else have this issue?



    6 hours ago, Matthew Sorrels said:

    I think they are only free if you own Anthology Strings and bought one of the four volumes (for $8 with a coupon you can get from 8dio).  I sent them a support ticket when the Violins came out, they sent me the coupon and I've gotten a coupon for each release to get it for free.  If you own Anthology Strings and want these send them a ticket, you should be able to get the entire collection for $8.

    But if you don't own Anthology Strings just the earlier Adagio products they are doing the $28 coupon, but that's for each volume (you should have gotten coupons for each one you own).

    Yes, it's crazy complicated.

    Actually, that is correct - I paid $8 for Violins via a coupon code, rather than $28. I had forgotten about that. I own the original Adagio and Anthology Strings, so I guess that's why. 

    To my ears these updated Adagio libraries sound a bit smoother and a bit cleaner than the Anthology Strings (although I think they are all based on the exact same sample set), and the Legato patches are really legato -- the slurs are prominent and dramatic, especially the Legato I articulation.

    I use the Anthology Strings legato patches on a daily basis as part of my template (I break them out by section using the section mixer in the GUI), and I see these Adagio updates as sort of a subtlety different color variation to Anthology -- which could be handy. 

    I'm not sure I'd pay $48 each for them, to be honest, but $8 for all four works just fine and I can see me slotting them into a project every now and then, when I need some seriously over-the-top string melodies. 

  10. 1 hour ago, TheSteven said:

    Got a 2nd email but mine aren't free (probably because I got them on sale?) but are available for $28.

    I bought the Violins for $28, and now I'm getting the rest for free. The emails for the free updates all say:

    "The recently reworked Adagio volumes include several new features and polished articulations, as you have already purchased the Violin update, the Violas, Cellos & Basses will be available to you for free!"

    Not sure if that was a one time thing or if folks can still get this particular deal...

  11. Just FYI: Folks who already own the original Adagio strings, and have paid for at least one of these upgraded versions should probably have a second email in their inbox offering them a personalized code to get the additional upgrades for free.  I paid for the first set (Violins), but the rest have all been free. I almost missed those emails when they came in, as they sent me both the $48 one and the free upgrade one. 

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