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  1. I am looking at this as a great way to get a start on the Strezov choir libraries. While I've heard a lot of good stuff about Strezov, so far I haven't really been star-struck by the few libraries I do have (original Storm Choir and Cornucopia Strings 2). Storm Choir is useful although I find it quite limited; and I never really liked Cornucopia Strings -- a bit too rustic and uneven for my tastes. But their newer stuff, like Wotan and Frejya sound really amazing in the demos, and reviews suggest they are top-notch. Choir Essentials seems like a pretty inexpensive way to find out.
  2. Info is here: https://soundiron.com/products/voice-of-wind-audrey
  3. From the site: "Carefully selected essentials from our choral collections featuring individual SATB sections, as well as full ensembles and a children choir with no compromises in dynamic range and modern sampling techniques. Brought to you using the free Kontakt Player." Info here - https://www.strezov-sampling.com/products/view/choir-essentials.html
  4. Worth noting, I have this library, and it's pretty good. Very simple and straightforward, but has a nice sound. Definitely geared towards cinematic use. Also important to note that "Soaring Strings" has only legatos and sustains, and is best used in tandem with their "Adventure Strings" library, which is (apparently) recorded with the same ensemble, in the same hall. "Adventure Strings" has sustains, no legatos, and all the other basic articulations (various shorts, marcatos, pizz, etc). Rob
  5. Available here: https://musicalsampling.com/
  6. I'm in. PM-ing you this very moment....
  7. Yep. I bought the full strings patch for Inspire 1, and now when I browse the site while logged in, it shows an additional discount on the price of the Inspire 1 library.
  8. Great! I've been thinking for a while that it might be worth cherry picking a few choice instruments from their stuff, rather then buy the massive libraries I really don't need. I have some gaps in my template I'd like to fill, and this might be a good way to start.
  9. The Sine player has made it possible to buy single instruments from the big packages, and I wonder if this voucher can be used in that fashion. Eg. on the Metropolis Ark 1 page, click on the "Instruments" tab: https://www.orchestraltools.com/store/collections/metropolis-ark-1 Nice, cheap way to try out an Orchestral Tools patch. I've never used any of their libraries before, but I've been eyeing their stuff for a while (because I totally need yet MORE trailer oriented epic orchestral libraries, of course!)....
  10. This is my goto reverb -- IMHO the best software 'verb in the business for orchestral music and similar. Open, clear, sweet-sounding, with lots of presets and really configurable. I paid full freight for it a few years ago, and I'd happily have paid double. For $29 bucks?....jeez...
  11. I have all these, plus Anthology Strings ( I think both are based on the same set of samples...?) I like the sound of them, although they are very dramatic and over-the-top -- almost schmaltzy -- with big, swooping legato transitions. I rarely used them at full modulation (frankly, I rarely go past halfway) and tone them down a smidge with eq so they fit in with my other template string libraries. I don't use the shorts (I don't really like the sound of them), and I rarely fire up the other articulations. I use them strictly for prominent (and overwrought) legato string lines.
  12. I have never user any of their drum libraries, but I have Musical Sampling's Soaring Strings, Adventure Strings and Adventure Brass, and I like them a lot. Nice libraries.
  13. "Voices of War - Men of the North" is a killer library -- if that sort of library suits the music you make. I use it all the time.
  14. These are good libraries, generally speaking. I've got three of the Synchronized Special Editions, and they see a lot of use. The woodwinds, in particular, are really nice.
  15. I had this deal sent to me via email by Steinberg, as I'm a Cubase user.
  16. Tutti looks more useful, from what I can see in the tutorials. Useful for my purposes, anyway. It seems less of a phrase library than an effects and textures library.
  17. Pretty nice little freebie, in fact. I'll be using this for hybrid stuff.
  18. Yep, just got mine literally about 10 seconds ago.
  19. It doesn't have a serial number, as I think its not intended for Kontakt Player. At least, my account doesn't show a serial number on the Sonokinetic site -- it says "N/A"
  20. I got it, loaded it up, but it only seems to be in Demo mode in Kontakt. Anyone else seeing that?
  21. And the site, so far, hasn't crashed out or become inaccessible....
  22. Yeah, that's kind of where I'm at with their stuff. There are times when it is exactly what you need to put a realistic final touch on an orchestral piece - and their libraries are gold when those moments come around. But mostly, they don't get used a lot.
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