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  1. I've just downloaded three plug-ins from the Native Instruments Solid State Mix Series and none of them has a functional Host Bypass button. It is greyed out. I have asked on the NI forum and no-one else seems to have this issue (but I don't think anyone who replied is using Cakewalk). So I wanted to ask if this is a known issue with NI plug-ins used within Cakewalk?
  2. Another ping to see if we can get a response from Mark or anyone else at Bandlab?
  3. I raised the issue of (lack of) mono inserts with Cakewalk back in the 'Gibson' days and after some initial denial, I did get acknowledgement of the issue and it was supposed to have been put on the 'to do list'. I did contact the Bandlab team and it is a known issue to them but so far I don't think there is a timeline for getting it fixed. I use a lot of mono analogue devices in my mixdown chain and having to write off every other A/D and D/A is not great. Hopefully we will get a fix commitment with timeline from Bandlab soon.
  4. Hi Like a lot of other folks, I am using the excellent AZ Controller plug-in to create a custom controller interface for Cakewalk. Could I ask Mark McLeod if he would be willing to add the track/buss FX 'Bypass Rack' pushbutton/function to the Cakewalk SDK please. It would be really useful to be able to control this function from an external hardware controller. Alexey is happy to add this function to the AZ Controller once he has access to it via the SDK. It would be great to hear back about this from Mark if he could respond please. Many thanks Robert
  5. I raised this in the Cakewalk Forum but it is really a question so ... I am using Cakewalk as a master to control my analogue tape machine which is connected as a slave to Cakewalk using MTC/SMPTE timecode. The tape machine correctly follows the project time in Cakewalk during normal PLAY mode (using what is called the chase mode) but there is a problem ... When I use the Cakewalk Fast Forward or Fast Rewind transport buttons, there is no MTC output from Cakewalk during operation of those transport buttons. This seems to mirror a problem with the main time display in Cakewalk ... If I am in PLAY mode (so the time display is counting up at normal play speed), then I press e.g. the 'fast' REWIND transport button, then the time cursor moves to the left (reflecting the REWIND command) but the time display keeps counting forwards at normal play speed and doesn't update until I release the REWIND button. So during REWIND (or FAST FORWARD) operation, the time display is incorrect and does not reflect the time cursor position (which is correct). This is messing up my sync control of the analogue tape machine so I need to find a solution. Explanations and solutions most welcome. Thanks Robert
  6. Let me try to explain again ... 1. Put Cakewalk into PLAY 2. Press and hold either Fast Forward or Fast Rewind transport buttons. 3. The NOW TIME continues to advance at normal play speed and does not reflect the position of the time cursor (but the cursor does correctly move according to the FF or REW buttons) OR 1. Put Cakewalk into STOP at any position on the project timeline. So the time display is stationary. 2. Press and hold either the Fast Forward or Fast Rewind transport buttons. 3. The NOW TIME does not change so it does not reflect the positon of the time cursor) Why is this?
  7. Does anyone know why the time display in Cakewalk does not update correctly during fast forward and fast rewind transport operations? This has an impact on the MIDI Timecode which Cakewalk generates during fast wind operations as it also does not update correctly. Is there any setting to change this?
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