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  1. Lotto fun ... and it's a no to the hole Steve
  2. Cheques in the post T ......
  3. Thanks for the compliment Steve
  4. I think that's a great idea ... I'll try that out and see if it makes a big change in the dynamics of the song. I sang this one with emotion as I thought it suited the feel ... I now feel I might have over cooked it. Thanks for the compliment m8 ATB Steve
  5. Thanks for taking the time to comment and I didn't notice the lyric was a little lost until you mentioned it, most probably because I wrote it a know the words .. so well spotted and thanks I'll have a go at bringing them forward as you suggested ... ( A good cry ain't bad for you even though we're blokes LOL ) ATB Steve
  6. Dope ..... Really love this ..and great work everyone !!
  7. Gonna buy me some ezkeys ...wow that piano playing is dope ... good stuff John Steve
  8. Nice interaction between the bass synth and the orchestral pads ... and ends with a musical question .. if you get my meaning ..always find your compositions interesting ..I liked this one David. ATB Steve
  9. Disturbing image but this one is up there with Picasso ... great mix ..
  10. Harmony vox too high... guitar has nice sound V2
  11. Shame 'cause it's really the kind of vibe I like ... could be a great track and sounds more like a 60s production made on tape ..

    Moby Lurks

    Thanks M8 ...if not for you and after all these years of frustration listing to 4/4 I would be held under for EVER ... cleared my mind .... and breath 😤 Steve
  13. Great Video .. vocal a bit flat in my opinion
  14. Hi Rex, been listening to you work for some time now and this is a break away from your usual format ..and it's bloody good, you have enough advice drum wise and as a vocalist first myself, I would ask you to up your game on the chorus line ... apart from the ending vocal which is a great message to the loved one. looking forward to you finished upload Steve
  15. Just to add my bit and having spent soo much dosh on open back and closed .. For me Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 250 Ohm Over-Ear Studio Headphones are the most comfortable .. but make my ears hot when mixing down or doing several takes over a day of work ... I have a set of AudioTechnica AT45s which I like but it's all down to preference ..it really is the hardest thing/tool to buy .. honestly go into your shop of choice and don't get bullied into the expensive stuff and try different cans out with the input here as a guide ... I have 12 sets of cans and they're all good but have drawbacks of one thing or another ... my DT770's failed on the left capsule twice and they are expensive ! ....just saying is all Happy shopping SupaReels

    Never new mix

    A N D Great Lyrics ... thanks

    Never new mix

    Really liking this one, the mix sounds great .. I wish you would post the words ... but .. ATB Steve

    third rail

    Ain't that the truth it's hard now to listen to original work ... such as your good self puts out ... 🌼

    third rail

    Thing is about gospel it's better when your walking down a street .... and you hear the voice of someone, alone, singing a very serious message from the heart... it's in that moment you realise that something is missing in us all ... and stop to listen ....any vocalist that can do that has my vote. Thanks Jesse excellent message well sang ... I never get you, it's true .. but over the years of listening to your work .... in a way I kinda do 🤝

    That Thing

    Been listening to your stuff Kev and this right up there ...I think the old guitar playing is spot on, vox is great and can say nothing about this mix as it has everything it should have ... great work and as Tom says 'Very much enjoyed' ATB Steve ( Hold me down is still my fave though ..LOL )

    Kontakt S88 Control

    Has anyone used the S88 keyboard as a controller for Cake ?
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