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  1. Back from dentist and it's now authorised! 👍 Not sure what I did but somewhere between logging into CS, Product Mgr and AT5 it then authorised. The only way I can see to only see the presets you own are from the folder view, then select whichever version you own. I am only seeing 20 presets that way though. Can't be right. MAX is only showing 30! All presets comes up as 2275!!
  2. No 🙄 Now I have a dentist's appointment! Bad timing or what 😱
  3. Ok 👍 That's me rushing and answering before I have read something properly, lol.
  4. Also showing AT5SE and AT5 in my account! Yay! Not sure why I got AT5 SE for free - maybe because I have an AXE IO or TS2 MAX? I bought the AXE IO 18 months ago though. Downloading AT5 is 2.4Gb btw. Why does CS 2 need a reboot?
  5. Version 6.1.1 is now available on Native Access.
  6. Aha! Been waiting for this and thanks for confirming that Post Rock is included. Cheers Larry 👍 If I remember in previous years us UK folk got our emails later.
  7. ZincT

    Klevgrand Pipa

    The demo sounds really good for 24 bucks! Plus it has a patch called Bapd! 😎
  8. Cheers Larry! Viper looks interesting and they also have a few soundbanks for other synths. P.S. you have an extra "." at the end of your URL which stops it working.
  9. ZincT

    Klevgrand Pipa

    Very! Trying the demo.
  10. ZincT

    Any Sonnox Deals?

    Thanks Larry. It will give me time to try the demo and see if it's worth it.
  11. Very tempted but JRR still haven't resolved my non-working Iris 2 license. I will be chasing them up again. Although I now have a free copy of Iris 2 from PluginBoutique the point is that the copy I paid for from JRR no longer validates with iZotope. iZotope says it looks like a Hal Leonard serial that was refunded/returned and JRR say they are awaiting a response from Hal Leonard. It all seems a bit dodgy to me so I am not keen on dealing with JRR until it is resolved satisfactorily.
  12. ZincT

    Any Sonnox Deals?

    Yes I have Vitamin and use it quite a bit.
  13. ZincT

    Any Sonnox Deals?

    Thanks Zo. I can wait; spent way too much anyway this year. Just noticed that they have a 15 day demo which I will try in the meantime.
  14. ZincT

    Any Sonnox Deals?

    I just discovered Sonnox Oxford Inflator and was wondering if they have any Christmas sales. I did a search and found that I missed their BF sales in November Larry, do you know if they usually have any other deals or is that it for the year? Also wondered if anyone who owns it has any opinions on it? Thanks
  15. Yes, I just had that and got slightly worried. I think they had an outage last week also! Wonder if it's UK only?
  16. ZincT

    Hitfilm Pro 16 FREE!

    Right on schedule I just had the renewal email from FX home to add 1 years updates for $69. Still contemplating it.
  17. Between Aidan and Lawajava you did me up like a kipper 😄 Time for some 80s fun!
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