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  1. Very cool device. 👍
  2. That's the problem with games nowadays; they take up Epic amounts of disk space!
  3. Same for me (also have everything bundle). I reported this issue on the KVR forum and Bulent has replied already...
  4. GeoTenorSax is $2.99 right now until Dec 24th. To get it open GeoShred and go into the GeoShred store to purchase it. Sounds brilliant and is normally $14.99.
  5. ZincT

    Arturia Xmas Gift

    Sounds really nice too Yup, I make that two Xmas gifts
  6. ZincT

    Arturia Xmas Gift

    Also Analog Lab V update for anyone who doesn't have collection 🎅🏻 Note the last bullet point, yay! Also, all of my banks are now showing up 👍 Analog Lab V 5.0.0 hotfix Improvements: Added Factory and Laboratory keyboards to the list of MIDI Controllers Bug fixes: Fixed font issues when using a case sensitive operating system Fixed crash when browsing presets from the "saved presets" category Fixed crash when loading a preset from the Synthwave bank Fixed issues accessing the Store Fixed issues in which User banks disappeared when reopening Analog Lab V Analog Lab 4 installed presets are now available in ALV, with AL4 licence
  7. Thanks Matthew. It all looks interesting but I like the look of Timeflux which contains sounds crafted by SoundMorph and Ivo Ivanov of Glitchmachines.
  8. Thanks Larry. Just tried that code on another ISW library (Bravura Scoring Brass) and it also took 10% off that so I'm guessing it will work on anything at ISW.
  9. How do you choose between this, Soothe 2 and Gulfoss? I'm hoping someone doesn't say that you need all of them 🤑 Having said that I'm getting some good results from TEOTE which cost quite a bit less.
  10. I have only dabbled with what it offers Mesh but it's such a great upgrade over AT4 in so many ways that it's a must have if you liked any of what AT4 had to offer. I spent some time yesterday combining amps in a dual routing scenario with one panned left and one right in the mixer to create some lovely wide patches. As with a lot of IK software (and others to be fair) the initial version tends to be a bit buggy but they get ironed out over time and there's already a new version out fixing some issues from the first version.
  11. Was thinking the same thing jesse. As a K13U owner it's pretty much the only thing I don't have that I would want and that I can use the voucher on.
  12. It took about an hour for me before it showed in NA. It's approx. 977Mb and sounds really nice. Quite a few presets and the key layout is interesting with a mixture of single notes, performance patterns and strums.
  13. Same here. The upgrade is listed at £60 with £46 credit shown for the free via PluginBoutique LE version.
  14. ZincT

    HorNET Xmas Sale

    I spun the wheel and got 10% off and it worked on top of the 60% so I bought something as a gesture of good will.
  15. Yay! JRR sent me a new Iris 2 code. It's taken long enough but at least they resolved the problem. I will hold out for a cheap price on the MPS 3 to 4 upgrade though.
  16. ZincT

    Korg Holiday Sale

    Interesting, wasn't aware of that thanks rsinger. I am half way through a Core membership and wasn't planning on renewing but this is making me wonder about going pro to get the Jupiter 8 or maybe D50 for life for $99. I actually quite like Zenology and the ever expanding library of presets but I find myself not using them as I know that projects I use them on will stop working when I stop paying Roland for the privilege.
  17. ZincT

    HorNET Xmas Gift

    Same here Fleer. If you click on tweet and then ignore twitter it still lets you go ahead and download anyway.
  18. ZincT

    Baby Audio Spaced Out

    but seriously, it does sound pretty good....
  19. Thanks Larry. They seem to have a lot of updates at the moment. At least it's a doddle to update their plugins. Change log..
  20. @Luc I have this but rarely use it now mainly because of the tiny UI. It works and sounds OK and for $10 as abacab says it's a good stocking filler Personally, I would spend a little bit more and get the Cherry Audio 2600 which can be had for $20.99 from Everyplugin. http://everyplugin.com/ca2600.html
  21. ZincT

    Naroth Audio Rhythmus

    Thanks Reid, looks interesting. Have you tried Microtonic from Sonic Charge? https://soniccharge.com/microtonic It's relatively expensive but pretty cool and you can also download and use free rhythm creations from their Patternarium ... https://soniccharge.com/patternarium
  22. Thanks TS! I've been eyeing this up for a while. Will have to try the demo.
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