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    I had trouble making out the lyrics, but enjoyed the song nonetheless.
  2. David Sprouse


    you managed to catch curiosity, novelty, the heat of summer and suspense in one place. I did have a gnawing feeling that something bad was gonna happen, though. Twas ez on the ears :D:D
  3. builds nicely. Your pieces have an optimistic and cheerful feel to them.
  4. David Sprouse

    Lockdown Blues

    Jealous here as well. You definitely have your own voice and tone. Kudos for the professional polish on this.
  5. OOh this is really different bat. I like it. BTW until I read your missive, I was thinking you were referring to Nietzsche (little philosophy joke). I love your instrumentals. They are very engaging.
  6. sizziling tones. Enjoyable but I'm not familiar with the original.
  7. David Sprouse

    Some arp fun

    Arpo was my favorite Marx Brother. Once again you've raised the bar! Bravissimo!
  8. I too think your voice fits this song well. and as always spectacular words and music.
  9. So clean sounding, Bjorn. This would be a great pbs brit drama (or swede?). You have a wonderful knack for keeping interest throughout your pieces. Always something gnu.
  10. David Sprouse


    If you're not in over your head, how do you know how tall you are? <ts eliot> Thanks for listening Treesha!
  11. Enjoyed the music and the fireworks.
  12. David Sprouse


    Tom, Haha and tone novelette, that's a good idea! I agree 10 minutes is a long time for anyone. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my composition.
  13. Agree with wookie, great to listen to as the sun comes up. You make real musical experiences from start to finish, which is refreshing.
  14. Maybe they're perfectionists. :D:D
  15. why thank you simon. I didn't know it had been out for two days.
  16. Down for two days. anyone know what's happening?
  17. Hi Jane, whereabouts is that video taken? Loved the song and your voice. Also, what kind of guitar?
  18. apropos of a musician your videos make a statement on the passage of time so well. I don't know the technical terms for the shots, but it makes a good foundation for your music. Always enjoy your work!
  19. Yes very clever daryl. :D:D Where'd the time go....those concerts were such fun b ack in the day, so memorable at least. Labors of love
  20. David Sprouse


    I hung out at Apple when it was at the first location. Bought many cigarette -smelling pieces of kit from there. I can't remember when they moved, but by the time I was re acquainted with PDX they were out of business. You must know Portland Music ...they're still around. Thanks for listening to this rather lengthy piece. :D:D
  21. David Sprouse


    As a guitarist, it was hard for me not to be disturbed by those patches that lacked decay. It made me want to lunge for a control. :D:D Trippy piece, who's Rachel?
  22. David Sprouse


    Yes the TC Electronic finalizer does some things that other mastering products don't do. It's great for dialing in things quickly.
  23. David Sprouse


    Makke glad to see you. How are things in Finlandia? I just listened to the Sibelius violin concerto for the umpteenth time last night. This is a cool clip: Take care.
  24. David Sprouse


    Hi Daryl, I tried using rx 7's declip on those horrible drum passages in order to make them better. It improved a little, but they're still squashed. Glad you liked the other bits. Cheers!
  25. David Sprouse


    I've been listening to the russians lately!:D:D Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment, Bjorn.
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