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  1. Open the project, go Preferences --> Project --> MIDI --> Other Options . Tick the Zero Controllers When Play Stops.
  2. Thanks a lot Mr Mark... I appreciate that. I'm glad to help the dev team make Cakewalk better 🙂 Regards.
  3. Thanks for replying, Mr Mark! I believe it has worked before 🙂. I found the transpose problem when I recently open some old project files from Sonar 8.5 era. Some MIDI tracks routed to TTS-1 had "key +" value saved in the file. So, I knew it was working back then. When I play the project in CbB, those tracks are out of tunes with the rest of the tracks routed to different instruments. I tried to re-open the same file in Sonar 8.5.3 (I still have it installed in my DAW), and the "key +" works the way it should do. The tracks with "Key +" are played transposed and in tune with the rest of the tracks. AFAIK, Cakewalk TTS-1 has never been "touched" by the dev team since many years ago (Roland era). That's why I assumed the problem is not in the TTS-1, rather it's in Sonar (or CbB). I guess when Cakewalk introduce "skywalk interface", there are many broken function in the track inspector (which worked fine in Sonar pre skylight). For example, there is minor bug in "pitch" slider that has never been fixed for long time. Pitch slider (in track inspector) is the only parameter we can not change / alter using + and - key, we have to manually input some value using numeric pad or drag the slide using mouse. The rest of parameter can be changed / altered using + and - keys. I think dev team probably oversight this minor bugs. I'm posting here just to let you know about it. I hope someday it can be fixed, coz these things worked really well in Sonar 8. Thank you and keep up the good work guys. 🙂
  4. Dear dev team, I'm afraid Cakewalk TTS-1 GM synth no longer respond to key+ or pitch change in inspector. I tried to transpose the key, but the tune does not change. Here we go: Create new project, insert Cakewalk TTS-1 synth. Select any MIDI track routed to TTS-1 synth. Expand the track Inspector. Try to alter the "Key +" or "Pitch" . Play your keyboard controller, or playback recorded midi clip. You can hear the key (pitch) does not change. I'm not sure if it happens since version 07 or 09, but I know it works normal several months ago. I hope it can be fixed. Thanks 🙂
  5. Dear @msmcleod , @Noel Borthwick and all dev team. I'm sorry, I don't mean to hijack the thread, but since this thread is discussing about Control surface, I would like to remind you about some problem with Control Surface plugin installation in CbB. The problem has been discussed here in the old forum. We have been waiting for it to be solved. You can read the detail of the problem in the link above. The summary is, those who did not have Sonar (pre X3) can not install Control Surface Installer in CbB due to the installer was coded to detect Sonar to work. Without Cakewalk Sonar installed, people can not install it, even if they have CbB. So I guess it would be good idea to ask if the dev team would look at this installer, and remove the installation restriction from the installer. That way people (who is now using CbB) can install it without having Sonar installed. Thank you so much guys. Best regards.
  6. It has been discussed since Cakewalk Pro Audio era in many forums. I could be wrong but from my understanding, unlike any other MIDI envelopes in Cakewalk (like MIDI CC), Tempo is (and will be) tightly related to many other factors like Timing Source, Time code, SMPTE, MTC sync, etc. That's why it is not that easy to turn Tempo into "node editable" envelope like any other MIDI envelopes. The idea looks simple from user perspective, but I believe modifying how Cakewalk deals with tempo requires really deep analysis and calculation considering many other factors mentioned rather than just adding a feature to offset the number. I love the idea tho, and I hope Cakewalk will have this feature sometime.
  7. Dear dev team, there is one minor thing I'd like to mention, it's consistency of the docking module position. I'm not sure if it's intentional by design or "bug". Open the basic template. We are now in the first screen set. Undock and close the help module. Insert "Synth rack view" on bottom right position (docked replacing the help module). Now we have "Media browser" on top right, and "synth rack view" on bottom right. Press B to collapse the whole docking panel. Select other screen set. Then go back to first screen set where we have collapsed docking panel. Press B to expand the docking panel. The synth rack is now moved to the top right, while the Media browser docked at bottom right. It won't happen if we did not collapse the docking panel. Eg, if we keep the docking panel expanded before changing the screen set, the docking module position is kept in the same order. It goes like that since long long time ago (pre Sonar platinum I guess). I hope the dev team can re-produce the symptom and see what's going on. Big big THANKS!!! 🙂 PS. Apology if it's not actualy related to the 2019.09 Early Access update.
  8. Awesome work! Hope the update will enhance our workflow.
  9. Awesome! Right tone for the right tune! Another example of why strats love Peavey's amp!
  10. I'm used to checking Arm before recording, but it is very good idea indeed!
  11. If you have any installed software with "auto update" , there is possibility the update changes how they utilize CPU. In my case, last week I update my antivirus & malware guard, and turns out they add the percentage of the CPU by ~10% for their initial background process for like first 15 minutes after Windows login.
  12. It will be good if you give more detailed info on how you connect CME UF6 to Sonar. Is it using it's USB port? or using MIDI port? Using MIDI port is more simple in general, however you may have driver problem (bug) using USB port. I'm not sure, but since CME UF is rather old (the last official driver I know comes from more than 10 years ago) there might be some problem with newer OS & DAW. It was designed to work in Win XP (2K) - Vista. YMMV. And please also let us know about your PC, OS, etc. Thanks.
  13. Hi Andy.. How about ticking "Echo System Exclusive" and select MIDI sysex echo port in Edit > Preferences > MIDI - Playback and Recording ? Does it help?
  14. If it's MIDI track, then there's workaround to accomplish that goal in different way. Go to Preferences --> MIDI --> Playback and recording. Tick "Allow MIDI recording without an Armed Track". Make sure you un-arm all tracks (including audio and MIDI tracks). Now, you you don't have to arm MIDI track to record. Just press R, and Cakewalk will automatically arm and record any active selected track, leaving the rest not active tracks un-armed.. Stopping the recording will also un-arm the track automatically. This thing will not work with audio track , nor if you have armed track.
  15. I took sometime to read the CAL help files from the archive, then I just realize, I think I was wrong when I say it is possible. I even tried to create a script and test it, it does not work. In my understanding, CAL does not have any "select" function unless you specify the (limited pre-programmed) action after you select some events. For example, CAL may work to select certain events and copy the selected event to new track automatically, but may not work to select and show you the selected events. The problem with CAL is not stop there. Most CAL function does not work in x64 environment. Most CAL script I tried works in Win XP + Sonar 8.5, failed to run in Win7 x64 + CbB. So, sorry I can't help that much, at least I tried.
  16. I found Cakewalk CAL that should work for this situation doesn't work anymore in CbB. It works in many previous Sonar version, but not in CbB. I'm not sure if the problem is the x64 environment or CbB it self. All I know, the developers have not touched the CAL feature since like 15 years ago. So whatever we have in CbB today is inherited feature from long time untouched program code. I tested again last night, the CAL works in 32bit OS (I have dual boot system running WinXP + Sonar 8.5). It's not working in Win 7x64 + CbB. The program runs, but none of the synths turned off. Here I attached the CAL. LocalOn.CAL
  17. I have hundreds of CAL files in my collection, not single one mentioning selecting notes in such fashion (every other notes). But it is possible to create one to do the job. I think Gswitz suggestion is the easiest way.
  18. Normally, aftertouch (either channel aftertouch or polyphonic aftertouch) is input by key pressure of your physical MIDI keyboard, not by wheel. Aftertouch can expand your playing expression if the synth allows it. It depends on how the synth utilize the aftertouch data for that particular patch / sound. Even if the synth supports aftertouch, most synth will only utilize channel aftertouch. Although possible, it's very rare for them to utilize polyphonic aftertouch. I have never seen nor use any virtual MIDI keyboard that is able to directly input aftertouch data. Most of them only deal with notes, velocity, mod wheel and pitch bend. In Cakewalk, you can draw channel aftertouch data in Track view, Piano Roll View, or even input the data one by one in Event List view. The process can be time consuming if you work in detail to really get the desired effect. If you really concern and think that you really need to deal with aftertouch that much, I suggest you to buy MIDI keyboard that support aftertouch.
  19. Windows 10 is so primitive. We got Windows 98 since like 21 years ago... We even had the Plus pack back then 😎
  20. In Cakewalk, Views --> Virtual Controllers --> Computer keyboard (If you use shortcut Alt + 0 , use the 0 in the upper row button, NOT in the keypad). In Computer keyboard virtual controller interface, you can use upper row button 1 - 5 to act as mod wheel.
  21. The only thing preventing Virtual Keyboard to appear in View menu is if you untick the Virtual keyboard in selected lenses. You must have accidentally changed your lenses. Try using lens "None", and see what happens.
  22. Virtual MIDI keyboard and the Computer keyboard interfaces are switchable, thus they wont display at the same time. Use shortcut Alt + 0 (upper row button, not the keypad button) and Alt + Shift + 0 to switch between them. In Computer Keyboard mode, you can use number 1 - 5 of your upper row button to do the mod wheel.
  23. The workaround is feasible, however I don't think it's efficient. If you have 8 synths, you need to embed 8 sysex banks, since 1 sysex file can only be sent to 1 port. Multiply that with templates you have. And it's not backward compatible with pre existing projects. Imagine if I have many various project files that I open daily (I use playlist to play projects in sequence often). Using CAL was the most simple and efficient workaround, however I don't think CAL will work in x64 environment. At least, I never be able to run CAL files since I move to x64 years ago.
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