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  1. KurtS

    Drags and Squares

    Cool song and arrangement. Great sounding guitars. What did you use for the guitar and drum sounds?
  2. Thanks guys. I ended up using paulo's method and it worked out fine.
  3. Not my style of music but it sounds professionally done, so nice recording job.
  4. I made a bridge in a song but I decided it doesn't fit so would like to move the tracks to a fresh template and make it into it's own song. What's the best way to do this?
  5. That was it, thanks! What is the purpose of that feature?
  6. The waveforms are weird looking after the update, kind of out of focus looking.
  7. KurtS


    Sounds good, always high quality stuff from you guys.
  8. There are some timing issues that need to be addressed for sure. Get out those audio transients on those tracks and you can see where it's off.
  9. Very cool, some pretty epic guitar playing there!
  10. I noticed that I bump the volume knob on the tripleplay module when I pick up the guitar and this changes the jamstix volume. Jamstix says ask on the triplay forum. The tripleplay forum says ask on the cakewalk forum.
  11. Good song and beautifully recorded. You always do such a great job at separating all the instruments so you can can clearly hear each of them. I like the sound of your drums back then better than your new ones, sounds like a real snare. Are you singing?
  12. I'm confused, I only heard a little fart at the end, is that it?
  13. KurtS

    Share Some Time

    Very nice song. Your vocals sound really excellent, great detail and you have a very nice voice. There is a thing with your songs with the drums though, they sound like an after thought and very weak. Maybe a different drum program altogether and louder. I'm no expert but I feel your recordings are so close to being stellar. Just my 2 cents. I would suggest a favorite artist recording that is close to what you are going after and record it into your daw as a reference.
  14. Nice. Do you write this stuff out as sheet music or is it by ear, so much going on I'd think you would.
  15. I have this going while I'm net surfing and I have to say it is quite incredible, I can't even imagine making something on this scale. Brilliant.
  16. Wow, you put a lot of work into this, pretty epic. Some very nice sounds and nicely recorded.
  17. Good stuff, very good album too.
  18. You are a heck of a good song writer. I like all the cool chord changes and yet you manage to make a nice melody out of it, very much much like Steely Dan did so well. Obviously a very good piano player.
  19. OMG! This must have been a lot of work to put together. Great playing, that's a lot of notes.
  20. KurtS

    Gliding Over All

    Nice. So that's a VST guitar?, sounds very good. Violin sounds good too.
  21. KurtS

    Cold Rain

    True, I was name brand snob until recently
  22. KurtS

    Cold Rain

  23. KurtS

    Cold Rain

    Thanks John!
  24. KurtS

    Cold Rain

    Thanks, yes this is the one. It was 75 bucks new so nothing to lose. It's a cool bass now, really like it.
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