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  1. KSband

    El Guerrero

    Appreciate it Andy!
  2. KSband

    El Guerrero

    Thanks for listening !
  3. KSband

    El Guerrero

    Thanks! You are the master of giving the instruments their space, your mixes are in my mind when I try to do mine.
  4. KSband

    El Guerrero

    Hey Mark, thanks for the listen and suggestions. I haven't used that saturation channel before, I tried it and does add a subtle effect. I added an eq to the rhythm guitar and did a slight cut on the low end and small bump on the top, good suggestion. I can't hear the timing thing you are talking about at the end, the drums get pretty busy there so it might make it sound that way.
  5. KSband

    El Guerrero

    This original features my Yamaha NCX1 guitar, Antigua tenor sax, PJ bass, Sterling Audio ribbon mic.
  6. KSband

    The Mirror Paradigm

    Interesting moody piece, nice work.
  7. KSband

    Night Flight

    Thanks for the listen Tom!
  8. That was nice, I like it. Very original sound to it.
  9. I like the sound you have on the vocals, good work on this one.
  10. Wow, this sounds really great! Flawless! I played banjo in my teens so I like good hillbilly music.
  11. I know I've heard this before, maybe on youtube. Really good song, like it a lot.
  12. Agree with everyone, great sounding song but the bass is missing. Guitars sound really good.
  13. KSband

    Night Flight

    Thanks a lot!
  14. KSband

    Night Flight

    Thanks for checking it out!
  15. KSband

    Night Flight

    Thanks Bjorn!
  16. KSband


    Heard this one on youtube a few days ago, cool track.
  17. KSband

    Come On To Me

    Nice song, good work Glenn.
  18. KSband

    Night Flight

    Thanks Larry. Anything more specific about the production?
  19. KSband

    Worlds Apart

    Interesting track, the vocal was cool I wouldn't have minded more of it. There's a hint of Pink Floyd in there.
  20. KSband

    Saturday Night

    Nice happy tune. A little long for me without any changes, I have a short attention span.
  21. KSband

    Deliberate Magic 🪄

    Sounds like you put some time in this one. I think some other drums would improve it too.
  22. KSband

    Night Flight

    Thanks so much Andy!
  23. KSband


    It's a pretty song. I agree with Andy, there seems to be some timing issues. Might sound better with less Fx on the the guitar.
  24. I have to agree with Paul the drums are not great. They sound thin and mechanical, not at all like a real sounding kit, maybe that's what you are going for. I like the song but it has a pretty digitized mechanical feel to it. What are you using for drums?
  25. KSband

    Dirty Lies

    Cool song, there's a lot going on there, well done.
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