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  1. Thanks for the comments @noynekker! I agree the keyboard sound is not great, it sounds too muted, I think I will try a different piano.
  2. Thanks for the support @DeeringAmps!
  3. Appreciate it @bjornpdx!
  4. Thank you @Bajan Blue!
  5. Sounds really good, bass and drums are perfect. I like the dark tone too.
  6. KSband

    Here We Are

    It's a pretty song, the main vocal and piano sound nice, the harmonies sound kind of fake, I think it would be better without them.
  7. Thanks for the listen @Old Joad I stole the stick and kick thing so you might as well too!
  8. Thanks @jack c. and @John Vere for checking it out!
  9. Thanks @Sailor55 appreciate it. I wish I had access to real drums, but I do really like EZdrummer3. I rarely use the groove as is though, always end up altering the kick etc. to fit the song.
  10. Funny song, I like the lyrics.
  11. Just finished another original tune featuring tenor and soprano sax, midi guitar, fretless jazz bass with Amplitube4 SVX Pro plugin.
  12. KSband


    It's a pretty good basic rocker, might be worth doing a proper production on it.
  13. Really can't tell how old it is. good work! What are you using to separate things? I have some old stereo tracks that need work .
  14. Agree with the guys, just needs to be tightened up.
  15. KSband

    Red Tide

    I like everything about your song, really good stuff. That's some tasty guitar work.
  16. KSband


    The photos and the music are amazing!
  17. Cool song, I like it. Sometimes the guitar drowns out the vocal, otherwise sounds good.
  18. KSband

    Chicken Pot Pie

    Thanks for checking it out @Treblecock Studio and @hsmusic!
  19. Pretty creepy, should have saved this one to post on Halloween.
  20. Nice song, has a great laid back sound to it.
  21. KSband

    Chicken Pot Pie

    Thanks @mark skinner! That's actually a picture of my wife's home made apple pie (yummy!) , I needed a pie picture.
  22. KSband


    Really awesome song, dig it! Great playing!
  23. KSband

    Chicken Pot Pie

    Appreciate it @noynekker! I know my videos are lame, sorry. Personally I don't like to watch video when listening to music, I find it can influence the perception of it and prefer to let the music speak for itself. Or maybe that's my excuse for being lazy...
  24. It's ok in the beginning but towards the last half the music overpowers it bit.
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