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  1. Jeez, what a cool track, brilliant stuff.
  2. Thanks so much for the comments @Wookieeand @Ross Smithe!
  3. Beautiful music and pictures, you are a talented guy! You should be doing soundtracks for Hollywood.
  4. Very nice, she has a beautiful voice.
  5. KSband

    T-here t' T-here

    I used to jam with a guy in the late 70's that had a Moog (I think) it had a bunch of sliders. It amazed me that he could do a repeatable sound on it, he was a weird dude and didn't seem super smart. Turns out he became a professor of theoretical math and I'm the simple one.
  6. Ok, thanks never heard that before, but I'm barely adequate with the technical computer stuff.
  7. Wondering if this is a problem. I haven't defragmented in a long time because last time I did it relocated my project files and nothing would work in Cakewalk, a real pain to fix.
  8. KSband

    Los Angeles

    Sounds like we are back in the 80's. The vocals have a harsh high mid that made me turn down the volume.
  9. KSband

    T-here t' T-here

    This would be a good soundtrack for a movie. I quickly get overwhelmed by all the synth choices, there's too many, so I just hardly ever use them, lazy on my part.
  10. Thanks for the comments @noynekker! I agree the keyboard sound is not great, it sounds too muted, I think I will try a different piano.
  11. Thanks for the support @DeeringAmps!
  12. Appreciate it @bjornpdx!
  13. Thank you @Bajan Blue!
  14. Sounds really good, bass and drums are perfect. I like the dark tone too.
  15. KSband

    Here We Are

    It's a pretty song, the main vocal and piano sound nice, the harmonies sound kind of fake, I think it would be better without them.
  16. Thanks for the listen @Old Joad I stole the stick and kick thing so you might as well too!
  17. Thanks @jack c. and @John Vere for checking it out!
  18. Thanks @Sailor55 appreciate it. I wish I had access to real drums, but I do really like EZdrummer3. I rarely use the groove as is though, always end up altering the kick etc. to fit the song.
  19. Funny song, I like the lyrics.
  20. Just finished another original tune featuring tenor and soprano sax, midi guitar, fretless jazz bass with Amplitube4 SVX Pro plugin.
  21. KSband


    It's a pretty good basic rocker, might be worth doing a proper production on it.
  22. Really can't tell how old it is. good work! What are you using to separate things? I have some old stereo tracks that need work .
  23. Agree with the guys, just needs to be tightened up.
  24. KSband

    Red Tide

    I like everything about your song, really good stuff. That's some tasty guitar work.
  25. KSband


    The photos and the music are amazing!
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