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  1. I just tried this, just changed the synth to the same one I used in the host and it works just fine. I think this will be an easy way for me to do this. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Forgive my ignorance of midi, after I record a track with tripleplay could I just change the track synth from "tripleplay" to whatever synth I was using in the tripleplay host and then create a new track with tripleplay to record the next track etc?
  3. Yesterday cakewalk would not output sound, it made a thump noise each time I hit play. One of my synth tracks meters was frozen in a maxed out position so I think this was caused by a plugin synth. I'm using fishman tripleplay vest host, they say it has not been tested in cakewalk.
  4. I just looked at that, the midi out option is grayed out.
  5. It's a midi controller but it has it's own software that gives you a lot more control over your sensitivities and dynamics. I add a track and the tripleplay plugin is loaded like any other synth , in the plugin I then open any keyboard/synth plugin that I have. I can just use it as a controller without the tripleplay plugin but I lose the extra control.
  6. If I add more than one track of TriplePlay midi guitar it won't open the new track's instrument, it says TriplePlay is already running in another track. I contacted Fishman about it and they said talk to Cakewalk because it's not one of the daws they support. Is there a setting that could cause this?
  7. I have had crashes that seem to be caused by a plugin that is being wierd. One time I had a strange thing where I got multiple start position stylus's ( not sure what the official name of that thing is) only one of them could be moved. I had to restart cakewalk to get rid of them. Overall I have been loving cakewalk, wish I could say the same about all my plugins, they seem to be a constant source of trouble.
  8. When I do an export project to wav what happens with the tracks that have Fx plugins running such as compression, distortion, reverb etc. Do you have to record the audio with Fx to another track?
  9. Thanks for this information. I've had this weird thing where a midi track will start playing gibberish on it's own, maybe this will solve that mystery.
  10. Does cakewalk care if you do another installation of cakewalk ?
  11. When you say de activate do you mean uninstall them?
  12. Thanks, I'm sure it will be fun. I'm not super techie, just enough to get by.
  13. I'm getting a new windows 10 PC and currently have cakewalk on a windows 10 64bit. How do you get the plugins with registry keys to work on the new machine, do you have to contact the manufacturer to re register?
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