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  1. It's Jamstix.  It's  kind of a cool program in the way it adapts to changes you make in the song, supposed to mimic a real drummer with it's "brain". Tons of parameters to tweak to change the feel if so inclined. 

  2. Thanks. Hotter? You mean the solo or the melody? This started as a guitar song, and morphed to keyboard sounds after playing around using the fishman midi guitar system. It was one of those tunes that I almost gave up on but just kept playing with it.

  3. I like this song, good detailed arrangement too.  My only niggle is the scratchy sounding guitar (I think it's the guitar) on the left, not sure if that's how you wanted it to sound but it seems a little distracting. 

    The groove reminds me of a Bonamassa song.

  4. RTF, in my dreams. Obsessed on them as a teen, of course Weather Report, Crusaders, Tom Scott and the LA Express, Ritenour, Lorber- so much good fusion at that time.   Lately been diggin on Simon Phillips Protocol, so fusion is still breathing.  Thanks for the encouragement. 

  5. Sounds good. Very different song with a lot going on, must have put a lot of work into it. I have been listening to your stuff on spotify this week when working in my garage, lot's of good music with great musicians.

  6. I got addictive keys studio grand for free with my focusrite, I think it sounds pretty good. I think there are a lot of free ones out there that sound good too, others will be able to tell you which ones. 

  7. I think a little less delay/reverb on everything. Maybe a different tone for the piano, like a more acoustic sounding one maybe. Some B3 might be nice in there too. Just my thoughts for the little they are worth. I'm not a keyboard player either so it's tough to make it sound like the real thing. Vocal recording sounds good.

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