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  1. Sounds much fuller, the pedal steel sounds good. There is a weird thing going on in the intro with the violin? sound, maybe replace it with more pedal steel. Not a fan of the rhythmic synth on the chorus when the backup vocals come in, it is distracting. Overall much improved.

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  2. Great song and vocals! On my monitors the midrange is pretty irritating making me want to turn down the volume (opposite of what to do with good song) Try listening through as many different speakers/headphones as you can it might help the mixing. Keep at it, it's good stuff.

  3. You have a pretty melody there but the instruments are not up to the quality of the song. It sounds kind of flat. Maybe the arrangement needs some more work. I think the vocal is out front a bit too much. You do write some pretty songs for sure and your vocal is very nice too.

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