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  1. Thanks for the listen and comments @PhonoBrainer, @Bajan Blue, @jack c.. I feel like the low end of my mixing is my problem area, it's hard for me to tell if I have too little or too much. I actually turned down the bass settings on this after listening on a couple sets of my headphones, it seemed over powering. I think I need to start using a reference track when I do mix down.

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  2. On the sax forum I hang out on there was a collab challenge to write a song with someone else on the forum. So I put this track on there, I had not found a great melody for it. One of the sax pros on there took the bait and put in some really amazing stuff (his name is Alex Nyman from New Zealand). I got the files from him and just finished the track. He does all the horn work on this, including the super cool wah wah sax solo. I used my ZZC PJ bass on this, fishman midi guitar for the keyboard and my cheapie strat on the lead.



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  3. 1 hour ago, AndyB01 said:

    Lovely bit of late evening chill that - nicely done - very enjoyable.

    Lead nylon guitar has a lovely tone - please tell me that's the real thing and not a VST.


    Thanks! It's a Yamaha classical guitar

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  4. Very creative arrangement, great song. Agree with the Peter Gabriel comparison, that was the first thing I thought before reading the comments, not bad to be compared to his work.

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