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  1. I did something that changed my midi track volume control with the fader. There are 2 green horizontal lines that run down the track. When playing if I move the fader it snaps back. The Automation is not on for the track. This is with addictive keys piano. My other track with organ is fine (no green lines there). It's something I accidentally did today.

  2. Nice! Very cool groove. Great recording job too, there is space around the different guitars so you can hear everything. I agree with PJH on the bass but I wouldn't turn it up much, seems pretty close. 

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  3. I got a Line 6 FBV Express midi foot controller, it has a vol/wah pedal and 4 assignable foot switches. I was hoping to control my BiasFx2 plugin with it, mostly wanted to use the Wah wah pedal effects it has. I have been trying for 2 days to get it to work but I can't get the plugin to receive any midi. This plugin has a stand alone on my desktop too, and it works on there, just not in cakewalk. Strangely I did get one of my organ plugins to work with it using my fishman midi guitar system and the Line 6 pedal, I can switch the Leslie off and on.


    What a great song with so many layers. Very nice listen on my phones, everything sits nicely. My only thing is my usual dislike of the compressed clicky drum tones, that's nothing new, not a fan of newer drum kit sounds. Excellent playing as always.

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  4. Great playing! Maybe less kick action on the drum part would help. The guitars almost get too busy towards the end. You are way more talented than me so feel free to ignore this advice.

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  5. This sounds very Peter Gabriel, very cool. The guitar tones sound really good. I have some very nice homebuilt amps but I've been too lazy to try and record them, the plugins are so easy to use.

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