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  1. Not my style of music but the recording and arrangement sound very professional.
  2. Sounds good, vocals are nice and clear.
  3. Very nice! Pretty song, good vocals. Another hooky song, very good.
  4. There's two different arrows depending on where your mouse is , one moves the transient marker and the other lets you stretch or shrink. I screwed some stuff up learning to use it. Look at Creativesauce youtube cakewalk videos, he has a lot of easy to understand tutorials, I've learned a lot from him.
  5. KSband

    Love is Fine

    Very nice, I like your stuff. Smooth pretty, vocals sound good. My only crit is the weak drum sound, it's so faint it's barely there. i think it would be better either gone or louder.
  6. Hey, great first attempt! It sounds pretty good to me, nice song and vocals. Don't know if you've read up on audio transients but it is great way to get the timing cleaned up. Just make sure to get rid of unneeded transients and I move some of them so the transient is just before the note so it doesn't stretch it weird. I kind of strangely enjoy the process.
  7. KSband


    Great track, sounds good!
  8. Good song and recording! It's a toe tapper for sure. Enjoyed the listen.
  9. No expert but I enjoyed the listen, thought it sounds good and it's a cool track. I could very much imagine that in a movie soundtrack.
  10. KSband


    Cool groove, reminds me of Chuck Loeb at the start but you guys have your own sound.
  11. KSband

    No Going Back

    Good song, recording sounds good too.
  12. KSband


    Good song, I like the changes and lyrics.
  13. Nice video and a mellow pretty groove. I'm not digging the drums though, they don't quite sound like they belong.
  14. Nice song, sounds good.
  15. Another good song, nice work. The track sounds very smooth, good job with the recording and mixing. Clever lyrics too.
  16. I've been trying to figure out who you remind me of for days and then it hit me, Janes Addiction. Although I think you guys sound better. Where do you sell your music?
  17. KSband


    That was nice and relaxing, more mellow than usual, I like it. Very nice guitar tones. The fretless sounded cool on there. I just converted my cheap jazz to fretless and trying to get used to it, not easy.
  18. KSband

    Hear my call

    Pretty catchy tune, sounds kind of 80ish with that bass.
  19. Great song, I like it! Very good guitar and bass playing. Very outstanding. Dig the acoustic to distorted contrast.
  20. KSband


    Sounds great! Nice solos from everyone.
  21. KSband


    Sounds good, very groovy, lots of cool changes. Really like the B3. Are you playing a strat?
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