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  1. KSband


    It sounds really good on my AT headphones. The guitar recording in the beginning sounds excellent.
  2. Very pretty and soothing music.
  3. Jamstix has "Enable midi input" checked but it is grayed out so it can't be unchecked.
  4. Thanks for the reply. That function is grayed out but there isn't a check mark there.
  5. Great song, love all your stuff! Good to hear you're inspired to make more.
  6. KSband


    That's some great guitar playin there. Catchy groove.
  7. When ever I turn on my midi guitar and play a synth in cakewalk my Jamstix drum program turns it's volume almost all the way down. Is there a setting in cakewalk that allows them to talk to each other? The tripleplay guitar is just acting like a keyboard controller, I'm not using their software in cakewalk. I have midi input on jamstix to "none". The tripleplay is on omni.
  8. Sounds good Barry, very smooth song.
  9. Lot's going on there, I like the busy bass and guitars, pretty funky. I agree with wookie it sounds thin and lacks punch. Needs the bass turned up, maybe the drums too, not sure how to fix it, but you did some cool stuff on it for sure.
  10. Pretty groovy. A little bit Annie Lennox sounding.
  11. KSband


    Another nice song and very smooth vocals. The sibilance is the only problem I hear, maybe the bass is a little low.
  12. KSband


    On my monitors the acoustic sounds muffled and the chorus has a harsh mid, not sure what is coming in there but it makes me want to turn down the volume. I like the song, arrangement and singing.
  13. KSband


    Cool song, I like the Beatle-esque break.
  14. KSband


    Not my thing but impressive, great playing.
  15. KSband

    Lockdown Blues

    The usual great quality performances from you guys, less jazzy than usual though.
  16. I like the song. For me less delay on the vocals would sound better. I feel like it fights with the delay on the keys.
  17. KSband


    Sounds good, I like the guitars, good playing. Good bass playing too. Interesting lyrics.
  18. KSband

    "Poppin' Tight"

    Mine had a subtle flame top with 4 little switches, unfortunately didn't have the original pickups. It was a beauty but I never was totally in love with it. My friend I used to jam with was a big fan, he had a red burst and a really cool green metallic f hole hollow body (I wanted that one) they are kind of like a 339 size.
  19. Very cool, thanks. That thing is tempting me. I'm a cheap ***** so the 400 is tough to cough up.
  20. KSband

    "Poppin' Tight"

    Cool, I had a 81 artist that I sold recently. They were very high quality guitars back then.
  21. You certainly know how to write clever pop music, good stuff again.
  22. I was just checking out that Iridium, do you like it a lot? It doesn't have a bass cab sim but it works well for bass too a?
  23. KSband

    When You Come Home

    Really sounds nice. I like your backing vocals and the strings. I'm a fan of your work, good stuff again!
  24. KSband

    "Poppin' Tight"

    So do you play your drum parts on a pad or something, how does superior drummer work. I like the drums on your stuff, sounds like a real drummer. The Jamstix that I've been using I put in the measures and verse, chorus, break or whatever and it comes up with the fills etc.
  25. KSband

    "Poppin' Tight"

    Pretty funky! Lot's of complimentary guitars going on, very dense arrangement. Super funky bass playing too. Good stuff.
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