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  1. Had to google what the Double Precision Engine is, I'll check if it's on.  I had to re-do some of my bass track yesterday because a part would not let me manipulate it with the transients. Hard to explain it's behavior, it would over stretch really big with any movement of the marker, there was other weird stuff. I had to delete the track. There definitely are some bugs in Cakewalk.

  2. I've had a weird problem a couple time where the bounce to clips has not worked right after using audio transients to edit my bass lines. This time after bouncing it took a run of bass notes and turned it into a strange digital buzzing single note. I did an undo and tried it again but this time it froze the program. I've had this happen a few times and had to just re-do the performance.

  3. Sounding much better. The tempo change still sounds a little awkward, I think the drums need to be delayed a beat or two,  or a simple fill, feels like they start at an odd place. Otherwise it's a good song and sounds beautiful.

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  4. I can tell there's a bass now but still pretty faint, also seems like some mid bass is missing,  just very low frequencies so some of the notes kind of disappear. I think if the bass is brought up it might help the snare not seem as loud.

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  5. Latest original featuring Tenor sax recorded with Warm Audio WA87r2, fretless jazz bass with Amplitube4 amp plugin, Yamaha nylon, Gibson es135.



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  6. I know what you're saying garybrun, videos do affect the way you perceive the music. I usually open another page so I don't see the video, I like to interpret the music without the video influence, on it's own merit.

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