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  1. 22 hours ago, John Vere said:

    there is 2 versions of Bandlab Assistant installed

    Well, not exactly, what  I found " ...\AppData\Roaming\BandLab Assistant" a remnant of v5.0.4, the folder name differs from the current "bandlab-assistant" found in "Roaming", all other locations  ...\AppData\Local & .\AppData\Local\Programs only contain the  current "bandlab-assistant" & "bandlab-assistant-updater" 6.3.0  versions and "Programs and Features" only shows the current version. So, I surmise the uninstall for v5.0.4 was sloppy and incomplete.  Depending on the BA install history,  it could be different for each individual system.

  2. I was running  BA v6.1.0 and saw the update notification, since prior BA's failed to self update I downloaded what I thought would be the latest from website and ran it, this was BA v6.2.0 and as of this moment is the current website download .  When BA v6.2.0 opened it once again showed the update notification. This time I used the BA self update option, and updated BA, closed any running versions and relaunched BA and viola it worked, this latest version of BA is v6.3.0 hence the prior update notification.  So it seems the website  is one version behind. Also v6.2.0 was the first version in a while that actually self updated swiftly and without a glitch!

  3. On 10/23/2020 at 5:08 PM, John Schlegel said:

    tried all these methods...although there are some minor differences to get into admin command...... The command for cakewalk projects worked, but, the second one program files \cakewalk  to D:\cakewalk does not. it keeps saying it cannot create the file because the file already exists ????

    The only thing I can suggest is does "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk" actually exist on your system? If it does you need to move it to your desired location before creating a soft link  or a junction to that location. As for running as an administrator the simplest way I know is to be logged on as an administrator, right click the batch file and select "Run as administrator"...

  4. 44 minutes ago, Billy86 said:

    Yes, I’m iLok. 

    I guessed as much, the iLok component that enables a fast VST load time is the "PACE License Services", stop this service and the load times go back to a protracted 20+ seconds, for those of us who use "Authorized to Computer".  If you stopped this service as an iLok user I imagine your authorization would fail...

  5. Hey @Billy86,  glad you're in good shape, there is a temporary resolution for those of us who use "Authorized to Computer" and not iLok, and for the record below is an extract from the  last response I received from an iZotope support  assistant (iZotope  Customer Care),  acknowledging the issue:

    "My apologies for the delay we were able to reproduce this issue for the moment having iLok license manager on the machine is the best workaround for this. 

    We also have another customer who reported the same issue so we have logged this so our team can take a closer look at this issue.
    " ...

    So if you have iLok installed you wouldn't have seen any problems...

  6. 2 hours ago, Gswitz said:

    Add vst items to your scanner exclusions?

    It's a good thought, but the O9 issue has been, for the time being, resolved. See this post: 

    And... finally an iZotope support assistant, acknowledged the issue despite claiming they'd had no previous reports,  and the guy said he would try and reproduce it... 🙄

  7. Yup, I thought maybe you might have iLok after I installed it! If you check the Task Manager you'll see for CbB with an open O9 window high GPU and Power usage, O7 is half or less, close the window and it drops to zero and low, iLok installed or not, the price of "Pretty" graphics 😴...

  8. @Neil Cummins just as an FYI, O9 and O9 advanced component VSTs took 20+ seconds to load in CbB and FLStudio so, not specific to a DAW, and installing iLok, which I'm not intending to use, fixed this issue.  20+ seconds to load a VST is obscene especially since Nectar 3 and Neutron 3 Advanced didn't have this problem.  Post load performance will depend on your spec, but if you have a protracted load time each O9 component instance compounds, which can seriously slow opening CbB projects that use multiples, if this is your situation maybe iLok can help.

    Update: FYI - It seems that the iLok component that enables a fast VST load time is the "PACE License Services", stop this service and the load times go back to a protracted 20+ seconds...

  9. On 12/7/2019 at 5:15 PM, earhears said:

    I absolutely don't insist that it has something to do with iLok... but maaaan, it looks like that... at least on my side

    Wow... I should of listen to you 10 months ago... After getting no useful help from iZotope support I finally, out of frustration, installed iLok...  All the O9 Advanced components now load swiftly, 2-3 seconds 😁. So, thanks @earhears for the tip!

    iLok installs Apples "Bonjour Service",  I guess it's used for iLok license management, but since I'm 100% computer authorized I stopped the service which, fortunately, had no negative effects.  So why iLok fixed the load times is a still mystery. It's a pity that a 1/4 of Gigs worth of software had to be downloaded to fix it.

    Update: FYI - It seems that the iLok component that enables a fast VST load time is the "PACE License Services", stop this service and the load times go back to a protracted 20+ seconds...

  10. 14 hours ago, Steve Harder said:

    I have Ozone Elements 9

    Thanks for the response, I'm sure the elements might load quickly. I've got the Tonal Balance Bundle; Nectar 3 , Neutron 3 Advanced and Ozone 9 Advanced, the components exclusive to Nectar and Neutron all load quickly, none do for Ozone 9  including "Tonal Balance Control 2". Both the  Nectar 3 & Neutron 3 VSTs (last updated 2019) have roughly the same high GPU and power usage as does the Ozone 9 VST (updated 2020), so I surmise the gui graphics techniques should be similar, but not vst load time is 20+ seconds for O9. Not all systems have this issue, it's a mystery what the significant system difference is!

  11. @fossile Thanks for the response... I'm the admin, paths are fine, full control on everything & I even run CbB as an admin, but it was a thought.  The significant difference between you and me is "Intel 4000 video" vs "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960", the driver's up to date, whereas the slow load times confirmed in the post above is on a system with  a "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660Ti". So, despite having up to date drivers it could be GPU related depending on the graphics card, who knows, probably iZotope... Regardless, it's extremely frustrating.  I set up a track template, audio out & midi for a vst3 instrument, buses with reverb FX & the master out and in the in the instrument's audio out FX rack is Ozone 7 with a match EQ  and vintage limiter, and this loaded in seconds. The exact same setup for a template using Ozone 9, same EQ match, identical limiter preset, took way much longer to load. The GUI graphics are different & O9's EQ match is a separate module, but the functionality seems almost the same and for the limiter I see no difference at all. Yet, the O9 standalone has no major problems. It makes me wonder apart from the graphics, how much has really changed under the hood for the same modules and that the value of an upgrade is only for the extras... It's a pity it's  inconsistent between the 2 version for some of us..

  12. 56 minutes ago, fossile said:

    they seem to operate just fine

    They operate just fine for me once loaded, vst2 or vst3 in CbB.  I can see in the task manager CbB's  power usage is low, GPU usage 0%. Open an O9 window and the  power usage steps up to very high and GPU usage to 17%. That's not a problem for me... What is a problem is if you insert a new O9 or one of it's components into an FX rack it takes 15-20 seconds to load. Ozone 7 and any other iZotope plugin that's not an O9 component takes about 2 seconds to load. I've used many instances of O7 in prior projects, and the projects open quickly.  With O9 or it's components each instance adds to the time to open a project which would take several minutes to open if lots of O9 instances or it's components are used, not ideal nor practical. That's why I asked just how long on your system it takes to insert a new O9 into an FX rack until it's loaded. If you could check how many seconds it takes, that would be terrific and I'd be most grateful 😊

  13. 18 hours ago, Steve Harder said:

    This isn't a long enough test to be confident in the result

    As I said before: "Meanwhile, there's no guarantee spikes won't occur", but with the power tweaks ACPI should be better, another spike source, and I guess you could adjust the power management on your network adapters, if you feel they're a problem. I can live with an odd and hopefully rare audio dropout (3), if the endless (1)s have stopped.

    One final thought on the “Dell SupportAssist Remediation” service, and as I understand it, it requires the internet to communicate with a Dell node. Hence, I speculate that by disabling the network adapters, ergo the internet in a manner that differs from say pulling an Ethernet plug from a router, then this may inhibit the service's functionality and prevent it from interacting with hardware devices and in this way is effectively equivalent to disabling it. Which if true should be reassuring...    

    Meanwhile if you have Ozone 9, I'd be obliged if you could confirm the slow vst load times mentioned above, as I'm trying to get iZotope  to fix it, and any quotable confirmation would help  😁

  14. 59 minutes ago, noynekker said:

    it's surely not a Cakewalk issue.

    I agree, I've got an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz, 4008 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) -- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, but the OEM is Dell, it's an XPS 8900,  and that means it comes with a bunch of Dell software that's part of the system not just bloat ware, that's why asked who manufactured your machine. In trying to figure out why only Ozone 9 components, that's the latest version, might be different from all my other iZotope plugins, I realized O9 comes with NKS support and none of the others do. I've other plugins with NKS support that load just fine, but who knows, O9's implementation might have a bug that affects only some systems.

    So, is your machine a Dell?? That might be a clue... I'd really like to find a fix, and use O9 like I used O7 😬... Cheers...

  15. @fossile My issue is just the VST load times, 15-20 secs. With prior projects which use a lot of O7  instances, projects opened quickly, not so with O9, each instance adds those seconds making it impractical to use very many instances and have a reasonable project load time. In your case what's your O9 VST load time? Bye the way I have O9 Advanced and it's the same issue for the individual module VSTs. The only difference I can think of between the O9 components and my other iZotope plugins is that O9 has NKS support and the others do not...

  16. On 8/14/2020 at 12:56 AM, noynekker said:

    I haven't had that problem, just the load times are much longer.

    Ditto... I also got the Tonal Balance Bundle, everything but O9, the O9 individual module VSTs and Tonal Balance load quickly, but these slow pokes take 15-20 seconds, once loaded no problem, and the standalone starts up fine...

    @noynekker Out of curiosity  what machine do you have I'm wondering if it's an OEM issue as this slow load time also occurs in another DAW not just CbB & Splat for me. If it's a registry issue iZotope support hasn't helped, and all my other iZotope plugins load just fine!

  17. 1 hour ago, Desert Hermit said:

    Thank you, Tez!!

    You're most welcome, I wish someone could have told me, and saved me more than 2 weeks of "Sturm und Drang" tracking it down!

    Just be aware if you're still in warranty,  you might want to let it run at startup after which manually stop it. In my case I'm out of warranty so, it's completely useless to me and I disabled it... Happy music making 😁

    Meanwhile I have another problem, namely Ozone 9! I have Ozone 9 Advanced as part of the recent iZotope Tonal Balance upgrade at a terrific price and just couldn't resist despite my O9 issue which is the VSTs including the individual module VSTs that's part of O9 Advanced all take 15-20+ seconds to load in Splat and CbB & iZotope support say's all is fine at their end. All other iZotope  products I have load quickly, it's just O9. If you know anything please share , or for that matter anyone who sees this... 😟

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