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  1. If I power up my Icon Qcon console after I started Cakewalk, Cakewalk offers to add it. I Answer "Yes" and some spinning icon indicates loading. It is added, but it does not work. So I have to restart Cakewalk. Is this an (old) bug, or am I missing some essential setting somewhere?
  2. Wow! That was easy! I did not expect it to be that smooth. Finally I have Cakewalk on a NVMe SSD 2TB. This is comfortable.
  3. A junction might be a solution. Still I do not understand why projects fail to load vst's; or what is the point of the global list in the plugin manager?
  4. I installed one more hard drive, and the old F: is now H: So I corrected letter/path in the plugin manager. (And prefs/folder locations) But it seems my old projects don't care about that, and the vst's fail to load from F: (Because they are not there anymore) I do not/can not change drive letters now. Is there an an easy/smart way to fix the issue?
  5. This could be an example. I want tracks 2, 3, 5 and six to start at the same time as track one for when I export them. So that the recipient can drag them into his DAW with no regard of sync. Just put them in there.. I will export the separate tracks as wave files, and send them to somebody. I consider Scook's latest answer to be the the one I was looking for: "When exporting tracks and buses they default to starting at 0 regardless of where the first clip is located but it is possible to make a time-based selection either before opening the export dialog and/or in the export dialog itself too." Because: I didn't know that.
  6. Is the "Export tracks/buses starting at 0" a choice I can tick at export? (Because, If I start recording at the chorus, the recipient has do do some manual/visual sync) I intend to export the tracks, and send them to others who are not using Cakewalk. But they want to import the wavefiles for each track.. It is not complicated. I have done this by recording a tiny amount at the start, and "bounce to track" It did the trick..
  7. I am NOT starting playback or downbeats at zero. Never did. I just want the clips to start at zero, so I can export them, and then the recipient won't have to worry about sync.
  8. I just need all the clips to start at the same time.
  9. Sometimes I need all tracks in a project to start at bar zero. Even if nothings happen in the first bars. I saw this done once in another DAW, and the operation was named "Consolidate" or smth.. I can do this by starting a short, empty recording from beginning, and bounce. Is there another way that I've missed?
  10. I have also seen this from time to time. Also during recording; The recorded track is then behind the rest of the project when this happens.
  11. Thanks. I agree. He is an amazing bassplayer. I'll be sure to let him know. I was a fan of their song (which is NOT "Easy"/this one) for over a week until I realized he was my neighbour.
  12. ..and I had to play it over and over again. I contacted the band to ask if it was ok if I made a cover. He said yesofcourse etc.. and followed up with: "I can see your house from my window" Long story short: I invited him over for some home made craft beer and to play bass on this one:
  13. Original by James Taylor. I'm very unsure if it need more things going on in the first half. It is a never-ending-work-in-progress.
  14. Yep. That is the mic I used on the vocal recording.
  15. Oh! The frustrations of a song to video process.. Camera focus, sync, surprises after "print" etc. I want a more "drunk quire feel" so I engaged a few friends to join the chorus. My own choruses are a bit lame. One has delivered so far. I expect one or two more contributions a bit later.
  16. Yes, but I do not understand it when it comes to this push function. All it say about it is: The dual function encoders act as push-button and rotary controls. When an encoder is pressed, it may be used to change modes of operation or to change what appears in the display above the channel strips.
  17. I still do not understand how to use the push function, though..
  18. I'm so glad I posted this. After long time, I finally found the answer. Minutes after posting.: There is a "send" function in the "Vpot assign" section. Dunno if mostly embarrassed or happy now.
  19. The pan button on said control surface is pushable. Does anyone have a clue on how to make it adress the send function as I push it/them? Or is there a combo I can assign to the pan itself? I guess the push/down modes are represented here in the upper left section, 2nd row.. (?)
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