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  1. If the Novation is a real ASIO driver and not a rebadged generic ASIO "driver" it should not be a problem. However, it is a rebadged generic driver it could be a problem. A simple test is - export the Novation entry and delete it from the registry and see if the problem goes away. If the problem persists, it is likely not the Novation driver. Add the Novation entry back by click on the .reg file created by the export.
  2. Don't do this, instead; do this minimize the view or toggle the view from the menu or ALT+9
  3. Drag and Drop tempo detection depends very much on the source material and the algorithm selected in Melodyne.
  4. You know the demo is limited to 30 days and there is no way to purchase the synth. The pitch bend range is set in the performance module shown in the image above. Just like the Pitch Bend opcodes in sfz, there is no way to modify them on the fly. Rapture Pro like most soft synth is not a GM instrument.
  5. No The default folders created for Studio Instrument Suite bundled with CbB installs are C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Studio Instruments - folders for each plug-in containing documentation, multisamples and resource files. C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Vstplugins - folders for each plug-in dll C:\ProgramData\Cakewalk\Studio Instruments - a hidden folder contain folders for each plug-in containing MIDI patterns and presets These defaults have been the same since before first CbB release, The only path that may be different is if a 32bit version of a Cakewalk DAW or the 32bit standalone SI Suite was installed first. Then the folders usually found in "C:\Program Files" are in "C:\Program Files (x86)" When running a VST reset it is a good idea to enable "Generate Scan Log". If the reset does not appear to pick up the plug-ins review the scan log. If the plug-ins are not referenced in the log, they are either not physically on the disk, not in the scan path or, the scanner is not running to completion. If the plug-ins are in the log, the log should indicate whether they scanned OK or failed. What to do depends on the results of the reset and scan log.
  6. Above the Track View in the Tracks menu
  7. Yeah, I have seen a few here regret not purchasing Rapture Pro. At least Rapture Session is 64bit so at least you have a way to run CSC programs without BitBridge.
  8. Rapture Pro/Session may be installed without any of the legacy synths installed but making legacy content available to Rapture Pro/Session is not that straight forward (although it is possible). I don't know if the DSF CSC expansion packs will install without CSC being present. Some 3rd party installers were updated after Rapture Pro/Session to look for the new synths. After looking at the registry it appears only Dimension Pro and Rapture programs get copied when Rapture Pro/Session are installed If CSC is installed rather than copy its programs two registry entries are made in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cakewalk Music Software\Rapture Pro\2.0 CSC Multisamples Path - the default value is "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Vstplugins\Cakewalk Sound Center" CSC Programs Path - the default value is "C:\ProgramData\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Sound Center\Programs" Again I don't have Rapture Session installed but I am pretty sure they share the same registry entries. If the DSF installers are not Rapture Pro/Session aware and install without CSC being present, I believe these two registry entries will need to be added for Rapture Pro/Session to find the samples and programs.
  9. For future reference, should anyone else be reading this thread. Install Rapture Pro/Session after installing Cakewalk Sound Center, Dimension Pro and Rapture. Rapture Pro/Session look for the other synths and if they are installed, their programs are copied into the Rapture Pro/Session program folder.
  10. yes Rapture Session is the 64bit replacement for Cakewalk Sound Center. It plays Cakewalk Sound Center, Dimension Pro, Rapture and Rapture Pro programs. It includes a selection of Rapture Pro programs. Rapture Pro replaced Dimension Pro and Rapture. I have Rapture Pro installed. Not sure what Rapture Session has in the way of a UI. The big advantage over Cakewalk Sound Center is Rapture Session is 64bit. Keep in mind all of these are sfz engine synths and they all handle MIDI data the same way. The differences are the features built around the sfz player.
  11. You don't Cakewalk Sound Center is a Dimension Pro and Rapture program player. Both of these synths have pitch bend adjustment as part of their synth engines and the setting is made in their UIs. CSC plays the programs as is with limited adjustment capability provided in the UI.
  12. The 2x button does not mean upsampling is limited to 2x the current project sample rate. This is the default. While sample rates greater than 2x the project sample rate are unlikely to be beneficial in most cases, the actual upsample rate may be set per-plug-in. The process is documented here. I wrote a graphical front end to the upsample section of aud.ini called Upsample Editor. It is part of my CbB Tools available from a link in this thread.
  13. Runs from the same folder as the VST dll.
  14. Yeah I opened the MIDI file. Cancelled out of the Auto-Send Sysx dialog Opened the Event List view. Picked track 10 from the Tracks menu in the Event List view Removed everything up to the first note. Split out the first 8 bars in the Track View Applied trimming from the Track View Clips menu. Dragged the clip to the desktop.
  15. Does this clip work for you https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KTVu1PhwiVqcqHH1Oxaf3TbhaBFT9Z4B/view?usp=sharing
  16. scook

    Audient ID 22 audio drop outs

    Have you tried running projects at 44.1 or 48 kHz?
  17. What version of CbB? What steps are you doing to export/import the MIDI data? When I drag a clip to the desktop using CbB 2021.09 build 144 and drag it back into the DAW the clips are identical.
  18. Yeah, I am sure whatever the user is experiencing can be addressed but it is hard to deal with "me too!" replies on effectively closed threads. Once the OP found a solution (one that I used myself), I did not pursue this issue any further.
  19. I see a pattern You know when a user finds a solution that works for them, the discussion tends to stop. Maybe create your own thread or ask for help from support@cakewalk.com While I have never experienced the issue the OP reported, I can tell you why I prefer to use a custom drum map location. CbB ships with a bunch of drum maps. Rather than wade through the sea of maps, I created a custom location and setup a few that I use. This makes the drop down much smaller. Clearing the default location works unless running an installer or personalization that repopulates the default. Custom drum map locations do no get populated by installers or personalization. That said, CbB 2021.06 effectively eliminated my desire to use drum maps at all. Instead I prefer to use instrument definitions. Read out it in the Note Names in the Piano Roll view persist per track section here To that end, I have published instrument definitions for SI-Drums, Superior Drummer 3 and Addictive Drums 2. Other drum synths I use Sitala, session Drummer 3 and BFD already show drum names next to the PRV note pane. Instrument definitions are easy to create and add to CbB. They are discussed in the definitions linked above.
  20. Yes, render them ASAP For future reference, work from a clone of the original track so if anything happens, the original track may be easily recovered. Archived tracks do not affect DAW performance. The only resource they take up is disk space.
  21. As a rule, Region FX clips should be rendered as soon as possible. If you need to go back to the unprocessed data start by cloning the track. Archive the original track then create and render the the Region FX clips on the clone.
  22. There are a couple links to free guitar synths in There are a fair amount of commercial libraries for Kontakt too.
  23. TH3 is an FX plug-in to simulate a guitar amp and effects intended for use on audio data. It is not a guitar synth plug-in. It can only process MIDI data to control the amp and effects. It does not make sound on its own from MIDI data. Of the synths bundled with CbB, TTS-1 has a couple of guitar patches.
  24. The only "problem" the OP had was understanding how the DAW works. Do not expect a different answer to the OP as it was answered in detail. Don't like the answer -- that's OK. Can't do much about that. Don't understand the answer -- that's OK too. Maybe if you start your own thread and detail the issue you are having you may get a more suitable reply.
  25. scook

    Audient ID 22 audio drop outs

    Dropout are accompanied by a toast message containing a dropout code and a link to the help. Starting with 2021.06 a new parameter MaskDropoutDetection was added to aud.ini to handle some dropouts differently. The problem may not lie with the DAW or audio driver though. It may be other processes running on the PC. I leave DPC issues to others. The tool used for diagnosing these issues is latencymon.
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