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  1. Almost a whole page discussing commercial software in a freeware thread.
  2. Pretty sure most drum map usage is note labeling. With 2021.06, alternate note names in the Label frame are persistent and stored per-track in the project. One use case for drum maps that still exists is mapping a track to multiple synths. Using a drum map, a single MIDI track drive up to 128 different synths instances. What this method does not allow is mapping the same note to multiple synths. For this and other cases where MIDI data needs to be distributed to multiple tracks, this method works fine for now Many CAL scripts have been made redundant by MFX plug-ins and functions built into the DAW. I stopped using "Split Notes To Tracks.CAL" because every drum synth I have used for years supports multiple audio outs. The better ones allow the user to assign the instruments to outputs as needed.
  3. @Noel Borthwick's reply to a user who posted to this post in the 2021.06 EA thread and from a related thread
  4. I have not used "Split Notes To Tracks. CAL" since Live Synth Pro days and now with 2021.06, drum maps are history for simple note naming. If a repeatable recipe for the issue can be developed that often leads to a fix. Bear in mind CAL was deprecated over twenty years ago.
  5. Never had Ripple Edit fail as described in this thread. May want to submit the project to support@cakewalk.com
  6. That's the bottom line. If the signal has to make a round trip through the DAW to audition plug-ins: the delay added by the interface butters is unavoidable but can be minimized by a combination of small buffer settings and high sample rate the delay added by plug-ins in the DAW can be minimized by bypassing the plug-ins with large lookahead buffers and use of the PDC override on the recording track.
  7. Instrument tracks are nothing special. There are only two basic track types in CbB, audio and MIDI. An Instrument track is presentation of MIDI track input and audio track output controls taking up 1 track slot. The clips in the track depend on whether the track is frozen or not. An instrument track may be split into its audio and MIDI tracks any time and an audio+MIDI track pair associated with a synth may be merged into an instrument track any time. Instrument tracks are convenient but sometimes I feel they hinder understanding how routing works in CbB.
  8. Add audio tracks Set the audio track inputs to the appropriate synth outputs.
  9. May want to do a Google search for MIDI copyright. The file in question has a copyright notice. Calling it data makes no difference, everything on a computer disk is data. @slartabartfast may be around soon to weigh-in on this.
  10. Dimension Pro was a plug-in manufactured by Cakewalk. The product has not been available in years. I can understand how a legitimate license holder of the plug-in might forget how to activate it but find it hard to believe someone would forget how to run the installer.
  11. Yes, frozen tracks will play when the transport is running but muted tracks still stream from disk during playback too. Archived tracks are not streamed during playback. If the goal is to reduce resources and silence the track use archive instead of mute.
  12. I suppose it would be a way to get one level of nested tracks or a "track folder" type. Would not wait for this to happen though.
  13. Take lanes have no FX Rack, ProChannel, sends, automation, interleave, gain, volume, phase or pan controls. These are track level features.
  14. Buses may be bounced to a track. This may be much faster than recording an Aux track. Mute does nothing to reduce CPU load or memory use, freeze does though. So does archive and disconnecting synths without the risk of losing data from thawing tracks. A bounced bus track is an audio track so it exists in the track pane. For the most part Aux tracks and buses may be used the same way. It is up to personal preference.
  15. The metronome settings are stored in projects and project templates. All per-project settings are available in preferences. If you use a project template supplied by BandLab open the template using File > Open set Look In to Project Templates select the template turn off the metronome in preferences Use File > Save As give the template a new File Name set Save as Type to Template set Go To Folder to Template Files Use the new template when ever creating new projects. The DAW will use the new template automatically if it is set as the default template. To set the default template using the Start Screen from the documentation or use the File > New dialog, select the template and click the Set as Default Template button, If you already use a custom template, open the template, modify the metronome setting in preferences and save the template. Avoid modifying templates supplied by BandLab, they may be overwritten by an update.
  16. The best solution for handling projects with 32bit plug-ins that were never migrated to 64bit is keep a copy of the most recent 32bit DAW installed. This provides a way to play projects that are stuck at 32bit and replace the obsolete plug-ins with new ones that 64bit versions. IIRC, jBridge will allow loading 64bit plug-ins into 32bit hosts. This opens up the projects currently locked into 32bit to experiment with modern plug-ins that have no 32bit versions. Once the all projects have all their plug-ins migrated or audio rendered where migration is not possible, the 32bit DAW is no longer needed.
  17. Some users reported latency problems with LoopMIDI. When I last checked (a few years ago) it also had issues with UWP driver mode. When I was using a virtual cable, I used LoopBe1. While it did not have latency problems, it was easy to setup feedback loops with it. I stumbled on using a plug-in to forward MIDI data while experimenting with solutions for another forum thread. It has been my solution to this MIDI routing issue ever since. Maybe BandLab could supply a simple plug-in a MIDI broadcast button on instrument/MIDI tracks or spin off another hybrid track type to handle this request.
  18. DP standalone or the DAW must be run as administrator to activate the synth OR use the Cakewalk Command Center to install it. This tool automatically activates Cakewalk products as it installs them. Once activated, the standalone and the plug-in do not need administrator to run.
  19. There are two basic track types in CbB, audio and MIDI. An Instrument track is a hybrid presentation of a MIDI track input and audio track output controls with the data portion of the track displaying either audio or MIDI data depending on the state of the track. Frozen instrument tracks display audio otherwise they display MIDI data. There is only one type of instrument track. Buses only handle audio. The audio may be from other buses, audio or instrument tracks.
  20. So this is just the project file. A project file does not contain audio clips. To share a complete project including audio either zip up the test2 project folder or create a bundle using with File > Save As from the CbB main menu. Regardless, I could dummy up an audio clip for this project but here is no need. This project consists of one audio track and one MIDI track. It does not contain the TAL-Vocoder in the audio track FX rack or ProChannel. When I add the plug-in to the FX rack of track 1 (the audio track), the VST drop down appears as expected. Once the "Enable MIDI Input" option is enabled, I can route the MIDI track 2 output to the plug-in.
  21. Use whatever track type(s) make you happy. A synth plug-ins in CbB requires at least an instrument track or one audio+MIDI track pair. Synth plug-ins will not work without a complete routing even when they do not generate audio, For "synths" that do not generate audio (mapping plug-ins like the Code FN42 plug-ins mentioned above and sequencers) I always use an instrument track. For synths they have one output, I often use an instrument track. For synths with multiple outputs, I use one MIDI track and multiple audio tracks.
  22. To take advantage of all the content bundled with SONAR X2 Uninstall CbB Perform a full install of X2 Re-install CbB
  23. The Cakewalk website is in read-only mode. Account data on that site is from the old company. New accounts are not permitted. Cakewalk by BandLab support is available from support@cakewalk.com
  24. Added instrument definitions for SI-Drum Kit and Superior Drummer 3's default map.
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