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  1. I don't use McAfee. I wonder if it is messing with activation.
  2. The plug-ins mentioned in the OP (Classic Creative Suite audio effects) have been included with CbB since 2020.08 Here is the list of all included plug-ins.
  3. Yeah, the point of Rapture Session was twofold provide a 64bit replacement for Cakewalk Sound Center and provide a taste of Rapture Pro, the paid replacement for Dimension Pro and Rapture Classic. That is strange. What version of Windows, Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software are you using?
  4. Focusrite supplies a decent ASIO driver. Install it and change the Driver Mode to ASIO and adjust Mixing Latency as desired. WASAPI Shared has a fixed buffer size.
  5. That's unusual. There is no special relationship between the DAW and Dimension Pro. Starting with Vista, activation requires elevated privileges because the process updates HKLM\Cakewalk Music Software\dp. CCC handles activation for everything installed using it. Prior to CCC, activation was a manual process.
  6. Yes, FWIW I have never seen a complaint from a user who purchased an interface with more inputs than they needed. OTOH, there are quite a few posts from users trying (unsuccessfully) to solve their lack of inputs by adding a second interface that is not built to run with their main interface or attaching USB connected devices. no*2
  7. To summarize, The only MODX audio driver that works properly is ASIO but running in DAWs limit ASIO driver mode to one driver at a time and the MODX is not a good all-around audio interface. A problem shared by guitarist with USB connected amps and owners of USB microphones. Running the MODX audio through an audio interface with a decent ASIO driver works too but violates the notion of "staying digital." It is hard to imagine the benefits of keeping an all-digital signal from the keyboard to the DAW, if there are any, outweigh the ease and utility of a dedicated audio interface with a well written ASIO driver.
  8. Installing Dimension Pro using Cakewalk Command Center should activate the plug-in automatically. Just like every other product listed in the Command Center. To manually active Dimension Pro, run the standalone synth or DAW as administrator and enter the serial number and registration code. Usually these are found in your old Cakewalk account. If you cannot access your old Cakewalk account, contact support@cakewalk.com and they will reset your password. Note: this is the same user ID and password used by the Command Center. The Rapture Session install process looks for Cakewalk Sound Center, Dimension Pro and Rapture Classic install information in the registry. If it finds these plug-ins are installed, the Rapture Session installer copies the programs into the Rapture Session program folder and adds the appropriate registry entries. So, the Rapture Session installer needs to be run after installing Cakewalk Sound Center, Dimension Pro and Rapture Classic. If the installers were run out of sequence, re-run the Rapture Session installer.
  9. https://a1audio.alexhilton.net/a1stereocontrol
  10. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=0x1894E or use CTRL+SPACEBAR to stop the transport.
  11. CbB is a DX host so the only time DXshell would come into play is 32bit DX plug-ins. DXshell is a pretty sketchy solution involving multiple wrappers around 32bit DX plug-ins. First wrapping them in DXshell then running them in BitBridge. It does work for some but can be pretty unreliable for others. Moreover, it does not work for migrating projects as the plug-ins will not be recognized as the original 32bit plug-ins.
  12. Yes, I know. I was not aware the label pane was exposed in the theme editor.
  13. My themes were started a long time ago and I did not mess with the PRV color scheme. I like the original SONAR Mercury/Tungsten settings and carried them over to CbB. Never checked to see it the label pane could be changed but it appears possible.
  14. Are you using the latest RME firmware and driver According the readme in the firmware, the Babyface version is 225. The latest driver is 1.219.
  15. The Softube VSTs that have PC modules use the same dll as the regular VST2 plug-ins. The Boz Digital plug-ins have separate dlls for PC and VST2 formats. Yes, none of these plug-ins are free. Many of the 3rd party PC versions lack some of the features of the full VST2 versions due to the size restrictions for PC modules.
  16. Using safe mode and a process of elimination. Too invoke safe mode hold down the SHIFT key while opening a project.
  17. Must not have followed the link in my post
  18. All the plug-ins installed with 64bit Cakewalk DAWS run in CbB. This post goes into more detail about how to install legacy products
  19. After two years, Softube finally decides to release working versions of their PC modules again. In addition to the paid modules, the Saturation Knob also has a PC format. Of course, this is bundled with CbB. AFAIK, Boz Digital still includes the PC format with the +10db and Hozer XT plug-ins. The free Bark of Dog and Panipulator plug-ins were updated and the PC format was dropped in the new versions. The only PC modules Overloud wrote that are not part of CbB are the VKFX plug-ins. These were only available at the Cakewalk store. Purchasing the suite anywhere else did not include the PC format.
  20. Using "Sort by Category" add the plug-ins to a "_favorites" category to have the plug-ins appear at the top of the layout.
  21. Right-click between the clone track button and the track control drop down to add it back
  22. MIDI files contain MIDI data only. Plug-in assignments are not part of the MIDI spec. Save as a Cakewalk project to retain non-MIDI data.
  23. One at a time or all at once? Must one track at a time
  24. Not sure what release of Producer but all the parts of the SONAR Producer installer are needed. Once all are downloaded, running the installer executable about 3 pages into the process will have options to run a full or advanced install. The advanced install option will show a pick list of components to install.
  25. Session Drummer 3 should not need one. It, along with the BFD series and Sitala all implement the VST2.1 opcode effGetMidiKeyName. The DAW automatically detects when this is supported by a plug-in and uses the results in the label pane instead of the default keyboard. Here are images of the PRV label pane in my Tuncury Light Green theme (a Tungsten based theme with SONAR style light Drum and Notes panes) showing the names supplied by Session Drummer 3. I did nothing other than add the plug-in to the project and open the PRV. Although the theme should have no bearing on the label display. That said it would not be difficult to create an instrument file for Session Drummer 3. Instrument files are text files. Open the SI-Drum Kit instrument definition files with any text editor, change the name of the ".Note Names" section, replace the ".Note Names" mapping with the map from the Session Drummer 3 help file (or use the names provided in the images above.) and modify the ".Instrument Definition" section to use the name from ".Note Names"
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