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  1. BandLab needs to rebuild the rollback installer.
  2. When the process officially changes the documentation will be updated
  3. Links to rollback installers are in release announcements
  4. Could this be what you are looking for http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=2&help=0x1894E
  5. If the option is enabled the clips are physically copied during the save. If the option is disabled the clips are not copied but the new project/template refers to the original audio clips. This allows the user to have a pool of audio clips or keep the clips separate for each project.
  6. Pretty sure the early access version of Cakewalk Web Installer should let you reinstall all the add-ons. Unlike BA, it does not keep track of what has been installed.
  7. Make sure Allow Only One Open Project at a Time is deselected
  8. Could open a second project and use it as a clipboard.
  9. In this case there are still two clips in different lanes. Notice how the clip that was moved obscures the other clip. If the clips were actually merged both clips data would show in the parent track.
  10. Bounce to Clip(s)
  11. Having an old Cakewalk SSO account does not help with the search for SONAR 8.5 software unless one has SONAR 8 disks. SONAR 8.5 was the first downloadable upgrade, however; the download is not a complete version of the DAW. The download contains only the files needed to upgrade an existing SONAR 8 install. The installer will not run if SONAR 8 is not installed. The upgrade on disk like all previous upgrades was a complete version. The first complete downloadable upgrade was SONAR X1.
  12. In-app activation was introduced with 2020.11 The new Cakewalk Web Installer handles new installs (and updates just like CbB does now) The only feature still missing is access to the BandLab Loop library which I believe will be included in CbB. At that point, CbB will not rely on BA for anything.
  13. CbB 2020.09 and newer have an in-app update function. Use it instead of BA For older releases try the Early Access version of the new Cakewalk Web Installer
  14. That's what I thought. See
  15. Maybe this is what you are a thinking of Also both Quantize and Velocity MFX plug-ins have a randomizing function (click F1 when the plug-ins have focus to bring up their help pages) There is also at least one humanizing CAL script. And there is a commercial humanizing plug-in available in Frank's MIDI Plug-Ins. Another commercial plug-in NTONYX Style Enhancer Micro includes styles for drums. I have not messed around much with randomizing MIDI in this way.
  16. Yes The reason ASIO4All and other generic ASIO drivers were written and still exist are to run software that only support ASIO with hardware that have no ASIO driver or a poorly written ASIO driver. All generic ASIO "drivers" including ASIO4All are wrappers for the native Windows drivers. They present the native Windows driver to the DAW as if they were ASIO drivers. In the case where a working manufacturer supplied driver is available, ASIO4All is unnecessary and may cause problems. When no ASIO driver is available (for example entry level Behringer interfaces that ship with ASIO4All) or the driver is not suitable for DAW use (for example the RealTek ASIO driver) CbB can use native WASAPI and WDM Windows drivers.
  17. https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021666254-I-used-Cakewalk-a-long-time-ago-but-now-Cakewalk-com-says-account-creation-is-disabled-
  18. This has a way of self correcting. For quite a while I had to deal with $75 vouchers and was glad when I got a $50 vouchers again. Expecting $25 vouchers sometime in the future.
  19. If the projects have the same number of tracks have a look at Mix Recall. Saved scenes may be copied between project. Creating project templates from a populated project does not require Try this: Save the project Select all tracks and wipe Save Copy As new template Undo wipe (or reload project) Continue editing project OR forget about project templates entirely. Instead, to start a new project use an existing project and Save As new project without "Copy all audio with project" selected Select all tracks and wipe Import new audio into project
  20. Just because "Copy all audio with project" is deselected (and possibly disabled) does not mean the references to track data are removed. It means the audio clips are not physically copied when creating the new project/template. To create a project template from a project without reference to track data, all the tracks must be wiped clean of data before saving as a template.
  21. The FX Racks are hidden either by the Workspace setting or the Track Control drop down
  22. There should be at most one ASIO driver installed for a device. Generic ASIO "drivers" such as ASIO4All should not be installed on a machine when an interface with a factory supplied ASIO driver is available. The DAW can only use one ASIO driver at a time. In order to change ASIO drivers both input and output settings must be deselected in preferences before making a new selection.
  23. Yes, I downloaded them from the product pages. No login needed.
  24. Not sure if Rewire supports the feature. I have nothing to test If the layout is set to "Sort by Category" when displaying audio FX and category maintenance does not work as documented it is a support issue (support@cakewalk.com).
  25. To change per-project settings for all future projects, change the project templates. If using BandLab supplied project templates make sure to save them under different names or use a custom folder location for project templates. Existing projects must be changed one at a time.
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